Paul Hebert/ABC

Will's Instagram Proves He's Definitely Husband Material

From the moment he stumbled out of the limo on the season premiere of The Bachelorette as Steve Urkel and then became the suave Stefan Urquelle, Will succeeded in stealing hearts everywhere. He only continued to be more adorable from there and Will’s Instagram shows The Bachelorette contestant’s love for his family, which only makes him that much more appealing. He may not have come on the show with a head-scratching job title and he might not be actively fighting with any of the guys, but just because he’s not overly dramatic doesn’t mean he isn’t one to totally watch this season.

In fact, his little Steve Urkel bit upon meeting Rachel for the first time was a lot more genuine than, say, shouting "whaboom" or wearing a costume to the first cocktail hour. And if Rachel could see Will’s Instagram and the many photos of The Bachelorette contestant with his younger sister, she would no doubt fall in love pretty quickly. (I know I have.)

In a way, the sales manager from New York has flown under the radar so far this season, but that’s just because there’s been enough drama surrounding some of the other men that it’s been hard to focus on the guys who might actually have a real shot with Rachel.

Will’s younger sister Shayna not only went to the same high school and college as he did (Ithaca College), but she also played basketball throughout each part of her education, just as he did, and as a proud big brother, he seems totally devoted to her in such an adorable way.

The siblings also aren’t afraid to totally match each other in dorky Christmas sweaters during the holidays. I can definitely see Shayna sitting down for a serious talk with Rachel if Will makes it to hometown dates and I am living for that moment of "If you break his heart, I’ll break your legs," or something a lot less threatening but still sweet.

Not only are Will and his younger sister super close, but as a family unit, they seem to be very tight knit as well. In the caption of this photo of Will and his mom, he referred to her as "the number one lady" in his life. Again, I would pay to see Will and his adorable family during hometown dates.

Luckily, there’s still plenty of time for Rachel to take even more notice of Will (remember that group date on The Ellen DeGeneres Show?), and if his social media is any indication, I think the two of them could really hit it off.