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21 Cute 5-Minute Craft Ideas That Won’t Frustrate Your Kids


Crafting with kids always sounds fun, but it’s easy to pick projects that are too advanced for a child or just require more than their attention span can handle. That’s why you need a list of 5 minute craft projects. These ideas are quick, simple, and almost certainly require nothing more than what you likely already have on hand.

Ideal for young crafters, they require parental assistance to get started but in most cases allow a child to really flex their independent muscles and create on their own. And isn’t that the goal of crafting anyway? It’s a chance for children to explore their creativity while becoming more confident at making their own choices. Sure, there’s some cleanup that will need to happen after most of these projects, but it’s well worth it when you consider the pride it will instill in them and the break it will give you both from screen time.


Water Paint

This is the ultimate parenting hack, especially for those raising toddlers. Take a cup of water and a paintbrush out to the sidewalk, then let your kid paint it with the water.


Make Paper Airplanes

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You’d be surprised how quickly kids can pick up basic Origami: In this case, paper airplanes which they can, of course, fly after building them.


Paint Pet Rocks

Have some rocks? Have some paint? Put two and two together and you’ve got pet rocks. Easy as that.


Dragonfly Clothes Pins

Clothes pins can become all sorts of things, but one that’s sweet and simple is dragonflies. Just use some fuzzy pipe cleaners to create wings, have kids wrap them around the pins, then glue on googly eyes and voila.


Collage Magnet

Every house has a stack of old magazines sitting around somewhere. Let kids cut them up, then glue their creations onto magnets for a fun displayable craft activity.


Drum Plate

All you need for this craft is a sturdy paper plate, some yarn, two beads, and a popsicle stick. Glue the popsicle stick to the bottom of the plate so it’s a handle. Then Cute two holes on either side of the plate, insert short pieces of yarn in each, then tie a bead to each end. Twist the drum and you’ve got instant music.


Paper Roll Rain Stick

All you need to do is fill an old paper roll with beads or rocks, or even rice. Cover each end with paper and attach with rubber bands and you’ve got yourself a percussion section.


Marshmallow Snowmen

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Part snack, part craft, take some marshmallows and toothpicks and pretzels and have your kids create their own winter wonderland.


Veggie Stamps

The textures of veggies make great paint designs. Grab some broccoli, lettuce, celery, and carrots and let your kids make their own patterns in paint.


Leaf Stamps

Nature has all the materials you need for a quick and easy craft time. Just choose some leaves — from flowers or trees — cover them in paint, and get stamping.


Party Horn Skyscraper

Party horns are great fun when there’s a party. But you can use them as a neat tactile craft activity by having kids stack them to build skyscrapers then decorate them with whatever you have sitting in your craft box.


Tissue Paper Wreath

Have some old tissue paper on hand? Grab the Elmer’s glue and use it to decorate a circular piece of cardboard (you could cut one from an old cereal box). Then display your child’s creation once it’s dry.


String Painting

This is a fairly straightforward concept. Take string, run them through a paper plate of paint, then use the string to make straight geometric shapes.


Homemade Face Paint

Take some cold cream and put a drop of food coloring into it. Just add a paint brush and let your kiddo go to town on your face or their own.


Mr. Hand Craft

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A classic craft among children of doctors and dentists, just take a medical glove, blow it up, tie it off and have kids create a character out of it.


Mouse Finger Puppets

Roll white paper on the diagonal to make five cones, then staple each together. Decorate them with glued on whiskers, ears, and eyes, then pop them on your kids hands for little mouse puppets.


Button Bracelet

Using a band of felt, help kids sew or glue buttons on to create their own personalized bracelet.


Can Wind Sock

Have some old cans lying around? Pull off their wrappers, then show kids how to glue pretty ribbons inside them to hang them outside for lovely wind socks.


Key Wind Chime

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A great way to tie in a lesson on weather: Find a stick, have your child decorate it however they like, then using yarn, have them tie a series of old keys to it that will make a nice sound in the wind.


Button Tree

Paint the outline of a bare tree on piece of paper for your child. Then give them a box of old buttons to glue on as leaves.


Yarn Vase

Using glue and yarn, show your child how to wrap the thread around an old mason jar to create a colorful vase.

Have your materials lined up? Ready, set, craft.