Don't Deduce The Worst For 'Sherlock's Future

If you're reading this, then chances are you are an avid Sherlock watcher who is desperately craving more knowledge of the show's potential future (or perhaps lack there of). Given the finality that seemed to radiate off of the Season 4 finale, many fans are fearful that the Holmes and Watson dynamic may have come to an end, at least in regards to this particular series. (As Mary Watson pointed out in her DVD monologue, her Baker Street boys will always be around solving cases whether we can see them doing it or not.) So will Sherlock return for Season 5 or is this the end of the road for Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman's portrayals of the famous detective and his lovable sidekick? As of now, the show's future could go either way.

During a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, showrunner Steven Moffat discussed the various options for the show's fate and how the lack of a cliffhanger at the end of Season 4 could indicate the end of Sherlock's reign. However, before you go and get too depressed over that fact, it is worth mentioning that he also doesn't rule out the possibility of returning for more episodes. And if that does happen, then having all of the old storylines resolved allows them to start from scratch. "There isn’t something we have to come back to address," Moffat explained. "Which is quite good for us. Because if we do come back, we can just start with a knock on the door and a new client, and they can go and investigate."

Sure, this isn't an outright confirmation that another season will definitely happen, but the fact that it's still very much a possibility is promising. The way I take it is that everyone is merely keeping their options open, so that way if it does end, there was some finality to it. And if it doesn't end, then they can take things in a completely different direction.

As much as I enjoyed Season 4 and found it highly intriguing with the on-going character development (not to mention the shocking cliffhangers of the third Holmes sibling and Mary Watson's death), I kinda missed seeing the characters up to their usual antics of solving a big case. So even if the series decided to do a less thorough arc and give us one big episode per year that centered solely around solving a crime, I would totally be OK with that. I mean, a small bit of Sherlock is certainly better than no Sherlock at all, right? Either way, I haven't given up on a fifth season yet and neither should you.