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The 7 Best Nursing Covers For Summer

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If you choose to use a nursing cover, it can be unpleasant to drape yourself in extra fabric once warm temperatures enter the mix. To make your nursing sessions more comfortable, you’ll want to invest in one of the best nursing covers for summer, which are made from lightweight fabrics that wick moisture, dry quickly, and/or breathe well. Look for a cotton cover if you’re seeking something soft and breathable (though cotton does absorb moisture, so may not be ideal if you tend to get sweaty), synthetic materials like polyester for moisture-wicking breathability, or semi-synthetics like rayon if you’d prefer a quick-drying fabric that feels silky on the skin. For protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays, opt for a nursing cover made with UPF-protective fabric.

Nursing covers come in different styles, and you’ll want to choose one based on what you find most comfortable and the amount of coverage you’d prefer. Apron-style nursing covers look similar to a kitchen apron, and they allow for plenty of airflow since they have an open neckline and back — a big plus for staying cool! A convertible nursing cover is usually shaped like a loop and typically offers the most coverage (which can be warmer to wear). Convertible picks are typically multifunctional: use them as a blanket, car seat cover, changing mat, and more. Wearable nursing covers combine fashion and function by doubling as a piece of clothing like a poncho or scarf, so you can even wear them when you aren’t nursing. The amount of coverage for a wearable option will vary based on the style. Like convertible picks, wearable nursing covers can sometimes be utilized in additional ways, including as a car seat cover or stroller cover.

While fabric and style are the main distinguishing factors between most available nursing covers, some options boast features that may be of interest, including a built-in burp cloth, a storage bag, or handy pockets. Finally, no matter what you’re looking for in a nursing cover, it’s also vital to choose a cover that’s easy to clean — which is why all of the picks on this list are machine washable.

Amazon has a bunch of similar options for nursing covers, but these are the ones that real moms actually love.

1. A Fan-Favorite Apron-Style Nursing Cover For Less Than $10

This nursing apron from UHINOOS is a total steal at under $10, but even with its low price tag, you don’t need to question its quality since this pick is an overwhelming favorite on Amazon, boasting a 4.5-star rating overall, among more than 4,000 and growing reviews. Made from soft and lightweight cotton, this pick is supremely breathable, plus the neckline and back are open, allowing for a good amount of airflow — and don’t worry, reviewers confirm that this pick still offers privacy despite its openness. The neck strap is adjustable using the rings at the top, so you can get a good fit overall. When not being used for a nursing session, this apron functions well as a car seat cover and a stroller cover, too.

Amazon reviewers confirm that this pick holds up just fine in the washing machine and dryer. Choose from three print options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This is a great value and the fabric is very lightweight. it's a great cover for summer use or anytime really. [...] Has plastic piece at the top so you can constantly look down at baby and see how she or he is doing.”

2. A Nursing Shawl With UPF Protection

Lightweight, flowy, and quick-drying, this nursing shawl from bamboobies is the perfect pick for nursing during hot and humid summers — and it’s super stylish, too! The shawl is made from a combination of viscose and spandex, and it offers UPF 50+ protection against the sun’s harmful UV rays for both you and your baby. When not being worn as a shawl or used as a nursing cover, this pick can also be utilized as a car seat cover.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This is so soft and lightweight which makes it ridiculously comfortable all of which make it great for nursing in the summer. It's split up into 3 parts really-its one long rectangle with a split halfway up so it can drape over your shoulders. This provides a lot of different ways it can be draped and played with to fit your needs. It's big enough to cover a large area too. [...] It gets really compact for easy storage.”

3. A 2-Pack Of Nursing Scarves

These nursing scarves from LK Baby are basically the definition of fashion meets function — rock one of the infinity scarves as a stylish addition to nearly any outfit, and when it comes time to nurse, it'll easily convert to a nursing cover for your feeding session. Made from 100% jersey polyester, the scarves are moisture-wicking and lightweight, making them suitable for use even during scorching summers. They also offer plenty of privacy for your breastfeeding sessions.

This pick comes with two scarves — one is gray and the other is navy — but LK Baby sells single packs of scarves as well as other styles. The scarves are machine washable.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “It’s so soft and light weight. Perfect for my baby who seems to be a tiny heater - great value”

4. An Ultra-Lightweight Muslin Apron Nursing Cover

When it comes to being lightweight and breathable, it’s hard to beat this nursing apron from Bebe au Lait, which is made from an open-weave cotton muslin for the comfort of both you and your baby. A wide neckline is designed to hold the apron a little away from your body, allowing you to easily view your baby during your nursing sessions. An open back and sides contribute to this pick’s coolness overall, though as a result, this pick doesn’t offer the level of coverage offered by some of the other options on this list.

This apron boasts two internal pockets to store small essentials like a burp cloth or pacifier — a seemingly simple feature that’ll definitely come in handy. When it gets dirty, you can just chuck it in the washing machine. Choose from five different beautiful pattern options.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I live in an area where it is hot most of the time and I had a summer baby so this was great. I could see my baby and we both weren't cooking.”

5. A Highly Rated Multifunctional Nursing Cover

The number of ways you’ll be able to utilize this nursing cover from KeaBabies is seriously unreal — it functions wonderfully as a breastfeeding cover, a car seat canopy, a shopping cart cover, a changing mat, a stroller cover, a pumping cover, and more. It’s no wonder that this pick boasts a knockout 4.8-star rating overall on Amazon, among more than 4,000 and growing reviews, a testament to just how useful it truly is.

Made from buttery soft and breathable fabric (a combination of rayon and cotton), this nursing cover will feel great to wear. It’s designed to provide full coverage during nursing sessions, so just be aware that it may not be the absolute coolest option on this list because of the extra fabric involved.

Choose from a range of adorable prints — including stripes, stars, hearts, and floral — all of which come with a matching storage bag for your ease. This nursing cover is machine washable.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “I love this Multi-Use cover! The fabric feels great. It is soft, cool, and breathable. It offers great coverage for nursing and is a great shade for the carseat and stroller. I would buy more in other colors!”

6. A Stylish Nursing Poncho

At first glance you would never even suspect that this nursing poncho from WeeSprout is designed for breastfeeding sessions... it’s that cute! The poncho is made from a combination of modal (a type of rayon) and spandex, so it’s quick-drying, stretchy, and comfortable to wear. When it comes time to nurse, this poncho offers privacy for you and your little one, and the plastic insert at the neckline allows you to easily keep your baby in view. Beyond functioning as a poncho and a nursing cover, this pick can be utilized in other ways, too; it easily slips over strollers, high chairs, shopping carts, and changing tables, providing a clean surface for your baby. Just be aware that like the KeaBabies cover, the full coverage design may not be the coolest possible option since it covers more skin. Luckily, even if you do sweat, the nursing poncho is machine washable and dryer friendly.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “Purchased for nursing in public so my little man can “pull back the curtain” while I’m exposed. I also found it to be breathable which is great coming into the summer. I love the fact you can see what they’re doing with the plastic insert in. Works amazing, would buy again!”

7. An Apron Nursing Cover With A Built-In Burp Cloth

It’s no secret that feeding a baby often results in messy spit ups, but luckily, this nursing cover from Kids N’ Such boasts an extra-large, built-in burp cloth, so you’ll literally always have one within reach — talk about convenience! The apron-style nursing cover is made from 100% cotton for amazing breathability and softness, and it’s extra-wide for more coverage (though keep in mind the back is still totally open). The adjustable neckline is open at the top, allowing you to easily keep tabs on your tot as they eat.

This pick boasts a stunning floral pattern, and it comes with a carrying pouch for your convenience. It is machine washable.

Enthusiastic Amazon review: “This nursing cover is spectacular! I didn't nurse much in public with my first, because I always felt uncomfortable. I bought this cover right after having my second, and it makes a world of difference! The cover has great coverage, making nursing in public as discreet as possible. The fabric is lightweight enough to nurse outside in the Texas summer, and the bow out at the top provides just enough space for me to keep an eye on my baby if I need to. No creepers looking in unless they are standing directly above you! The sewn in burp cloth is just an added bonus and works well when my little one spits up. I highly recommend this nursing cover to anyone on the search for one. Did I mention the print on this cover is gorgeous as well??!”