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'Game Of Thrones' Fans Will Find This Viserion Theory Downright Chilling

The only thing scarier than facing one of Daenerys’ dragons on Game of Thrones is the idea of facing an even larger dragon that’s basically the equivalent of a wight, only in dragon form. They're called ice dragons — because clearly this world needed more deadly and terrifying creatures. So how could this fit into the current Season 7 storyline? Well, there’s a theory going around that thinks this could end up being the fate of one of Dany's dragons, particularly in regards to Viserion. So, will Viserion become an ice dragon on Game of Thrones? This theory about his imminent death and rebirth, as it were, is almost as chilling as the north itself.

Seriously, imagining any of Daenerys’ dragons as ice dragons is terrifying, so it kind of has to happen before the series is finished. In fact, one fan posted a video explaining why Viserion will probably turn into an ice dragon that makes so much sense it almost has to come true. And that, in turn, is pretty scary for all of Westeros.

According to the theory, one of Daenerys’ dragons will be turned into an ice dragon by the Night King. Since viewers saw in Season 4 that the Night King can turn anyone into a wight simply by touching them — much like he did with one of Craster’s babies when Sam and the other men of the Night’s Watch visited — all he would have to do is get close enough to Viserion to do just that. Then poof — we'd have a full-blown ice dragon (dragonsicle?) on our hands.

And since Drogon and Rhaegal seem to be meant for Dany and Jon Snow (respectively) to ride, that leaves Viserion as the most likely dragon to meet this horrible fate. But the scariest part about the theory is what the ice dragon Viserion’s purpose would be once reanimated. As the theory goes, once the Night King, White Walkers, and wights have finally made their way to The Wall, they’ll use the ice dragon version of Viserion to shatter it, making it possible for them to cross over into Westeros.

Another thing that helps give this theory some weight is the fact that George R. R. Martin wrote a novel titled The Ice Dragon back in 1980, long before A Song of Ice and Fire was ever published. So it's definitely something that interests him. The novel tells the story of a young girl who teams up with a larger than life, blue-eyed dragon made of ice in order to fight the fire-breathing dragons. No, Daenerys probably isn’t going to be riding him if and when Viserion becomes an ice dragon on Game of Thrones, but it lends some more potential to the theory that not only will Viserion die, but he’ll come back as the Night King’s most powerful weapon yet. And if that's the case, there will be no stopping him.