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How To Throw A 'Bluey' Birthday Party That Even Rita & Janet Would Love

All the supplies, party favors & more you could ever need.

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If your child is a fan of the Heeler pup family and their crew of lovable pals, then you may find yourself trying to figure out how to throw a Bluey themed birthday party this year that doesn’t involve making a trip to Australia. These Bluey party supplies will make for a totally whackadoo party, and they won’t cost you a ton of dollarbucks either, as the pup says.

With these decorations, wrapping paper, balloons, and Bluey party favors (and so much more) it’s actually pretty easy to pull off a simple yet fun party featuring the star of the show, of course, but also Bingo, Chilli, Bandit and the rest of the pups. And if you’re getting really creative, don’t forget to try your hand (or enlist your local baker) to make an amazing Bluey birthday cake. Read on for all the supplies you’ll need for a bluetiful birthday celebration.

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A Balloon Garland

Greet your guests with a cascading balloon garland that frames your front door or a table of treats at the party. The pack includes 115 balloons in those instantly recognizable Bluey colors, and it comes with an arch strip and glue dots, which helps with set-up.


A Set Of Bluey Balloons

Balloons are an easy and fun way to make your party’s theme clear. This set of 18 Bluey foil and latex balloons will just need to be blown-up upon arrival.


A Bluey Photo Backdrop

Set up a red carpet moment where kids can pose right alongside their favorite characters. This Bluey photo backdrop is 7 feet by 5 feet, made of a durable vinyl material, and will lead to some memorable party pictures.


Bluey Party Flag & More

If you’re looking for a one-stop-shop for Bluey party supplies, then this party pack will be your go-to. In addition to a cute ‘Happy Birthday’ banner, the set includes cupcake toppers, one cake topper, three types of latex balloons, and six hanging characters featuring Bluey and her pals.


Bluey Party Background

The whole Heeler family will be a part of the party with this big background. It will instantly transform a blank wall into a fun focal point that kids will love.


Bluey 3D Letters

Kids will love seeing their name or initials written in big 3D letters. These look super cute on a gift or cake table, and you can display them in their room after the party is over.


Bluey Sprinkle Mix

This sweet sprinkle mix will help you turn a homemade cake into a Bluey creation (and hopefully it will turn out better than Bluey’s dad’s infamous duck cake).


A Bluey Piñata

Sure it may seem weird to hit the beloved character with a stick, but it will be worth it when all the candy or treats come falling out. You can get this piñata in the likeness of either Bluey or Bingo, just note it does not include candy. You also have the option (for a total of $60) to add a personalized topper with your child’s name.


Bluey Bingo

If you’re looking for a relatively quiet party game, why not try bingo? Kids match the picture pulled to the images on their card, and they’ll love shouting Bingo! (which just so happens to be the name of Bluey’s little sister).


Pin The Tail On Bluey

If you need a last minute party game and you have a printer, you’re in luck. This pin the tail on Bluey game is a digital download that will be delivered right to your inbox. Try printing at a copy store, or even laminating the game, for a more professional look.


Bluey Bubbles

Bubbles make a fun party favor, but they’re also great to open up at an (outdoor) party. It’s a fun, easy way to keep kids happy and entertained, and investing in a bubble machine is always a great idea if you want some time to chat with other adults instead of blowing endless bubbles.


“Dig Up Bones” Game

These wooden dog bone cutouts may not be branded, but they’re totally on theme for a Bluey party. Scatter these around the yard and do a scavenger hunt or set out markets and craft supplies and let kids decorate.


Bluey Masks

Doing an easy craft is always a good way to keep kids entertained and relatively calm during a party. It will be fun for your child and their friends to get to pretend to be Bluey and friends, and if you want to extend the activity, you could put out kid-friendly supplies like stickers or rhinestones and let them decorate their masks.


Free Printable Bluey Birthday Invite

Invite the crew to a Bluey celebration with these free printable invites. You can customize the text with all your pertinent details and these would look great printed on cardstock.


Custom Printed Bluey Invites

All you’ll need to do is put these cute invites in an envelope and ship them out. The price shown is for 15 physical invitations that will be shipped to you, but for $4.95 you can opt for a digital file instead which just means you’ll do the printing, or even easier, send to your guests via email.


Bluey Thank-You Notes

It’s important that kids thank their best mates for coming to their Bluey party. This digital download can be printed right at home or in a copy store, and it’s a cute and easy way to get custom thank you notes.


Bluey Tablecloth

Keep your table free of messes with this Bluey tablecloth. It’s approximately 43 by 70 inches, and if you need a longer table liner there’s another one available from the same seller that’s covered in cute paw prints.


Bluey Paper Plates

Make clean up a breeze with these cute Bluey party plates. There are 20 paper plates in the set.


Bluey Cupcake Toppers

These 11 cute cupcake toppers featuring Bluey and her crew will take any old cupcake and make it look custom. There’s no rule either that these have to go on a sweet treat; you could put them in sandwiches, or even in foam as a table decoration.


Bluey Straws

Minimize spills and add to the Bluey theme with these paper straws. There’s 12 in a set and the straws feature Bluey, Bingo, and pals including Indy, Coco, Chloe and more.


Paw Print Wrapping Paper

You may not want a dog stepping all over a gift under normal circumstances, but Bluey is a different story. This cute paw print gift wrap will make it look like Bluey herself had a hand (er, paw) in the wrapping.


A Bluey Art Party Favor

If you’d rather avoid candy and sweets in a goodie bag, sending kids off with a fun art project is a cute choice. You can choose from either paint or crayons with a Bluey coloring page and a custom note featuring your child’s name.


A Set Of Bluey Party Favors

This set includes everything you’ll need for an epic goodie bag at a reasonable price. The 94-piece pack has tons of stickers, pins, and stretch silicone bracelets that Bluey fans will flip for.


Bluey Play-Doh

Play-Doh is always a hit, and these birthday favors make a big impact without breaking the bank. They include a custom note with your child’s name, and some of the reviewers noted that the box of Bluey party favors comes with a little surprise for the birthday kid.


Reusable Bluey Straws

These funky and bright Bluey straws make an excellent party favor. They come in packs of six with a custom tag attached.


Bluey Party Bags

This pack of 24 bags are perfect for holding all your Bluey party favors. They look super cute lined up on a table too before the party ends.


Bluey Figurines

Give every kid at the party their very own Bluey figurine to take home. This set of four characters features Bluey, Chloe, Rusty and their teacher, Calypso.


Georgie and Ted Boring Pool Things Tote

If you like going all out on the party favors, or you want a gift adults can use too, you could pack the party favors in this tote bag inspired by the Bluey pool episode (where mom Chilli brings “boring” things that are important to the pool).


Bluey Stickers

This set of 20 stickers is made of high quality vinyl. They make a fun party favor and kids will love deciding where to put their little pup.


A Bluey Birthday Party Shirt

Every birthday kid needs a shirt that fits the party theme. This baseball tee is customizable with your child’s name and age, plus you can pick the sleeve colors. It comes in a ton of sizes (prices vary by size) so you can get a Bluey shirt for the whole family.

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