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Kid running in snow.
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These Snow Boots For Kids Have At Least 4 Stars On Amazon

Because you want to buy your kid boots that are actually going to *last.*

Breaking: There’s already snow on the ground in Colorado, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Oregon. It may still be fall, but in many parts of the country, it feels like winter, which means it’s time to get the kids their annual pair of snow boots. Now you could head to a bargain shop and get a pair for a steal. Or you could buy the best, most insulated, no-leak, comfy fitting pair out there. You don’t even need to do any research. I've found 10 pairs of kids snow boots with 4+ stars on Amazon for you.

In classic Amazon fashion, these boots were chosen by the people for the people, so you can trust that the reviews are kid tested, mother approved. How did they score those gold stars? Many factors came into play, namely for keeping feet dry, being true to size, providing great traction, having extra cushion, and keeping kiddos' tootsies warm for long hours of snowball fights. No one wants a kiddo tromping back in from the yard, soaking and sobbing because their new boots were a flop. A scenario like that could scare a kid off of sledding for years to come. Make their snow day one to remember with the right footwear.


Insulated Waterproof Snow Boots

In addition to being available in 15 colors (!) this snow boot gets 4 ½ stars for its fabulous functionality. One mom of a 4-year-old had this to say in a review about the boots, “They keep her feet warm and are in fact water proof, and the stitching has held its integrity two months now.” As all parents know, kids go through shoes like a thirsty horse through water. Stitching that holds up for more than a month is a major plus.


Insulated Snow Boot

Available for toddlers, little kids, and big kids, this it the boot to outfit your entire brood. Take it from a parent in Minnesota. “I live in Minnesota where the biggest issue in the winter is snow — and melting snow. My kids feet ALWAYS find a way to get wet, but not with these.” If that’s not the most ringing endorsement ever, what is? Another bonus is these boots are all one-piece — no tongues or tabs to pull on — which makes it easy for even the littlest snow bunny to put them on.


Waterproof Rubber Neoprene Outdoor Boots

If you want a boot that can easily transition from rainy, muddy play days to full on snow fort building afternoons, reviews suggest the ArcticShield is a great choice. They’ll keep kids’ feet warm for hours into play. One reviewer wrote, “Comfort quality is second to none. These boots are extremely well insulated so you will not have any trouble keeping your feet warm and dry during cold rainy conditions.”


Waterproof Fur Lined Boots

If cuteness is imperative to your stylish child, then pick them out a pair of CIOR Winter Snow Boots. They have a whopping 21 color options in a variety of velcro and bungee cord designs. Why does that matter? Because these boots are made with little kids in mind. They can strap and unstrap them themselves and parents will appreciate the nostalgic space boot look a la Napoleon Dynamite.


Waterproof Slip Resistant Cold Weather Shoes

These hip looking snow boots get great reviews for comfortably fitting thick winter socks (always a plus) as well as being lightweight, something other snow boots can’t boast. “My daughter, the original tom-boy, played hard in them all winter and they still look new,” one reviewer attested.


Frosty Winter Snow Boot

Ever heard of an adjustable vamp strap and an elastic cord with cinch toggle? Those are the accessories Northside utilizes to ensure their boots stay in place, making trudging in the snow easier for even little kids. If that’s not enough for you, one reviewer adds that they pass the extreme weather test. “We live on the arctic tundra in Alaska...The boots held up nicely and the kids never complained about being cold,” they wrote. Legit.


Waterproof Outdoor Slip Resistant Cold Weather Unisex Shoes

Because this may be the best children’s snow boot review I've ever read, I'm posting it here verbatim: “I can’t even fathom how frigging awesome these boots are. Not gonna lie, without these boots my kid is like a 5 at best. He puts these suckers on he’s immediately a 9. Mr steal your girl. So he slides these puppies on he says to me, 'dad, I’m feelin’ pretty slick, not to mention bad a$$ as well.' And I’m like, 'son, this is the proudest moment of my life.' Long story short my son will kick your face in, but with style.” Take that as you wish.


Adjustable Snow Boots

Looking to get some time out of your kid’s snow boots? Check out Zoogs. Reviewers suggest that the adjustable strap means you can size up, then tighten them, getting as much as two years of wear out of a single pair. Another win? Kids can wear these tucked into snow pants or cinched tight over other pants to keep snow out.


Neoprene Boots

The great thing about a muck boot is that it’s versatile. You can wear them during mud season, spring rain, fall leaf trekking, and snowy winter days. That's why Oaki is so appealing. One parent wrote: “I've bought these boots 3x now and loved every pair. They hold up great, have awesome traction, and are super warm even though they feel so thin.”


Waterproof Anti-Slip Anti-Collision Boots

The real sign of shoe success? When your kid never wants to take them off. That’s the experience of one child with these Michansha boots. The reviewer wrote, “My son loves them and is asking to wear them every day.” Maybe that’s to do with the bungee cinch or the fun colors, but whatever the case, not having to fight about proper footwear is the real win.