Snip, Snip

Baby sitting at the hair salon, getting his first haircut while his mother is holding him, in a stor...
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27 First Haircut Captions To Post Your Baby’s Stylish New ‘Do

Whether it was smooth sailing or a total meltdown.

Taking your baby to get their first haircut can be emotional in so many ways. Even if you think you won’t shed a tear, when you see them sitting in the stylist’s chair looking all big and grown, all bets are off. And then there’s the stressful act of trying to keep a squirmy kid still so their hair doesn’t get botched, or the real scene that ensues if your baby is just not having it. However it goes, you should snap lots of photos, and share them with one of these perfect baby’s first haircut captions when you’re back at home.

Sentimental & sweet captions for baby’s first haircut

Getting your baby’s hair cut for the first time can feel like a major milestone. You’re trimming off the hair they’ve had since they were born (you know, if that original batch didn’t all fall out when they were a few months old). And somehow they always look so much older after a getting their locks shaped up. Share your baby’s new hairdo with one of these captions to commemorate how it feels.

  • Snip, snip! Baby’s first haircut.
  • Yes, I cried.
  • Made the whole salon say “awwww.”
  • I’ll miss the baby locks, but it was time for a trim.
  • Um, who is this child, and where did hide my baby?
  • One little haircut and now we have a big kid.
  • I’ll miss combing those baby curls after a bath, but look how cute she looks.
  • Baby’s first haircut on his first birthday!
  • Does he look handsome or what?
  • Have you ever seen anyone so stylin’?
  • No more hair in her eyes anymore, but *sniffle* I think there’s something in mine.
  • We cried more than she did, don’t worry.

Funny first haircut captions, including some pop culture references

Listen, hair salons and barber shops can be... a lot. The sounds of clippers and tools clinking, a brand new place with weird chairs, and a complete stranger all up in their space. So, if your baby makes a scene, it’s totally understandable. And, if you need to laugh the pain away, you can always post about it and commiserate with the other parents who follow you.

  • Baby’s first haircut (and he made it everyone’s problem).
  • Not sure who was more traumatized by this experience, my baby or the stylist.
  • For the first haircut we kept it simple. Next time, should we do a mullet or a mohawk?
  • Fresh cut for the weekend.
  • New ‘do, who dis?
  • Summer cut is a go.
  • Baby with the good hair.
  • You like her hair? Gee thanks, just bought it.
  • Hair toss, check her nails (there’s yogurt under them).
  • If you guessed he screamed the entire time, congratulations, you’re correct!
  • It was more of a wrestling match than a haircut, but we got it done.
  • Blessed are the hairstylists who can cut a wiggly baby’s hair.
  • Leaving the salon with a bang (literally).
  • The One Where Baby Gets A Haircut.
  • I looked like a weirdo picking up a lock of hair off the floor to put in her baby book.

However you caption the photo, just be sure you take a bunch — you’ll want to remember your baby’s first haircut, in all it’s screaming, wailing glory.