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Will Randall Discover Rebecca's Secret On 'This Is Us'? Their Relationship May Be At Risk

On the most recent episode of This Is Us, William accidentally revealed to Beth (thanks to her "special" brownies) that he and Rebecca have been in contact with each other all the way back to when Randall was a baby, which was clearly news to Beth. So with the Thanksgiving episode approaching, will Randall discover Rebecca's secret on This Is Us? While she and William both kept their contact a secret, it was Rebecca who raised Randall and built a close relationship with him, which could be at risk if the secret is revealed.

I don't know about you, but typically for my family, holidays are a time when people eat too much and talk too loudly. It's also a time when taboo topics like politics are brought up, sparking lively and sometimes heated debates. So it is entirely possible that Thanksgiving — which has been advertised as Randall's favorite holiday since he was a kid — will be when Rebecca and William's secret will come out into the open.

As it were, Beth had already intended to tell Randall herself, but decided against it and called Rebecca instead. She ended up leaving a voicemail for her mother-in-law, demanding that she call her back to explain. So what will happen with Rebecca's secret on This Is Us? I'm thinking it's all going to come to a head on Tuesday night.

Things are bound to be brought out into the open once the entire family is seated around the table, especially since Beth has proven to be a loyal wife who wants what is best for her husband. She knows that he has a right to know the truth. And once Randall discovers Rebecca's big secret, their relationship might drastically change. To him, it will mean that the only mother he's ever known lied to him his entire life about knowing his birth father.

Now, so far viewers only know that Rebecca met with William shortly after she brought the babies home from the hospital, but it's entirely possible that she continued to meet with him and stay in contact throughout the years. And if that proves to be true as well, then there is a whole other layer of betrayal from Randall's point of view.

This Is Us hasn't been shy about giving fans the kind of scenes and interactions between characters to bring out the feels in everyone, so the Thanksgiving episode will likely be no different. What it will have though, is the first time that the entire family will be together in the present day, which will be a new kind of dynamic all on its own.

In the promo for "Pilgrim Rick," you see Randall and Rebecca sit down to talk, during which Randall says to her, "Don't speak, please," which was prefaced by the familiar promo voice-over saying that this will be "A time of discovery that could test a mother and son." So yeah, something is definitely going to go down, but fans might not be so thankful that it does.