The best clothes for pumping at work or at home are made with comfort in mind.
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The Best Clothes For Pumping At Work, Home, & Beyond

Because not everyone is comfortable lifting their shirt up to their shoulder.

Pumping breast milk is hard work, but it can be made even more difficult with unforgiving clothing. If you're tired of tugging down stretched-out tops or exposing more skin than you want to by pulling your shirt up, these are the best clothes for pumping in different situations. Whether you're at work, at home, or out and about, having the right top to wear when you need to pump can make all the difference.

Personally, pumping topless was the easiest way for me to get the job done after my sons were born. But even at home, there were times when I actually did want to cover up. (I get cold at the drop of a hat, so this was mostly for my own comfort.) Heading back to the office was an entirely different animal altogether, but having clothes designed to pump in made the transition much easier.

Especially if your wardrobe could use a post-baby refresh, investing in clothing specifically designed to work for pumping moms is worth every penny. From loose tops that allow you to place pumps underneath to built-in bra blouses designed with pumping in mind, these clothes allow for easy access to your breasts to make pumping easier.

Pumping Work Tops

Finding workwear that is comfortable but still adheres to professional standards can be a challenge. When you add breastfeeding into the mix, finding a work top that is easy to pump in, but still office appropriate, may feel impossible. Rest assured, however, this is simply not the case with this selection of pumping work tops.

Specifically made to make the transition from pumping at home to pumping at work a breeze, these tops each offer unique designs so that you can feel put together at work but not have to worry about struggling to undress to pump.

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Pumping Loungewear

When you're hanging out at home, being comfortable is key. This sentiment is even more true for new moms — especially moms who are pumping around the clock. Take a look at these loungewear tops made specifically with nursing moms in mind. Not only are they supremely easy to wear, but they make pumping an absolute breeze.

Pumping Sweaters

As a person who is always cold, having a sweater on hand is a necessity at nearly all times. Especially when it's cold out, layering up with a thick sweater can help keep you cozy. But when it's time to pump, that added layer can become a stubborn obstacle. With these sweaters, you won't have to worry about freezing arms or difficult pumping.

Pumping Tank Tops

Alternatively, sometimes scorching hot temps dictate the need for less clothing. These pumping tank tops not only keep you cool and comfortable in the heat, but they give you the option to easily access your breasts when you need to pump. Some are even great to wear for a quick workout.

When you're nursing, the extra body heat radiating off of your little one can make things uncomfortable in a hurry — especially when it's warm out, so these styles are also incredible options for if you need or want to nurse.

Pumping Dresses

Whether you're finally getting to spend the night out on the town sans baby, attending a wedding, or just simply want to feel a little fancy (you know, without a spit-up-stained top), at some point during your pumping journey you may find the need to wear a dress. These dresses are designed so that you can stay stylish, but still pump easily when it's time.

Pumping Bras

Of course, underneath your easy-to-wear pumping tops and dresses, you'll need a good bra. These pumping bra picks are equal parts comfy and functional — exactly what every pumping mama needs to get through the day.