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Seeing Idris Elba DJ On 'Turn Up Charlie' Is Enough To Give The Show A Season 2

Idris Elba is returning to the small screen as the lead in Netflix’s Turn Up Charlie as a struggling DJ-turned-nanny. But because he seems to kill it in every role he takes on and fans typically love him, they are going to be wondering how long they’ll have him as a DJ figuring out how to tame an 11-year-old problem child. Season 1 premieres on March 15, so it's unclear if there will be a Turn Up Charlie Season 2, but there is hope.

Elba is a Golden Globe Award winner, so I doubt he would attach himself to a show that didn't have promise for future seasons. That being said, Netflix hasn't announced a Season 2 just yet, but Turn Up Charlie isn't dead on arrival either, so right now, it could go either way.

The premise of the comedy is unique enough to set it apart from other Netflix Originals. Charlie, a struggling and once successful DJ, gets the opportunity to nanny his successful actor friend’s wild pre-teen. But it’s OK because the wife, who he gets closer to as the season goes on, is also a DJ and she can help him jump start his old career while he embraces his new life as a nanny.

You can't really be mad at an easy to watch half-hour comedy, especially when Elba plays the lead. But right now, there’s no word on if the story will continue after the eight-episode first season.

Elba spoke to Fatherly about co-creating Turn Up Charlie and embarking on something different than the drama he’s more well-known for. I mean, even when he appeared in a few episode of The Office he was more of a serious character to foil Michael Scott than an equally silly boss.

"I wanted to do some comedy, have some levity, and do something less serious," Elba said, of starring in Turn Up Charlie. "I wanted to make my children laugh. And to me this show is more about parenting."

In the show, Elba’s Charlie goes from permanent bachelor to learning how to take care of a kid on his own and worry about someone other than himself. There will probably be some predictable moments, but also some genuine humor that Elba and newcomer Frankie Hervey, who plays his young ward, can deliver. Although there are bound to be some adult themes throughout Season 1, I’m sure this is something that can be enjoyed by the family, which makes sense for Elba since he has two kids of his own in real life.

Nick Wall/Netflix

Elba called playing Charlie "liberating" and said that he enjoyed playing a more light-hearted role that wasn't too serious in a show that doesn't take itself too seriously. I love all of the more serious content on Netflix as much as the next true crime buff, but it is refreshing to have a different kind of family comedy. And maybe that’s what Netflix needs to keep in its rotation right now.

It would make sense for Netflix to renew Turn Up Charlie for a Season 2, especially if viewers respond well to it. It’s a unique series in a sea of adult-oriented content that certainly entertains, but could use a little light-hearted alternative. Unfortunately, there hasn't been official word yet on if the show will be back for Season 2 and usually, that announcement comes a few months after the series premieres.

Although the streaming platform is notoriously mum about its viewership numbers for most shows, that is what it usually boils down to. If enough Netflix users watch and respond well to Turn Up Charlie, then there should be a second season somewhere down the line. For now, it's still a little too soon to tell for sure.