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13 Other Baby Names Like Elijah, If You Like Its Sound & Meaning

These names definitely belong on your list.

The baby name Elijah has been around since Biblical times but its popularity seems to ebb and flow. Lately, we’re hearing a lot more Elijahs — my son has one in his kindergarten class — so it’s no wonder if might be on the top of many people’s baby name lists this season. But what if you want to name your child something akin to this prophetic designation and not the exact name itself? We’re glad you asked. We’ve compiled 13 baby names that are great choices if you like Elijah.

But first, a little Elijah history. According to, the name Elijah means “The Lord is my God.” Elijah, according to the Christian faith tradition, was a prophet who worked miracles during King Ahab’s reign in the 9th century. For instance, in the Book of Kings, Elijah brings a boy who has died back to life. Not too shabby. Perhaps that’s why Elijah ranked as the fifth most popular baby boy name in 2020, according to What to Expect.

So to give you names as powerful as this one, first up, we’re going Old Testament on you with some other old timey Bible names. Next, we’ll filter our search to names that feature three syllables because sometimes it’s the sound of a name that grabs a parent more than the name itself. And finally we’ll do some rhyming. Buckle up.



Cain and Abel sound familiar? In the Bible, Abel is the younger brother of Cain in the book of Genesis (the second child of Adam and Eve). He’s a righteous shepard who offers his flock to God, which God accepts. But Yaweh turns down big bro Cain’s flock which sends the older brother in a murderous rage and he kills Abel. So, then again, maybe this isn’t the best name for your second child.



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Often shortened to Abe, if it was good enough for our 16th president, how about for your boy? Thought to be the patriarch of the Abrahamic religions (Judaism, Christianity, and Islam), he’s noted as following God without question.



Hebrew for whole heart, NameBerry reports that “In the Old Testament Caleb is one of only two ancient Israelites (Joshua was the other) who set out from Egypt to finally enter the promised land.”



The story behind the name Isaac is great. The name means “He laughs/will laugh” and comes from Genesis 17:17: “Abraham fell facedown; he laughed and said to himself, “Will a son be born to a man a hundred years old? Will Sarah bear a child at the age of ninety?” This could be a meaningful name for those who have struggled with fertility.



You could just be a fan of jeans or you might choose Levi because it shows up in both the Old and New Testament.



Shifting from the Bible to Greek mythology, how about some names that follow a three syllable rhythm? If you want a name with a little more oomph to match a longer last name, Apollo is a good choice. The son of Zeus and Leto and the twin brother of Artemis, he’s associated with healing, poetry, and medicine.



You still get that great E sound but without a heavy dose of religion. Plus, Elliot is now being seen as a gender neutral option.



Again, the E is there, but instead of a hard J sound you get a hard T sound. Baby name wizard also suggests that Everett comes from Old English and is derived from the Anglo-Saxon name Eoforheard, which meant “brave as a wild boar,” and frankly, that’s about as badass as it gets.



Josiah offers the same Biblical storyline — he was 8 years old when he became King of Judah, according to — as Elijah and even has the same “ah” sound at the end.



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There’s something sort of regal about the name Elijah and we get that same vibe from the three syllable Raphael. Plus, what little boy wouldn’t love sharing a name with Ninja Turtle?



Meaning "Yahweh has hidden/protected" according to Wikipedia, this name shows up a couple times in the Bible, but better yet it rhymes with Elijah and it will let your kid show off their spelling skills right off the rip.



Love Ira Glass? Perhaps this is the Elijah rhyming name for you.



A solid name that's also been hot hot hot for the past decade, it rhymes with Elijah and means "who is like the Lord" in Hebrew, according to NameBerry. But consider that last bit carefully. You don't want your little bundle of joy getting a big head.

So there you have it. Elijah might be on the tip of your tongue, but with a little creativity and a little paging through the Old Testament, you can come up with something that's not quite as ubiquitous, but just as meaningful.