Ricky's Secret Is Finally Out On '90 Day Fiance: Before The 90 Days'

Most 90 Day Fiancé storylines center on one couple trying to decide if they should get married. But somehow, Ricky managed to be the love interest for two women on the show, both of whom live in Colombia. And now that Ximena found out about Melissa, the woman who Ricky actually traveled from Ohio to Colombia for, fans want to know if Ricky and Ximena will break up on 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days.

After Ricky arrived in Colombia for his (awkward) first date with Melissa, who he had been chatting with for months on a dating app called Columbian Cupid, she ghosted him, and was nowhere to be found. Luckily for Ricky (if you're on his side, which I'm definitely not), he had a plan B: Ximena, who he also met on the dating app. Ximena happily traveled to meet Ricky, and things seemed to be going smoothly between the two. "Ricky made the trip to Colombia to meet me," Ximena told the cameras in a clip from the show on YouTube. "He makes me feel very special."

However, as things began to escalate between Ricky and Ximena, he became racked with guilt. "I feel so guilty because she doesn't know the real reason I came to Colombia was for Melissa," he said on the show. "I'm feeling like crap for that."

So, just before Ricky was about to propose to Ximena with the ring he had bought for Melissa (this is 90 Day Fiancé, after all), he decided to admit that he actually came to Colombia to meet another woman. Ricky told Ximena on the show:

Listen, I do love you. Remember that. Please remember that. But I have to tell you something, and what I have to tell you is something very difficult ... When I was on the website Colombian Cupid in the beginning, I was talking to a person and the person’s name is Melissa.

Ximena was pretty blindsided and upset to hear the news, but she quickly began to put two and two together, even remembering a moment when Ricky accidentally called her "Melissa" while they were smooching. Oof.

The most recent episode ended on a cliffhanger between Ximena and Ricky, and the previews show that Ximena is not letting her man off the hook too easily. “He made [me] feel betrayed,” she says in the promo. “He made me feel stupid. But I need for him to explain himself.”

In the preview, Ximena storms away from their table, but then returns to hear Ricky out. Ricky assures Ximena that nothing physical happened between him and Melissa, but manages to leave out the fact that he was in love with Melissa.

Until the next episode of 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days airs, I'd like to turn to Instagram, where there are a few clues about Ximena and Ricky's futures. As the International Business Times noted, Ximena posted a photo last month, with the location tagged as Brewster Technical College. The school is located in Tampa, Florida, so perhaps she is studying there on a student visa. Ricky recently deleted his Instagram — but not before making it clear that he had moved to Austin, Texas, Reality Blurb reported. Florida and Texas are much closer than Ohio and Columbia, I'm just sayin'...

I guess viewers will just have to wait and see how this all shakes out for real.