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These 1st Day Of School Shirts Are The Perfect Way To Start The Year

You’ll be a class act.

The first day of school is always a momentous occasion, but this year it might feel even more important. After a year of virtual and hybrid learning, it looks like most kids across the country will be returning to in-person lessons. And if that’s not something to celebrate, what is? To give the big day the pomp and circumstance it deserves, dress your child in one of these first day of school shirts. Or put one on yourself. Whether you’re a teacher, a nurse, a parent, or a first grader, there’s a special first day of school tee for everyone.

While you can find a few back to school shirts in traditional department stores, the real treasure trove is on Etsy. Vendors understand that you might want to make your kid look and feel extra special on back to school day, and they’ve answered the demand with all kinds of creative and clever tees.

For the pre-K and kindergarten set, there is especially an abundance of options. But even if you have a first grader or beyond, you can find a fun shirt that screams “I’m ready to learn!” All manner of school-centric adornments are available, from pencils and crayons to scissors and even the Periodic Table. So start your back to school shopping here and get your kid geared up for a great new school year.

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Smiley School Supplies Shirt

Talk about an upbeat shirt. Who wouldn’t smile seeing a new student rolling into class in this cute tee?


Lined Paper Shirt

Just as kids use lined paper to learn how to write their ABC’s, this shirt uses the same format to announce “1st Day of Kindergarten.”


Hello First Grade

Primary colors make up this playful shirt for an excited incoming first grader.


Periodic Shirt

The Periodic Table is a foundational part of education. And it’s a perfect first day of school shirt for a budding scientist.


Pre-K Tee

Pre-K learners need fun first day of school shirts too. And this one is for them with all the school supplies they’ll get to use this year.


Personalized Preschool Shirt

Help your child’s new teacher learn their name by personalizing their first day of school shirt. This one features cute pink short sleeves.


N Is For Nathan Shirt

Ok, so the likelihood of your child being named Nathan are slim. But the good news is, this Etsy vendor can personalize the shirt to fit your child’s name.


I’m [Enter Name Here] Shirt

Customizing a first day of school shirt is such a nice way to make your child feel special and confident heading into the classroom. This one works well for a new kinder kid.


Pencil Personalized Shirt

With a personalized name badge over an illustration of pencils, this is a friendly back to school shirt for your child’s first day.


Cursive Shirt

Want your child to learn cursive? Get them started with this personalized shirt with their name in florid handwriting.


Age Shirt

This shirt is a nice alternative because it not only can be customized to include a child’s name, but also their age — great details they can share with their new class.


School Nurse Crew

Part of the first day of school is acclimating students with, as Mr. Rogers called them, “the helpers.” All the people within a campus to help kids succeed. And who is that if not a nurse. This shirt is like a first day billboard to let kids know the nurse is there to help.


Happy Parents’ Day!

If you can’t wait to put your kids on the bus that first day of school, perhaps this shirt is for you.


Class of 2034 Shirt

It’s never too soon to begin thinking about high school graduation. If your kid has big ambitions, share their graduation date on the first day of school.


Dude Shirt

Have a kindergarten dude in your house? Outfit him in camo for day one of school.


Roaring Into School Shirt

Available for first through fifth graders, this wild dino shirt screams “Roaring into school.”


Scissor, Apple, Pencil Shirt

This simple yet sweet shirt puts your child’s name front and center with a perfect elementary school motif.


Stud Shirt

Your little second grade stud(ent) is raring to go. Now outfit them in a shirt that suits their enthusiasm.


Live, Love, Learn

Not only does this shirt spell out the foundation of what school is all about, it can be personalized with the name of a teacher’s school.


Welcome Back!

Cue the Welcome Back, Kotter theme song. This shirt is the perfect teacher top to greet students at the school house gates.


Dump Truck Shirt

A truck full of school supplies likely feels like what your child needs for school. Now they can wear just that with this personalized shirt.


Oh Happy Day Shirt

The first day of school is such a happy day. This shirt encompasses that vibe.


Crayola Kid Shirt

This shirt blends the super cute design of baseball sleeves with a fun crayon design, perfect for a first day of school.


Embroidered Shirt

Embroidery can make a shirt look so nice, especially a kid’s shirt. Even better, you can personalize the shirt to look especially professional.


Proud Mom Shirt

Want to quite literally wear your heart on your sleeve? Pop on this Kindergarten Mom shirt.


Team Work Shirt

Not only does this shirt make a great teacher option, it also subtly signals that a teacher supports Autistic students with the symbol in the middle of the apple.

Time to play dress up! Pick a tee, then get your kiddo ready for their first big day back at school.