Will Tyrion Ride The Dragon On 'Game Of Thrones'? It's His Only Way Out Of Meereen

Remember when Tyrion made it to Meereen (and Daenerys) we were all like, "How have these characters not interacted in the entire series until now"? Well, what if his meeting with Dany was more than just a way to give Tyrion a fresh start from all of that Lannister trial nonsense in King's Landing? And now that he's helping to rule Meereen and bound to come face to face with a dragon, you might be wondering if Tyrion will ride a dragon on Game of Thrones? His entrance into the city and into Dany's counsel may very well have been the way to usher in more evidence of the popular theory that Tyrion is, in fact, a Targaryen.

It was Tyrion, himself, who said to Varys at the end of the Season 6 premiere that they won't be leaving Meereen anytime soon thanks to the entire fleet of ships being burned to the ground, er, sea. That's a case all by itself, but it has to make you wonder what the Hell they're going to be doing in Meereen all season long, sans Daenerys and even without Jorah. Let's be honest — the story line in Meereen was starting to get a little flat last season as it was, and its only saving grace was when the Sons of the Harpy showed up at those killing games. But it was also then that Dany flew away on Drogon and left Tyriona and Varys to run the place.


In the trailer for Episode 2 this season of Game of Thrones, we get another quick shot of one of Dany's dragons seeming to breathe flames right at Tyrion. And we know George R. R. Martin isn't exactly fair when it comes to the deaths on Game of Thrones. Ahem, Red Wedding. But it's hard to believe that he'd off Tyrion so soon into Season 6, if at all. Which makes me believe that if the dragon does try to roast Tyrion and he survives it, then there is finally proof to the theory that Tyrion is an illegitimate relative to Dany.

There is also the matter of Dany's dream sequence in Season 2 Episode 10, where she finds herself in three places: Drogo's tent, the Wall, and the throne room in King's Landing, which may very well represent the three riders of the three dragons of the show. Never mind that the Targaryen sigil itself has a three-headed dragon, but the fact that there are three physical dragons, only one of whom has actually been semi-tamed by Dany, lends even more proof to the idea of three Targaryen riders existing in Westeros right now. Maybe Dany hasn't been able to control the other dragons because she isn't meant to anyway, and they're possibly waiting for their riders.

Of course there's always the chance of Game of Thrones totally screwing with us and mixing up their scenes in the trailer to make us go crazy and worry over out beloved Tyrion. But it's hard not to expect something to happen with Tyrion and the dragons. And speaking of there being three dragons, there is also the dragon itself on the Targaryen sigil, the one with three heads. And if Dany represents one of them, and perhaps Jon Snow is the second, then third head of the dragon could very well be Tyrion. Who is, as it so happens, the dragon caretaker for the time being.

I know, I know, having Tyrion ride a dragon and having Melisandre (possibly) resurrecting Jon Snow all in the same season sounds like overkill, in a way. But as showrunners have already estimated that there are only 13 episodes (TOTAL) remaining after Season 6 ends, they've got to step up their story game in order to fit everything in and let us watch it all unfold and play out.