Will Trump Continue To Tweet As President? It's Basically His Favorite Thing

This one time my son had a favorite t-shirt. It was his Caillou t-shirt (I know, I know), and he wore it until it was in threads. I recycled it, and the whole world ended. If President-elect Donald Trump isn't allowed to Tweet as president, it will be the Caillou t-shirt all over again except times a billion.

It's hard to imagine how exactly President-elect Trump would speak to the general public if he wasn't sending out Tweets; it's not like he's a big fan of press conferences where the "crooked" mainstream media might be allowed to ask him questions and such. Trump's last press conference was in July, three months before he was elected the 45th President of the United States. He prefers that sort of mic drop element of Twitter, the Tweet and Run if you will. And he really, really does not like dissenters; freelance blogger Heather Spohr told The Los Angeles Times that she was one of the many, many critics blocked from seeing Trump's Tweets after she shared some harsh words about his feud with Fox News Megyn Kelly.

It makes me laugh in a way that’s not funny. I can’t see the tweets of the president-elect. He’s going to be my president. It’s absurd.

Spohr is by no means the only critic blocked from seeing Trump's Tweets; in fact, it's become something of a badge of honor to be blocked by the soon-to-be-president.

While other candidates, like former Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton, had a team of social media specialists to maintain their Twitter account (although Clinton would Tweet herself, using the official sign off -H to signify she had written that particular Tweet), Trump has been almost absurdly protective of his Twitter account. And no matter how busy he gets, he always seems to find a little downtime to stir things up on Twitter.

Like that time Mike Pence was booed during a showing of Hamilton.

Or when he said that climate change was a myth invented by China.

Or when he thought he could erase dozens of racial slurs against the Hispanic people by eating a taco bowl at Trump Tower.

How about that time he didn't call Fox News anchor Megyn Kelly a bimbo?

His Twitter feed runs the gamut, from the factually incorrect, to the sulky, and the downright aggressive, his Tweets have given us all a window into his soul. And I'm afraid it's going to be a window we can't close, even when he officially become president.

Now nobody Tweet this, I don't want to get blocked.