Will Tommen Kill The High Sparrow On 'Game Of Thrones'? He Has Some Growing Up To Do

Poor little Tommen Baratheon. King of the Andals and the First Men, First of His Name, and best friend to his loyal cat Ser Pounce. Just when things start getting better for him (older brother Joffrey gone, beautiful Maergery Tyrell was his for the — very enthusiastic — taking), he was king and the apple of his mother's eye. And then... well, bad things started to happen. Bad thing that all originated with the High Sparrow. So will Tommen kill the High Sparrow on Game of Thrones?

It's hard to imagine Tommen killing anything other than a little time in the sack with Queen Maergery, to be honest. But he is a Lannister, and "Lannisters always pay their debts," right? Let's face it, the High Sparrow is owed a pretty serious debt in the revenge department by young King Tommen. For one, there's his mother, Cersei. The High Sparrow sent the Queen Mother on a naked walk of shame for all of her sins (one of them being Tommen himself, the product of incest) through King's Landing, and there didn't seem to be anything Tommen could do about it. It was tough to watch as someone who knows that Cersei is a devious, spiteful manipulator; imagine how Tommen would have felt? He actually thinks his mom is a sweetheart.

And now the High Sparrow has Queen Maergery in his clutches, and our adolescent, sweet King Tommen is suffering over and over again. The High Sparrow is keeping the Queen in custody — along with her brother, Loris, which nobody seems terribly upset about except his sister, Maergery — for committing the "crime" of not blabbing her big mouth about her brother's sexual preferences. Which should actually earn her an award of some kind, if you ask me. So there sits his bride in a cell, his mother is mending her wounds back at the castle... you would think Tommen would have a pretty strong case for vengeance. He even went so far as to visit the High Sparrow, and you would sort of expect to see sparks fly, right? The King sitting down with a religious figurehead who has stolen his Queen?

But nope. The High Sparrow derailed Tommen completely with telling him a story and a little secret (which we can now assume was Maergery would be doing the walk of shame like Cersei before her). The King just wants everyone to get along, you know? He even asked his mother not to antagonize the High Sparrow, despite what the man did to her. Poor Tommen just wants to climb in bed and curl up with Ser Pounce for a good night's sleep and pretend it was all a bad dream.

I don't think Tommen will kill the High Sparrow because, frankly, I don't even think he has it in him to give the order to have the High Sparrow killed. My money is on Jaime Lannister. Or Lady Olenna Tyrell, whose grandchildren are wasting away in prison while Tommen tries to figure out how to keep everyone happy.