a package of headbands from wunderkin

This Inclusive Line Of Headbands Comes In An Array Of Colors For Every Kid

Somedays, it seems like the world is jumping ahead light years in terms of representation and inclusivity, while other days... not so much. But Wunderkin's new inclusive line of headbands is making strides by designing a line of inclusive headbands that more closely matches a wider variety of skin and hair tones.

Instead of featuring the typical "yellowish blonde, brown, and black" colors for hair accessories, these nylon headbands are more nuanced, with subtle shades that better represent actual skin and hair. It's a huge deal, when you consider how difficult it's been for some kids to find headbands that blend in (a necessity for certain occasions like dance recitals, for example).

The headbands are available in the following styles: Oversized Pinwheel ($18) Medium Pinwheel ($16), Mini Pinwheel ($14), Petite Schoolgirl ($18), and Petal ($14).

The rest of their line is simple, classic, and beautiful. They have every type of bow and headband you can imagine, in gorgeous fabrics, perfect for any child who loves a statement piece. They also have a line of stunning adult bow ties that is making me reconsider my aversion to the garment.

These bows are serving the biggest Anne of Green Gables vibes. They are exactly the bows I wish I had when I was a kid, but my mother was too busy dressing me up in neon windbreakers to notice. (Why, Mom? Why neon turquoise from head to toe?)

Adding this line of inclusive headbands to their already substantial line of accessories makes sense because practicality has always been a hallmark of Wunderkin's products. For instance, they sell a waterproof scrunchie designed to use while swimming, which would also be killer to use for girls like me who prefer to pull all of their (super curly) hair on top of their head after they've washed it while in the shower, or while it dries. Hair ties can be too damaging, and scrunchies tend to hold water. This style would ostensibly do neither, which is a huge win.

Whatever the case, these accessories are gorgeous, and it's pretty fantastic that more companies are taking the time to examine what it means to offer a diverse line of products. (Take the wrapping paper made specifically for black and brown families from Greentop Gifts.) While we still have a long road ahead of us, brands like Fenty and Huda are blazing a trail that is showing how and why everyone should be committed to this as a good moral and business practice.