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These 8 Work From Home Care Packages Are What Every Exhausted Mom Needs

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Aside from frontline workers, who isn’t working from home these days? With business offices shuttered due to COVID, most of us have become all too familiar with Zoom and its ever-present gloom. When doom-scrolling isn’t enough to get us through the day, a care package sure would be nice. But what do you send a mom who’s juggling parenting, virtual learning, and her own deadlines? We’re glad you asked. Here are 8 care packages for moms working from home.

Turns out, many companies are taking advantage of the WFH struggle by designing unique gift boxes full of pick-me-ups for stressed out moms. There are the obvious items like chocolate, candles, and bath salts, but we’re even more excited about the unexpected additions some of these care package come with, like one that features a satin eye mask or the Chill Mode box that sends out a Calm The F*ck Down Journal. Yes, please. While each pack is different, the concept is the same: Give moms who are trying to find the time to video conference and create spreadsheets while hushing tantrums and making yet another toddler snack a little something to help them relax. And though the cost of these packages vary from as low as $36 to $100+, can you really put a price on tools to help provide a little peace and quiet? Ask a mom and 9 times out of 10 the answer will be “No, no you cannot.”

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Knack’s Chill Mode Gift Box

When saying "Stop stressing!" isn't enough, send the anxious working from home mama you know this lovely Knack gift pack. It has everything she needs to take a deep breath and carry on. Items like Harper + Ari Juice Cleanse Exfoliating Sugar Cubes, Patchology Chill Mode Eye Gels, and the aforementioned Calm the F*ck Down Journal — something we all could probably use right now.


Stronger Together: The Work-From-Home Care Package

So many of us feel isolated right now. Without peer interaction from coworkers, the burden of managing childcare and job demands can feel super lonely. Remind a WFH mom that they're not alone with this Stronger Together kit from Memento and Muse. It comes with an energy drink, chocolate, Little Seed Farm Oat Soap Bar, and a sweet journal with a gel pen to jot down anxieties and goals. Who wouldn't love receiving this thoughtful gift?


A Snackable WFH Care Package

If you're like me, not only have you taken on the tasks of managing at home learning and career demands from home, but you also have become a short order cook, preparing 90 percent of all meals since March. Trouble is, all that time in the kitchen can be exhausting. You're taking care of your whole family's dietary needs, but who is looking after yours? This snack pack is the solution. Stocked with gourmet popcorn, buttery oat cookies, a s'mores flavored seed bar, cinnamon pecan granola, and to take your mind off things, a fun pack of playing cards.


Golden Pamper Box

Raise your hand if the last time you felt like you got a good night's sleep — sans teeth-grinding, overwhelming fear of impending doom, or multiple child wake-up calls — was February of this year. This is the pamper kit you need. The satin eye mask is reason enough to splurge, but then Box Fox takes it further with Dandelion chocolate, nurturing honey sheet mask, a prosecco bellini Voluspa candle, and an exfoliating scalp and body scrub. Give this to a pal, or heck, treat yourself.


Work From Home Gift Bundle

Sometimes all it takes to perk up the work/life balance is a little reorganization. Personally, I've always been a fan of stationary supplies, and this little care package would certainly pep me up. Neighborly sells a darling gift bundle that includes one weekly planner desktop pad, a jar of brass hand-shaped paper clips, and a boxed set of 12 Blackwing Matte pencils. Put me in coach, I'm ready to work.


Ritual Chocolate Work From Home Package

Few things are a better mood booster than chocolate. That's why this pack from Ritual Chocolate is so great. Not only does it include their signature drinking chocolate and house-made chocolate granola, they've thrown in a bag of Pink Elephant coffee to give a caffeine kick which recipients can pour into the included mug.


Tell Me Your Thoughts Care Package

Help a stressed out friend working from home set their intentions each day with this darling Shout & About gift box of goodies featuring a notebook, two pens, hand cream, chocolate bar (natch), and set of blank notecards so they can write you a letter.


Super Hip WFH Care Package

For friends with refined taste who are also overwhelmed AF, this kit of bougie desk accessory from Sound Shop says, "You can do it!" It comes with things like iridescent acrylic scissors, a lunar calendar, a softcover notebook, wooden ruler, Moodflower tea, and a special pencil. Even if they're working in their pajamas, these fancy items will make them feel profesh no matter what couch their sitting on.

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