Here's Your Horoscope On The First Day Of Spring, So You Can Prep For The New Season

On Tuesday, March 20, the Northern Hemisphere will welcome the spring equinox, marking the official first day of spring. As you might imagine, an equinox is a big deal in the astrological world, and whether you're a faithful horoscope-follower or only an astrology dabbler, there's no better time to check in with the stars than at the dawn of a new season. Here's your horoscope on the first day of spring, with special attention paid to the trouble stirred up by the Mars-Saturn conjunction.

As astrologer Matthew Currie, who writes for Beliefnet, explains in an interview with Romper, the first day of spring is known in the astrological world as the Aries ingress chart, and its influence is felt throughout the season. Of course, the impact of the Aries ingress will vary based on an individual's birth chart. "Astrology is full of complications," says Currie.

The Aries ingress chart this spring is particularly interesting because of a Mars-Saturn conjunction, which can make things a little rocky for most sun signs. For Currie, the conjunction represents aggression and trouble dealing with authority figures, so you can probably expect an uptick in power struggles with your toddler or teen. But don't worry — when it comes to astrology, it's never all bad news.

"Just because that Mars-Saturn thing is the big news for the Aries ingress chart, I don’t want anyone to think it’s all doom and gloom," says Currie. On the bright side, for instance, there's also a Mercury-Venus conjunction that gives creativity and fun activities a real boost.

And Virgo, Capricorn, and Taurus children will actually flourish during this time, says astrologer Laura Boone, who writes a monthly column for SWAAY, in an interview with Romper. These kids will be heads down, crushing their homework. As for the signs experiencing anger and low energy as a result of the situation up above, Boone says you can expect that to dissipate by the second week of May.



This Aries ingress might cause a lot of "stress and strain" for you, Aries, says Currie. You'll want to charge in and do your thing, but that's not always the best action to take. Patience might not be your strong suit, but try to hold those horses if you can.

Especially when it comes to parenting under an interpersonally tricky Mars-Saturn conjunction, easy does it. According to Momstrology, Aries is a fire sign, so watch your anger. As the old adage has it: if you find yourself arguing with your kid, you've already lost.



"Let’s be honest here, a Mars-Saturn conjunction can provide difficulties for anyone, but it’s going to be most constructive for Taurus," says Currie. "It’s going to help Taurus figure out how they fit into the larger world around them."

Astrologer Laura Boone agrees that the Mars-Saturn conjunction represents a harmonious time for Taurus. If you have a Taurian child, they're going to be extremely driven. "They’re going to want to be very focused. You’re going to want to give them focused work, and give them the space to do what they want to do. If you don’t, you’ll get a lot of pushback," she tells Romper. "You’re not going to win a battle with your Taurus child this month. Let them get their way. Let them be focused on whatever work is at hand."

Taurus doesn't need to attend a million parties right now, explains Boone, but they will need exercise. If you or your child is a Taurus, get out to the park, or go out for a bike ride whenever you can.



The Mars-Saturn conjunction is happening in your eighth house, Gemini, which means you'll struggle to get rewards from your investment in others this season, according to Currie. Of course, parents are no stranger to this situation. Just don't be surprised if the Chore Chart isn't paying off the way you hoped.

"The Mars-Saturn conjunction is going to make Gemini sluggish," says Boone. You might feel heavy, and much slower than you normally are. Gemini kids will also drag their feet, so be patient with their pace. You can also expect a bit of foot-in-mouth disease — Geminis will be especially prone to blurting out the wrong thing at the exact wrong time.



Nurturing is in your stars, Cancer, so motherhood comes naturally to you, especially when the kids are small, wrote Momscopes. What should you know about the Mars-Saturn conjunction?

According to Currie, you may feel like you're being held back by external circumstances this spring. "Since the Mars-Saturn conjunction is happening in the sign opposite Cancer, that indicates difficulties with others rather than difficulties within yourself," he explains. "Other people just don’t want to play along." Watch out for those PTA meetings, maybe?

For Cancer children, too, this represents a tough time. "It just feels heavy," says Boone. "This will totally manifest as their being almost like a turtle, going into their crab shell and being moody and depressed." Children might isolate, or feel mad at everyone and everything without understanding why.

As the parent of a Cancer child, what should you do? "You’re just going to have to let that pass," advises Boone. "The good thing about astrology is knowing that if they have little spells like this, they’re probably just responding to this energy. So just support them."



"With Leo, there’s an increased chance of difficulties with routines and scheduling," says Currie. (And don't families have enough trouble with that already?) The Mars-Saturn conjunction might also bring some pre-existing health issues to the fore. While the transit won't actually make you get sick when you weren't already, any chronic issues you may have might be more difficult to deal with in the coming months. Take care of yourself, Leo.



"Virgo might find they’re having a harder time than usual just having fun with things," says Currie. "It’s going to be particularly challenging for Virgo as far as the things they do to be happy, or creative things, or things like that."

Virgo kids may get a scholastic boost, Boone explains, and will be extra focused on their homework. Not bad, right?



"Libra is really going to be affected by this," says Boone, noting that a Libra child might struggle in school at the start of spring. "They're not going to feel like they have authority over their life. They’ll feel very pulled from thing to thing." Definitely go easy on the extracurriculars for a while.

Like Aries, Libra will be feeling the stress right now, says Currie. Try to take it easy, OK?



Hello, intense Scorpios and parents of little scorpions. According to Boone, the conjunction won't be such a bad thing for you, but know that Scorpio kids will tend to be controlling, stubborn, and a bit manipulative right now in pursuit of getting their way. You can expect some emotional outbursts, and a lot of pent up emotions at your house. Boone's advice? Get your Scorpio child some fresh air. If you leave them in their room too long, they'll tend to brood, overshadowed by this energy.

The same goes for a Scorpio adult. Schedule an outdoor activity for yourself and try not to feel overwhelmed by emotion. This will pass.



Sagittarius, you can expect some unpleasant financial issues, says Currie. As far as the kids are concerned, Sagittarius children might struggle with self esteem, and have some difficulty achieving things. But don't worry. You can get through this if you put in the hard work, he says.

You're going to feel slower, especially physically, says Boone. You might feel tired and ill, and kids might not feel like they can play their sport as well as usual. "It's almost like they have too much to do that they don't like, and they want to go play, but they can't," Boone explains. "It's just very frustrating."

Here's how you help. Get a Sagittarius to an after-school craft or coding program to give them a chance to build or invent something. Talk to them about what they want to do this summer to coax them out of the present moment, or make a vision board for the future. "A vision board for a Sagittarius, when Aries is in Uranus, is just going to click for them," says Boone.



For Currie, Capricorn handles the challenges of Saturn transits better than many other signs. While it may still be a tough month or so, know that you have the inner resources to get through it.

Have a Capricorn child? Make sure they get to bed on time. "If they have a busy schedule, give them some rest time and let them play hooky," says Boone. "Capricorn children hate to miss anything or not live up to whatever obligations they have, so make them get rest."



The Mars-Saturn conjunction might bring up emotional issues. From the kids, you might see an increase in fears, phobias, and nightmares, says Currie. That's never fun, but remember it's just a phase. Talking your child through late-night frights isn't easy, but it's also a great way for parents and kids to bond.



Pisces, watch what you say this month, advises Boone, because you might say things in anger that you'll later regret.

If you have a Pisces child, put on your patience hat, says Boone. "They may be having meltdowns when you're in the grocery store trying to get food for dinner, and you're wondering why they're so upset right now." A little Pisces is like a pot boiling over this month, so cut them some slack and stay cool. Keeping a Pisces child distracted with a movie, for instance — and Pisces kids love movies, says Boone — will help more than anything else.

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