This Mom Chugging Coffee At The Impeachment Hearing Is The Everyday Hero We Need

The impeachment hearings of President Donald Trump have introduced avid viewers to a whole host of new characters they previously might not have known. Ambassador Gordon Sondland, for instance, and Pentagon official Laura Cooper. Also that woman who simply could not get enough coffee if she tried. She was a fan favorite, of course, and now that it turns out the woman chugging coffee at Tuesday's impeachment hearing was a mom of a toddler who was in a rush beforehand. Truly, she is the most relatable woman in Washington at the moment.

Emma Dumain is a congressional reporter for McClatchy covering the impeachment hearings of President Trump. It is clearly an intense gig, sitting through hours and hours of testimony. As a reporter, Dumain has to be on top of her game and pay close attention to all of the details of each person's testimony as well; that kind of focus requires a little help sometimes. Help in the form of coffee.

On Tuesday, Colin Jones, director of audience development at Vice, shared video footage of Army Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman's testimony on Twitter, but it wasn't Vindman who was the main event in the video. It was Dumain, furtively chugging her coffee in the background to the point where her head was tipped right back. She even took a moment to glance over her shoulder and go back for more. Making sure she got every last drop. "When the coffee is just that good," Jones captioned the clip.

This speaks to me as a mom.

In an interview with Slate, Dumain explained why she so desperately needed her coffee during the impeachment testimony: She is a mom of a toddler and it was her first coffee of the day. "[We] have a 19-month-old, and she got up a little bit before 6," Dumain shared with Slate. "While my husband was getting ready for work, I went into her room and tried to get her back to sleep on me. We kind of went in and out of sleep for another 45 minutes."

In other words, Dumain was exhausted and trying to juggle a toddler and work and mainlining her coffee was the obvious solution to keep her on point. Other moms took to Twitter to commiserate because Dumain's desperation to drink that last sip of coffee wordlessly expresses what it is to be a working mom. "The toddler pre-6am wake up and attempt to return to sleep that leads to a crazy morning is The Truth," one social media user commented, while another said, "You are my new girl crush!! Working moms everywhere can relate!!!"

The impeachment trials are tension-filled days of high drama and the stakes are seriously high, and it can be tough to stay present when you're also struggling from toddler-based sleep deprivation. No wonder Emma Dumain needs to mainline coffee in her seat.