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These Are The Best Montessori Toys For Toddlers

These toys are safe, educational & fun

There is no shortage of toddler toys that light up, play music, and teach the basics, but they often result in sensory overload for little ones. To avoid this, balance your toy box out with some of the best Montessori toys for toddlers. These toys are equally, if not more, educational than electronic toys, plus there's the added benefit of never having to scramble to replace batteries.

What they lack in bells and whistles, Montessori toys make up for in child development. "Too many colors, flashing lights, or noises can overstimulate kids and take away from the purpose of the toy," Montessori teacher Jackie Horton tells Romper in an interview. "Good Montessori toys are usually wooden and straightforward and designed to encourage complex thinking or help develop fine motor skills."

With Montessori toys, toddlers can work through their curiosity, gain independence, and strengthen their abilities, so there really is no downside to adding a few to your playroom shelves. You can start with some of these great options.

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Sensory Toys

Made from solid wood, each of the four puzzle pieces has a fabric patch on the back with different textures for sensory exploration.


Shape Sorters

Shape sorters help kids develop spatial awareness, learn basic shapes, and identify colors. This one happens to feature an adorable puppy for extra fun.



An abacus allows toddlers to feel different textures, spin pieces around, and push the parts back and forth. When they're older, they can use the toy to learn and practice math skills, too.


Wood Blocks Set

Toddlers can play with wood blocks in a number of ways like stacking, building, rolling, and creating patterns with shapes. This set of 40 blocks offers plenty of open-ended play options.


Fine Motor Skills Toys

Montessori toys often aim to support developing fine motor skills. This toy allows kids to strengthen those skills as well as identify fruits and veggies and develop spatial awareness.


Simple Instruments

There's no need for flashing lights with percussion instruments like these. Tots can shake them around to discover the different sounds they make.


Peg Board Set

Pegboards and lacing activities are great for fine motor skill development. This set has both and plenty of primary colors for extra learning opportunities.


Nesting Blocks

Toddlers can stack, sort, and find various ways to play with nesting blocks. This rainbow set is great for toddlers who are working on color identification.


Cause & Effect Toys

Montessori toys are great for teaching cause and effect. With this toy, toddlers will see how hammering the blocks pushes them further into the sorter.


Balance Board

This board not only lets kids experiment with balance but it also offers open-ended play because it can serve as a slide, table, chair, and more.


Puzzle With Knobs

"Block puzzles with knobs involving shapes are great for developing fine motor skills in children," says Horton. Keep them simple for toddlers, like this five-piece puzzle.


Car Ramps

Car ramps are another great cause and effect toy because toddlers can see what happens when they push the car up the ramp, set it in the middle, or roll it from the top.


Cleaning Set

"Anything that mimics or allows a child to attempt real-life things with little guidance is a great Montessori activity," says Horton. This wooden cleaning set is a great example.


Jackie Horton, Early Education & Montessori Teacher