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Camp Romper!

Remember when summer vacation felt like it lasted forever? Bring some of that magic back for your own kids the year.

Super Fun Summer Crafts With Step-By-Step Videos

Camp Romper

Kids Can Make These Magical Recycled Suncatchers At Home

These look so pretty hanging in the window.

by Annalise Yuri Murphy
Camp Romper

Kids Will Love To Make (& Use!) These Exploding Bath Bombs

This craft is a bubbly blast.

by Annalise Yuri Murphy
Camp Romper

This Super Cute Recycled Bottle Terrarium Is So Easy To Make

The perfect home for your succulents.

by Annalise Yuri Murphy
Camp Romper

This DIY Lava Lamp Craft Will Keep Kids Entertained For Hours

Groovy, man.

by Annalise Yuri Murphy
Summer Fun

This DIY Popsicle Chalk Is Made With Stuff You Probably Already Have

Bonus: it’s super easy to make.

by Ashley Jones

This DIY Glitter Slime Recipe Is So Simple, But Totally Mesmerizing

Your kids will want to make this over and over again.

by Ashley Jones

30 Summer Activities That Childhood Dreams Are Made Of

These have a retro summer-vibe — back from when we had to entertain ourselves without screens for hours.

by Caroline Hogeveen

Tiny Potties, Single-Serve Snacks, & More Tips For Camping With Kids

From picking a campsite to packing tips, here’s how to enjoy the great outdoors with kids.

by Ashley Jones

Who's Ready For Hot Mom Summer?

I haven't worn a bikini in years, but this summer, I'm vaccinated and ready for the beach in my two piece.

by Emma Rosenblum

5 Rugrats-Themed Activities To Spark Your Kids’ Imagination This Summer

Let Tommy Pickles and the gang inspire imaginative play this summer

by Hannah Chambers
Backyard Magic

These Splash Pads For Toddlers & Kids Have Great Reviews *&* Prices

And they’re perfect for smaller spaces.

by Abi Berwager Schreier

There’s S’More!

Summertime & The Livin's Easy

15 Simple & Delicious Sheet Pan Summer Dinners

by Ashley Jones

Throw everything on a pan and call dinner done.

*Adds To Cart*

Bath & Body Works Summer Semi-Annual Sale Is Coming In Hot

by Samantha Darby

And as a mom of three, I know exactly what I’m buying.

Sweet Summertime

18 Make-Ahead Summer Dinner Recipes

by Ashley Jones

Because it’s too hot to cook all day long.

Fun in the Sun

Can I Use Spray Sunscreen On My Kids, Or Must I Keep Packing Three SPFs?

by Katie McPherson

The beach bag just needs to be lighter.

turtle power

What To Know Before Taking Your Kids To See The New 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles' Movie

by Miranda Rake

The new movie is funny, but probably too scary for your preschooler.


10 New Books On Romper’s Summer Reading List

by Jilleen Barrett and Meaghan O'Connell

From feminist histories to boardwalk murder mysteries, we’ve got just the summer read for you.


Summer Camp Was A Dream For My Kids Until It Wasn’t

by Jen McGuire

“It wasn’t just the weird performative nature of summer camp that always left them disappointed.”


Connecticut’s Mayflower Inn & Spa Is Like Summer Camp For Moms

by Melissa Petro

Think White Lotus meets Gilmore Girls, with built-in itineraries.

Eat The Rainbow

16 Gorgeous No-Cook Dinners For When It’s Just Too Hot

by Miranda Rake

Step away from the stove.

Pass the popcorn

10 Summer Movies Worth Getting A Sitter For

by Miranda Rake

From blockbusters to indie sleeper hits, here are the movies to catch on the big screen this summer.