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Bath & Body Works Summer Semi-Annual Sale Is Coming In Hot

And as a mom of three, I know exactly what I’m buying.

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One of the things I love most about a shift in seasons is the shift in seasonal scents. Like when you can officially start lighting your pumpkin spice candle in September or switching to the crisp linen scents for spring. And for summer, that means a whole lot of scents like coconut, watermelon, cucumber — anything that makes you wish you were in a hammock, gently swaying in the warm breeze. And luckily, the Bath & Body Works Summer Semi-Annual Sale makes it pretty easy to do the shift with your own candles and home scents.

Going through June 1 through June 24, the Bath & Body Works Summer Semi-Annual Sale gets you up to 75% off of the entire store, along with some fun daily deals and weekly markdowns. Whether you want to stock up on candles to last you all summer long or grab a few fresh new scents for your vacays, the sale’s got you covered. There are some crowd favorites like Cucumber Melon making a comeback, but I’m especially intrigued by the new combo scents of some fan-favorites, like Ocean meets Vanilla Bean (love) and Plumeria plus Sugared Lemon Zest (heaven).

I have three little girls who are with me pretty much all summer long. There are a lot of wet towels piled by the front door every afternoon, there are swimsuits to hang dry, there are countless popsicle-stained shirts and the smell of sweaty, grassy kids (and dog) permeating every inch of our home. I, quite literally, would not survive without Bath & Body Works. Smell is such a powerful sense, and having a scent that makes you feel relaxed and happy is pretty paramount. It’s the first thing I do when I’m ready to get the house back in order — light a candle or spray something or even start a load of laundry with the Bath & Body Works Fragrance Boosters.

So as a summer mom, here’s what I’m most excited to snag from the Bath & Body Works Summer Semi-Annual Sale.

My kids love a nightlight and I love a gently wafting fragrance to distract you from the slime-making happening elsewhere in my house. These fragrance plugs are so great and we have several of them for different holidays and seasons, but I love them for their little scent adjuster — you can make the scent as strong or as light as you’d like. And it gives off the perfect amount of glow in a hallway or bathroom for little ones. (Or big ones, honestly, I’d rather not trip over a Barbie at 3 a.m.)

The vibes of summer are always on, but when it’s too hot outside, it’s hard to enjoy everything else. Before I head out for that twilight/dusk walk (and fend off the mosquitos), I’m going to light this Backyard Honeysuckle candle and breathe in all of those things I love about summer while I’m safely air-conditioned inside.

I’m not usually much of a fruity scent gal, but all bets are off come summer. I want to smell like a walking ad for a vacation. I want that pop of scent when I’m in the shower, giving me that energy I need to parent all the little people and still enjoy all that these warmer months have to offer. I want to smell like the drink I’m going to sip when everyone’s in bed, their skin still faintly smelling of sunscreen.

Three kids headed to ice cream shops and park playdates and splashpads. Three kids in and out of Targets and camps and grandma’s house all. summer. long. You assume being out of school will lessen your chances of catching some nasty virus from your kids, but I’m here to tell you that it could happen literally whenever. So I’m getting a pack of these five hand sanitizers to stash everywhere — the car, my purse, the diaper bag. We’re going to get filthy all summer long and our bodies will be heavy with chlorine and sunscreen and sand, but I hope to keep the bad germs away. Or at least make myself feel slightly better about the hidden ick on the bouncy houses.

How are you preparing for summer with Bath & Body Works’ Semi-Annual Sale? Might I suggest the Sun-Drenched Linen scent in everything so you can try and convince yourself that the laundry’s already done?