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Kids Can Make These Magical Recycled Suncatchers At Home

These look so pretty hanging in the window.

Upcycle a few common household single-use bottles to make a beautiful suncatcher! For this recipe, collect several brightly colored plastics that are malleable enough to cut with scissors or a hole punch.

Get creative with your mosaic design and let it hang in a window to catch the sunlight. Attach to a string and hang from a singular point, so that the mosaic can rotate and refract colorful light all over your home!


  • Clear plastic container lid
  • Colorful recycled plastic bottles
  • Glue
  • Scissors
  • Hole punch
  • Yarn

1. Clean a clear plastic container lid

2. Cut up colorful recycled bottles into various shapes or punch holes in plastic with hole punch and collect circles

3. Glue pieces into mosaic design on plastic lid

4. Attach yarn and hang in sunny spot

Producer: Annalise Yuri Murphy

Art Director: Tim Sullivan