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13 Pokémon Backpacks Featuring Your Kid's Favorite Characters, From Bulbasaur to Pikachu

Carry your Pokéballs in style.

Pokémon's popularity has been going strong ever since the game first debuted in 1996. Something about these adorable fighting monsters caught the public’s heart, and they’re still part of pop culture some 25 years later. Plenty of today’s kids would definitely love to wear one of the best Pokémon backpacks for sale right now, whether they’re about to start school, go on a trip, or just need a place to store all their collectibles.

Featuring plenty of the original 151 Pokémon characters, as well as a few of the newer species, these Pokémon backpacks are perfect for kids who are all about these iconic monsters. (And honestly a lot of these designs, such as the floral Eevee bag, wouldn’t look out of place on an adult, either.) Go for a classic, bright-yellow Pikachu bag, or pick a more lowkey character like Snorlax. In any case, these backpacks make your daily trek feel more like a trip through the Viridian Forest. So whether you’re a fan of the original Game Boy versions, someone who got really into playing Pokémon Go!, or a Gen A kid who can’t stop watching Pokémon Journeys: The Series on Netflix, it’s easy to show off your Pokémon fandom with a character-themed backpack.

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Bulbasaur Backpack

Made from canvas, this backpack features a giant grinning Bulbasaur face. Cute and distinct, it’s perfect for anyone who loves this grass-type Pokémon.


Best Pikachu Backpack

With a roomy main zippered compartment, two front zippers, and mesh side pockets, this cheery Pikachu will have no problem toting all your kid’s gear. Plus, the electric yellow color and ears will make it stand out in a crowd.


Charmander Backpack

Featuring a cute little Charmander on the front, this bright orange canvas backpack is all about those fire type species. And yes, there’s also a Charizard version for those who like the grown-up version of this Pokémon.


Squirtle Backpack

Featuring a grinning Squirtle face, this sea-blue backpack is perfect for all the water type Pokémon fans out there. Plus, it’s made of sturdy canvas to get through all your kid’s adventures.


Cute Evee Backpack

Made from lightweight, durable canvas, this Eevee backpack showcases the happy Pokémon running around a floral background. There’s also a sleeping Eevee on the back, as well as an Eevee-printed liner and laptop sleeve.


Eeveelutions Backpack

With adjustable, padded straps, a laptop sleeve, and plenty of pockets, this backpack can hold all your schoolwork and more. But the main draw is Eevee, profiled in the original form on the pocket, with all the eeveelutions featured on the backpack’s main compartment. There’s no such thing as too much Eevee.


Best Pokéball Backpack

Shaped like a giant Pokéball, this backpack lets your kid pretend to be a Pokémon trainer on the go. Let you kid show off their love for the franchise with this iconic bag.


Galar Friends Backpack

Featuring Grookey, Scorbunny, and Sobble, this backpack has two zip pockets, four slip pockets, a phone pocket, and laptop sleeve. Let the Galar friends help you kid stay super organized.


Ludicolo Backpack

Musical, bold graphics with Ludicolo make this backpack ultra-cool. Plus, it has plenty of roomy pockets and a 17-inch laptop sleeve.


Packable Pikachu Backpack

With a dual-zip closure and front zip pocket, this packable Pikachu backpack folds up into itself. It’s perfect to have on hand any time you might need an extra bag.


Purple Haunter Backpack

With a mischievous grin, this Purple Haunter backpack is a fun addition to any collection of school supplies. Plus, the sturdy canvas backpack is ready to hold whatever you need for school, work, or visits to Cinnabar Gym.


Snorlax Backpack

Sure, the backpack itself is designed from breathable fabric, and it can hold a 15-inch laptop. But the real selling point is the adorable Snorlax, who is making the best of its downtime.


Squirtle Backpack For Toddlers

Even the littlest trainers can get in on the fun with this 10" mini backpack. Also, could the Squirtle graphic be any more adorable?

When it comes to toting your stuff around, these Pokémon backpacks are all very effective. Choose your favorite and go.