Black Friday

Get Ready To Score $2 Face Masks For Kids At Carter's This Black Friday

Mask up, baby

Masks have become as necessary as underwear or socks, as any parent can attest. They need to be washed frequently and replaced when they get too worn out or dirty. And, like socks and undies, masks are easily lost and can get expensive. Thankfully, one children’s clothing brand is making sure safety isn’t cost prohibitive. Carter’s has rolled out a $2 mask sale just in time for Black Friday.

Designed specifically for little faces, Carter’s face masks fit children ages 2 to 14. And the company’s Christmas styles are right on time for the festive season. They come in gingerbread men, plaid, penguins, and a holiday train motif with comfortable, soft elastic ear straps. Thanks to the smart accordion fold fabrication, these masks will fit snugly on a child’s face, protecting them whether they're on the school playground or out running errands with the fam.

And at a two bucks a pop, you can buy a bundle outfitting your child for the winter months to come, something the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention (CDC) warns could get very bad. The nation’s health protection agency predicts between 810,000 to 2,300,000 new cases of COVID-19 will likely be reported during the week ending December 12, 2020. The time to act is now and setting your child up as a good example of COVID prevention is a great way to encourage other families to do the same. Doing it in holiday style is just a bonus. This gingerbread motif below is just one of several super cute options.

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