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Will Rob Kardashian Get Custody Of Dream?

It looks as though Rob Kardashian's social media onslaught against ex-girlfriend Blac Chyna on Wednesday could have further-reaching repercussions than he realized. In the aftermath of his incredibly public accusations against and shaming of the model, including posting NSFW photos he claimed were of her to Instagram without her consent, Chyna is reportedly seeking a restraining order against the reality star, according to TMZ. If the order does go through the courts, Rob Kardashian's plans to get custody of daughter Dream might not come to fruition. Kardashian's representative did not immediately respond to Romper's request for comment.

Om Wednesday, Kardashian chose to share what presumably began as a private exchange between the acrimonious ex-couple, including video footage of Blac Chyna kissing another man while staring into the camera. What followed can only be described as a complete social media meltdown, with Kardashian's Instagram account being shut down and the Arthur George sock designer taking to Twitter to continue his rant. Blac Chyna went on to accuse Kardashian, the father of her infant daughter Dream, of being physically abusive with her in front of her two children (Chyna is also the mother of King Cairo, her 4-year-old son with rapper Tyga), according to Us Weekly.

Since these accusations came to light, Chyna has hired lawyer Lisa Bloom, reportedly in an attempt to gain a restraining order against Kardashian, according to TMZ.

According to the laws of California, a restraining order (or a protective order) is issued to protect someone who feels physically, sexually, or emotionally threatened or harassed. These orders can range from asking the person in question to discontinue personal contact with the protected person (including email), stay away orders that prohibit coming into contact with the protected person, or kick out orders which would see the accused removed from their home.

It's important to note that, just because Blac Chyna is reportedly seeking a restraining order, it doesn't mean she will be granted one and it doesn't mean Kardashian has committed a crime.

That being said, a case could be made that Kardashian broke the revenge porn law in California, which makes it illegal to share someone's naked pictures without their consent.

So what could this mean for Kardashian's chances to gain full custody of his daughter? A California divorce attorney told Hollywood Life it's not looking good. David Pisarra noted that the current custody arrangement, which saw Kardashian and Chyna co-parenting, could be in serious jeopardy:

Rob [Kardashian] may lose any custody he has of Dream as a result of his online rants this morning. Blac Chyna has cause to seek a domestic abuse restraining order against Rob for his abuse, harassment and stalking based on the posts he put up and what he is doing to her on social media. She can claim that she is being emotionally abused by his internet harassment by posting these pictures and continuing to talk about it, then a judge may grant a temporary restraining order forbidding Rob from posting online, texting her, seeing her or having any interaction, no contact.

It probably didn't help that Kardashian leveled a public threat on Instagram against Chyna about her access to her daughter, according to The Sun he wrote:

U will never see Dream again unless u stop the alcohol and drugs and cocaine and X and E. lol.

As entertaining as many fans found the public feud, the reality is that there is a little girl involved in the proceedings. A baby who would benefit from the love and support of two emotionally stable, present parents.

Here's hoping that's what her future will bring, regardless of how this recent drama plays out.