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Will Sam Cure Jorah’s Greyscale On 'Game Of Thrones'? He's Willing To Try

After many late nights of studying restricted texts, Samwell Tarly, channeling a little Hermione Granger, discovers some potential clues in how to treat Ser Jorah Mormont's greyscale. The only problem is that the maesters he's studying under forbid the experimental practices. So will Sam cure Jorah's greyscale on Game of Thrones? He's definitely going to try.

After the Season 7 premiere, eagle-eyed fans screenshotted the glimpses we saw of Sam's restricted texts up close. What they found were a few passages with references to greyscale, a cure for the disease, and ingesting dragonglass. We already know from Bran's vision that the Children of the Forest saved Benjen Stark from turning into a wight by shoving a piece of dragonglasss into his chest. Is it possible the material has other medicinal properties? Well, for now, it doesn't look like Sam is going to try feeding Jorah rocks.

After realizing that Jorah is a Mormont — specifically, the son of the former captain of the Night's Watch, in which Sam served — Sam went to his maesters to try ~casually inquiring~ about what there is to do for a case of greyscale that has developed so rapidly. While the maester gives Ser Jorah a prognosis of six months for keeping his mental facilities intact, there's no telling how long the greyscale will actually take to kill him. And although Shireen Baratheon survived a bout with it, she was a baby whose case was caught early when she began her treatment.

So what is there to do for Jorah? The maester says nothing, and, even more dishearteningly, he tells Sam that the treatments written about by ancient maesters were all experimental and ultimately failed. He refuses to attempt any of them on Jorah. That's when Sam takes things into his own (shaky) hands.

He sneaks into Ser Jorah's chamber at night and vows to help him, even if the maesters won't. He brings along some books, some positively medieval surgical tools, and a gag for Jorah to bite down on. His plan is to use an old instructional text which basically suggests he flay Jorah of his damaged skin to reveal the healthy tissue underneath. Then, he plans to apply a healing ointment. Obviously, this is an extremely painful procedure, and Jorah may have been better off taking the maester's suggestion of cutting off his arm as soon as he had been touched by the Stone Men. To make things worse, Jorah has to suffer the procedure silently, since Sam is doing it under guise of night. If they get caught, they'll likely both be kicked out of the Citadel. It's a big risk, but if anyone is up to the task of saving Jorah Mormont, it's Samwell Tarly.