Rebecca's Making A Huge Decision On 'This Is Us'

On Episode 14 of This Is Us, viewers were given one of the sweetest flashbacks yet, of Jack and Rebecca on the courthouse steps after getting married. After a restaurant reception, there was a flash forward to their life as a settled married couple with kids where they were struggling to keep the romance alive. But after Jack orchestrated a very Jack-like date night, it seemed like all was well again in their world. That is, until Rebecca dropped her bombshell about taking her music career on the road. So will Rebecca go on tour on This Is Us?

The marriage between her and Jack, which has been shown to have some obstacles, has also been the sort of relationship that has made husbands everywhere have to try extra hard in real life. Because Jack is kind of the amazing husband and father you can't help but compare your own partner to now. It's OK — I think we're all doing it at this point. (Thanks, NBC.) But I can't help thinking that if Rebecca goes on tour, her marriage with Jack is going to suffer more than ever and it may very well be the beginning of the downfall that was alluded to very early on in the season. This Is Us creator Dan Fogelman recently talked to Entertainment Weekly about the episode in question, "I Call Marriage," and addressed the big announcement that, although it seemed like it had been pushed to the back of her mind, Rebecca does really want to go on tour. So will she?

Without giving away her fate as a musician, Fogelman told Entertainment Weekly that the last scene of Episode 14 is more important than you might think. "The final moment is critical for where we’re going," Fogelman said. "Whenever we’ve been in this time period in the past, there’s been hints even from this start of the episode that this is the part where their marriage is most tested. And I think this is the moment that leads to it really starting to get tested in the rest of this season."

My money's on Rebecca joining her band (including her ex-boyfriend, which just adds a whole other level of worry to it) on their five-state tour and, very likely, this is going to put a strain on her marriage with Jack. The real question, though, is if they can come back from it. At this point, they've gone through a lot as a married couple and as parents, but they've somehow come out of it stronger each time. The way Fogelman talks about their marriage being tested for real this time, though, makes you wonder if this is the point where their marriage starts to hit some real snags.

I don't want to be super dramatic and say that Rebecca going on tour on This Is Us will lead to the demise of their marriage as a whole, but it's obviously going to play a huge role if she does end up going. Rebecca has every right to want to purse the career of her dreams. Being a mother and a wife shouldn't stop her from doing that. And knowing Jack, he's probably be really great about it, but with three kids to take care of, it will definitely test their relationship in a big way and I hope they're able to make it work for all aspects of their lives. It'll be difficult, but if any couple can manage it, it's these two.