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Everything You Need To Get Outside With Your Baby

These products have been vetted by parenting editors and moms to help you truly enjoy venturing out with your new baby.

New Parents Issue 2024
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Not only do people tell you to get out and enjoy the world with your baby, but sometimes it’s really what you need, too: a change of scenery, a little stroll through Aldi, going to your favorite coffee shop so all the baristas who said you were glowing during pregnancy can now see your real live baby — it’s a big deal. To make sure you feel confident in those first outings as a new mom, we’ve curated this edition of Romper Registry to help you find the editor-tested (and real-mom-approved) essentials for getting out of the house with your baby.

In testing and choosing these products below, we asked ourselves: What is most overwhelming about taking your baby out for the first time? What are new parents worried about? What would make them feel confident and empowered and leave them coming home proud of themselves (if, yes, thoroughly exhausted)? What kind of items will make them say, “Hey! I did it! I took my baby out!” — and make them want to try it again?

We’ve considered that travel systems for strollers can make you nervous and that your own postpartum body has the potential to wreak havoc in Target. (Those boob leaks are not talked about enough.) We’ve looked at bottles and pacifiers and all of the tiny baby gear items you know you need, but are unsure how to store in a way that doesn’t make you feel like you’re packing for a trek through the mountains. We’ve thought about all the things that could happen during your first outing with baby — a diaper blowout, a fussy infant who won’t nap, a phone battery dying — and found the solution for you.

Whether you feel icky yourself (I’ve got the best lipstick for you and must-have undies to hold in those postpartum pads) or are just stressed about not having something your baby needs (wet bags and the perfect baby outfit on deck), this list has you covered.

A Super Easy Car Seat & Stroller Combo

Travel with babies — even if the “trip” is just to the grocery store — is overwhelming, and a lot of it has to do with THE GEAR. Are you taking the car seat into Target? Are you using a stroller? Save yourself some brain power and consider the Doona car seat and stroller combo. The actual car seat your baby sits in turns into a stroller with the push of a button — so you don’t need a stroller frame — and it’s just one motion to get the whole thing locked in place (while never having to disturb your baby).

Other systems involve removing a car seat from the car and locking it into a separate stroller base, but the Doona is literally all in one — the stroller folds back up into the car seat and it reattaches into the base in your car whenever you’re ready to go. And while there are plenty of great car seat/stroller options (we’ve recommended one of those for you, too), this is a great choice for new parents who are nervous about the clicking and unclicking and folding and stowing.

An Easy-To-Fold, Easy-To-Use Stroller

While we recommend the Doona for its convenient all-in-one car seat/stroller combo, the Mockingbird Stroller is a great option for parents who want an easy-to-fold option for longer trips, especially if you’re taking baby in and out of the stroller. It can easily be switched from single to double if you’re hoping for more kids in the future, and it folds up like a dream with just one hand — you will absolutely look like a pro in the Target parking lot. Our favorite part? You can also fold it up like that at home to store in a closet or in a garage.

A Bassinet For Your Mockingbird Stroller

And while you have that easy-to-fold stroller, you might as well complete the set with the Mockingbird Stroller Bassinet. It gives baby a perfect spot to rest flat on their back and snooze as you push them along, and once you’re home, you can transfer the bassinet from the stroller into a bassinet stand in your home and let baby finish out their nap. It’s such a great, convenient way to take the comfort of home out with you, and to ensure that you and your baby feel safe and secure on your outing.

A Roomy Stroller Organizer

Clearly we’re big fans of Mockingbird — their designs solve problems before they even crop up. Case in point: this parent organizer for your stroller. You’ll do a whole lot of fussing over where to store baby’s things and how to easily access baby bottles and pacifiers and outfit changes. But in order to enjoy a day out, you need your things organized, too. This organizer clips onto your stroller handles (it’s a pretty universal fit), and holds a wealth of stuff. It does have two insulated spots for drinks, as well as a zippered pouch on the front where you can store your keys, phone, wallet, and other necessities. The larger part on top can also be used for baby things that you don’t want to dig for, like a pacifier or maybe a bottle and formula just waiting to mix.

A Baby Carrier You Can Totally Put On Yourself

Baby carriers come in so many varieties and types that it’s easy to get overwhelmed with all of the options. Believe me, I have tried them all. After three babies, I swear by the Ergobaby Omni 360 Carrier for everyone, but especially new parents. Not only is it comfy for your infant and does all the right things for their hips and back (and yours), but it’s also the easiest carrier to put on yourself and then get baby all safe and secure. Trust me — you can do it. And soon you’ll be doing it in the grocery store without a second thought and everyone will marvel at you. It’s kind of the best feeling.

A Portable Sound Machine For Easy Snoozing

One thing I truly love about taking newborns and little babies out is that they fall asleep easily. The movement of the car or the stroller or you carrying them is usually enough to get them snoozing. But sometimes even the best sleepers need extra help. The Hatch Rest Go Portable sound machine creates a soothing layer of sound that will help dull any loud noises and soothe a fussy infant. If you have a Hatch at home already, you’re familiar with this brand and why it’s a parenting favorite, but the portable version is a literal lifesaver for many parents. A full charge will make it last for a few days, and it’s small enough to clip onto strollers, car seats, or even your baby carrier. This particular model comes with 10 sounds, and here’s the best part: the sound always starts low and gradually increases when you turn it on, so you don’t have to worry about crashing waves blaring out of your hand and startling your sleeping babe.

A Powerful Mini Fan

If you search “stroller fan,” you will find tons of options, but I already know exactly what you need: this RYOBI cordless clamp fan. They say that circulating air is great for babies in general, so this will be useful regardless of the season. During the summer, though, this is key for keeping babies safe and cool. If you have them tucked snugly into a bassinet stroller or have a sunshade covering them, a fan can really help keep the air moving. And this RYOBI one, like all RYOBI products, holds a charge forever (up to 40 hours) and is truly lightweight, even with the battery attached. You can easily clamp it onto a stroller handle, it has two speed settings, and the head can be rotated to direct the air exactly where you want it to go.

A Wristlet Changing Pad & Essentials

The first few times you try to pack a bag with everything you could possibly need for your baby during an outing, it will be deeply overwhelming. Over time you’ll develop a system (trust me), but let me recommend this shortcut: the Skip Hop Pronto Signature Changing Station. It looks like a stylish clutch, but inside it has a wipes case (that’s see-through, so you know when it needs refilling), a detachable changing pad you can wipe clean, and space for up to four diapers and creams. There’s even an ideal spot for your phone and keys. This pops easily into bigger bags when you’re traveling or need more stuff, but if you want to grab a coffee and take the baby, just throw this on your wrist and head out the door — you could even shove a onesie in here if you fold it up.

A Protective Shade For The Car

It doesn’t have to be a hot day for the sun to make its way through your car windows and irritate a fussy baby — and truly there is nothing more stressful than a crying baby in the backseat while you’re driving. Enter the Dreambaby Extra Wide Car Window Shade. This fits all windows with suction cups and can be rolled up or down to whatever size you need — plus, you can easily pop them off if you’re moving the car seat to another spot/car, and they’re easily stored on days you don’t want the shade up. This is basically like putting sunglasses on the window, and whether it’s blazing summer or bright winter sun, they’re sure to make the travel portion of taking your baby out a little less stressful.

A Fun Tent For Shady Tummy Time

Whether you’re heading to the grandparents’ backyard or the local park with your baby, this Babymoov tent is exceptionally handy. It pops up in no time and has UV protection to keep those scary sun rays away from your little one’s skin. Since babies under 6 months can’t wear sunscreen, this is a great option for enjoying the sunshine and breeze without panicking. It’s also small and compact enough to take with you if you’re going to enjoy a picnic or head to the zoo and want to make sure you and baby both have some shade to rest under.

An Adorable Set Of Packing Cubes To Keep You Organized

It doesn’t matter how great your diaper bag is or how organized you are, you’re always going to need one more compartment. I am obsessed with these packing cubes from Itzy Ritzy. Not only are they so cute, but they’re also the perfect size for throwing into your car, your diaper bag, or even a bigger duffel bag if you’re traveling far with baby. No more rummaging in the bottom of the beach bag for the diaper cream; you have a cube stashed in there with a diaper, wipes, and even a change of clothes just in case.

A Soft, Outdoor Blanket

Look, you don’t have to make your first outing with your baby super overwhelming; sometimes all you can muster is a walk down to the mailbox. And that’s OK! But if you’re hoping to sit and enjoy the great outdoors with your baby, whether it’s a big green area in your town or just a patch of grass by the brewery, the Little Unicorn outdoor blanket is a great piece of gear to take with you. Available in three different sizes, these blankets are not only adorable but they’re also durable and water resistant. (This means they also make a great impromptu tablecloth or bench cover if you’re somewhere a little grody.) The blanket folds up into its little portable pouch, so you literally just unfold it with nothing to stuff back in or take out, and they are great to just throw down wherever you are.

An Activity For Big Bro or Sis

If you're leaving the house with a new baby *and* their older sibling, might we recommend an age-appropriate toy for the toddler crowd? Even if you don't take this whole 22-piece LEGO® DUPLO® playset along for the outing, your 2 year-old (or older ) is sure to love choosing their favorite pieces from a 3-part train, beloved Disney characters, a birthday cake, number bricks, and accessories.

A Sturdy Car Seat Mirror

The first couple of times you drive with your baby will be nerve-wracking — it’s a huge source of anxiety for new parents, and with good reason. While you may still be a little “eek” about being in the front seat and operating a large piece of machinery with your precious bundle in the backseat, a good car seat mirror can help. Not all car seat mirrors are created equal, however; this one from KeaBabies is excellent. It is nice and sturdy, with two buckles to keep it from slipping or falling off the headrest, and it also has a wide angle so you won’t be craning your neck to check the baby. The mirror can also be easily rotated once it’s clipped in, so you’ll get just the right angle.

A Cute Wet Bag *Just In Case*

Here’s the thing about being postpartum — you expect baby messes, but you also have to be aware of you messes. Things happen, breasts leak, formula gets spilled, you sweat straight through the baby carrier — it’s all incredibly normal. But that’s why we’re recommending the Itzy Ritzy Reusable Wet Bag. Wet bag was not an item I heard about until I had kids, and now I think they’re genius and everyone should own one, even if you don’t have babies. This cotton bag is lined with a thick BPA-free and PVC-free material to keep any kind of wet item — from spit-up-soaked clothes to blowout-stained onesies — from getting all over everything else in your diaper bag. With the heavy-duty zipper, all of the wetness (and the smells, let’s be real) stay firmly locked in place so that you can deal with it when you get home. No worrying about shoving dirty pajamas or ruined burp cloths into plastic bags — just dump this wet bag straight into the washer when you get home and have it all ready for the next outing.

A Car Seat Accessory To Keep Germs Away

One of the biggest worries parents have when taking their newborn out is other people getting too close or too touchy-feely with the babe. It’s stressful and can make you feel icky, which is where this car seat visor comes in handy. We don’t recommend driving with it on, but if you pop your baby’s car seat into a grocery cart or a stroller, the visor offers a nice layer of protection. It pops right into place and is see-through, so you don’t have to worry about baby being in the dark, and it also doesn’t cover the whole area, so there’s plenty of air circulation and breathing room. It’s just like a nice “do not disturb” sign.

A Stylish Backpack

I’m a big believer in “less is more” when it comes to diaper bags, but I also know that one major thing about taking your baby out and building confidence in doing so is knowing that you are covered in every possible situation. Extra baby clothes, extra bottles, extra diapers — all the things can fit easily into the Levy Diaper Bag Backpack. Not only does it have tons of compartments, but it’s also a backpack that is easy to sling on. Plus it’s cute. It’s also a nice size to clip onto your stroller or stow underneath, and the entire main compartment lays flat when you open it so that you can see everything instead of digging blindly into a Mary Poppins valise. The best.

A Perfect Outfit For Baby

You no doubt already have plenty of gorgeous outfits for your baby, from frilly dresses to tiny little polo shirts and matching shorts. But when you’re taking baby out, you want to feel confident in their comfort, and that’s why we recommend the Little Sleepies Zippy. Not only does this perfect little one-piece feel like jammies while still looking like an adorable outfit, the fabric is a luxury bamboo that’s nice and breathable. It comes in tons of colors and patterns (and plenty of sizes!), and it has both fold-over mittens and fold-over feet. The fabric’s also nice and stretchy so you get lots of wear out of it, and you don’t have to worry about anything bunching up under car seat straps or in the stroller or carrier while you’re out and about. (Bonus: if you’re into bows, there are matching ones for the Little Sleepies Zippys.)

A Light, Wearable Blanket

Whether your baby wears a sleep sack or a swaddle at home, it helps to have something to mimic that if you want them to nap while you’re on the go. Many babies are adept at snoozing in the stroller without any accessories, but if you want one — especially if you’re heading to a friend or relative’s house for a longer visit — this organic cotton gauze wearable blanket is fantastic. It’s nice and light and can be rolled up into your diaper bag, but it’s also still soothing enough to make baby feel comfy and cozy in the stroller. It’s also a great option if it’s a little cool out, but you don’t want to use a blanket or anything loose on top of them in their bassinet or stroller.

A Sweet Little Sunhat For Babe

Babies under 6 months of age can’t wear sunscreen, so protecting your babe from the elements on your outings is a must. Unlike a lot of sunhats, the Mori Sunsafe Hat is so soft, and doesn’t have any big flaps to get in the way of baby’s comfort or that weird plastic vibe on the outside that just doesn’t feel great on soft baby skin. It also boasts a UPF of 50, and the flap on the back keeps baby’s neck covered if you’re carrying or walking with them outside of their stroller. It folds up easily to stash in a stroller or diaper bag for permanent storage, so you’re never caught outside without it.

A Set Of Soft, Easy Bibs

If your child is prone to spitting up or excessive drool, a pack of these soft bandana bibs from Copper Pearl is a must. Throw these in your bag for your first big outing so that you know you can protect baby’s outfit or keep that sticky formula spit-up out of their sweet little neck folds. These come in a pack of four and are unbelievably soft. I’ve never loved the look of big old bibs, but these almost look like a cute accessory for any outfit, and they also work well to just have on hand as a napkin to sop up boob leaks or the little bits of milk that dribble out of the corners of their mouth as they fall asleep.

A Pack Of Easy-To-Change Bodysuits

Whether you’ve got an easy outfit on baby already or one of their fancier looks, going out for the day (heck, even the hour) means you need a backup outfit in your diaper bag. The Carter's baby bodysuits come in a sweet pack of five featuring plenty of gender-neutral patterns and colors with these adorable farm animals. Over time, I’ve come to realize that few bodysuits are as good as Carter’s. They have that big stretchy shoulder-neck thing so that you can take messy outfits down baby’s legs instead over their heads, potentially spreading poop on their hair or onto their face (shudder), and they fold down so tightly, they’ll even fit into a compact diaper bag. Keep a couple of extra bodysuits stuffed in the car and stroller organizer, just in case.

A Super Cute Pacifier Clip

I have tried so many pacifier clips, but the LOU LOU LOLLIPOP ones are the absolute best. They attach easily, but not so easily that they’ll be ripped off by your baby or pinch their perfect little fingers. They’re made of food-grade silicone, so they’re also safe if your little one gets them in their mouth or chews on the beads a bit. And they’re cute. We managed to keep one clipped into our car seat, as well as on our stroller straps so that we always had a paci ready to go. Throw one in your diaper bag or clip to your own shirt if you want to carry baby, and you’ll know the pacifier’s secure and ready to go.

A Super Light Silicone Pacifier

There are a billion types of pacifiers out there (and that’s my conservative estimate), but all three of my daughters loved the Tommee Tippee ultra-light silicone pacis, and we’ve never had a single issue. I like that they don’t have the little plastic ring (which can potentially break off), nor do they have any painted designs that could flake or chip away. The whole pacifier is made of silicone, and I swear, these things will actually bounce in a way that doesn’t require you on your hands and knees looking for them — they’re just there. The silicone itself is medical grade and 100% BPA free, and even if you pop it in baby’s mouth upside down, the nipple is still the right shape and design for their mouth. You can also easily use the open holes on the side for pacifier clips, and they’re small enough to pop into any pacifier case or diaper bag.

A Case To Keep Your Pacis Clean

Pacifiers are basically gold nuggets when you have a fussy newborn who finds them soothing, especially when you’re out and about. But the minute one of them falls to the filthy floor of the tire shop lobby, they’re instant dead weight. This sleek little pacifier case clips onto your bag or stroller so one is always in reach, but it also has two sides so you can pop a dirty paci in one end and know that the other side has a clean one ready to go. This case will tide you over until you eventually become one of those parents who just licks the pacifier clean and pops it into your baby’s mouth.

A Pack Of The Cutest Baby Socks

You just know that somebody, somewhere, is going to point out that your baby’s feet “must be freezing” without any socks, so go ahead and toss a pack of the Old Navy baby socks in your bag. We’ve tried a million socks, but these are my favorite because they are so ridiculously soft (and stay soft, despite multiple washes), come in tons of patterns and colors, and are stretchy enough at the cuff to stay up on baby’s leg/foot all day long. And bonus: if you do happen to lose one or two (I mean, it’s bound to happen), these are budget-friendly so you can just keep another pack in the diaper bag at all times.

A Super Cute Hat For Any Weather

Much like baby socks, you need a little baby beanie in your diaper bag at all times, lest someone accuse you of letting all the heat from your baby’s skull travel out into the world. The adorable top knot beanie from LouLou Lollipop is nice and light, but does an excellent job of regulating baby’s body temperature so you don’t have to worry about them getting too hot or too cold. Also these top knot beanies have the perfect amount of stretch, so if your baby has a large head, don’t fear — these will keep all the worriers at Target from stressing you out.

A Super Soft, Breathable Swaddle Blanket

No parent escapes the early-baby stage without acquiring an embarrassment of baby blankets. You’ve no doubt already got velcro swaddles and zippered sleep sacks and heirloom quilts. But hands down the most useful blanket is a light, breathable muslin swaddle. And the Aden + Anais cotton muslin swaddle has earned cult-level loyalty from parents. You can use them to cover baby on a warm day, drape them as a nursing cover, rig one up as a shade, and yes, use them to swaddle baby in their stroller. They clean up messes, work as picnic blankets or napkins, and act as changing pads in a pinch. They wash easily and dry quickly. They come in the four-packs, so you can stash them all over the place to grab whenever you need, and the patterns and designs are so good.

A Cozy Outfit To Impress Grandma

OK, I know, you already have the perfect outfit for baby and you’ve got extra, easy-to-wear bodysuits in case of disaster, but if you want your baby to look a little fancy while still being cozy, this ribbed set from Janie and Jack is just the ticket. It’s soft enough that baby won’t fuss while in the car seat or stroller, but also cute enough to impress grandma. The little pockets are just the best, and I love imagining what a newborn might shove into them. Add a sweet little hat and you’ve got a jaunty, comfy look for baby.

A Sweet Little Soft & Fancy Outfit

You know, half the fun of having a baby is dressing them up, so we must also recommend a really cute outfit, like this cozy and soft striped crochet romper from Janie and Jack. If you’re really feeling excited about Baby’s Day Out and want your little one to look her very best, this is the outfit she needs. It’s light enough and soft enough for baby skin while still looking cute enough to show off to everyone who’s been waiting to see your babe. (You know that cashier at Target is wondering where you’ve been.) You can even pair it with leggings and a sweater if you need additional layers.

A Spill-Proof Bottle

There are so many reasons to have a great pack of bottles on hand, whether you’re breastfeeding or formula feeding. Sometimes you want pumped milk so someone else can feed baby, maybe you’re combo-feeding and need some easy to clean bottles that will make that process easier. The MAM Easy Start Anti-Colic Bottles are a great option for on-the-go. Even if your baby doesn’t experience a lot of gas or spit-up with their regular feedings, feeding baby when you’re out and about can mean a bottle that sloshes around in the diaper bag or holding a bottle to your baby’s mouth while walking them through a store. These anti-colic bottles can reduce the bubbles that form, and the nipple also flattens like the nipple of a breast when baby is actively nursing.

An Easy-To-Use Formula Dispenser

There are tons of different formula dispensers out there, but I personally love this Munchkin formula dispenser for when you’re on-the-go. With three divisions, you can pour in enough formula to make three 9-ounce bottles, and the little flexible seal makes sure to keep the other sections full as you empty one. You don’t have to worry about spillage in your diaper bag, and unlike so many containers, this one pours like a dream, so the formula will go straight from the dispenser into the bottle. No spill, no cloud of formula dust, no food lost.

A Stash Of Diapers That Won’t Leak

You need diapers. Shocking, I know. As you get more comfortable and confident in taking baby out, you’ll be able to judge more accurately exactly how many you need. But above all, we recommend you shove a stack of Pampers Swaddlers into your diaper bag for baby outings. Swaddlers truly do not leak and I think they’re ideal for babies who aren’t on the move just yet. They also are super absorbent, so if it takes you longer to change a soiled diaper, you don’t have to worry that your baby’s going to be soaked or covered in a fiery red rash.

A Pack Of Gentle Baby Wipes

Newborn poops and messes are not for the faint of heart. The Pampers Free & Gentle Wipes can literally pick up hunks of curdled milk off of a car seat without leaving a trace behind, and for that reason alone, I will always keep a stash in my car and in my bag. These wipes are plant-based and plastic-free with 0% alcohol or dyes, and best of all, these puppies are thick.

A Super-Soothing Diaper Ointment

Just in case of drool irritation, spilled milk in the neck folds, or diaper rashes, throw a tube of the Aquaphor Baby Healing Ointment in your bag as you head out the door, too. This stuff is fantastic, and honestly, it would probably work great on any of your own itchy, irritated, or inflamed skin. If you notice your baby has some dry patches or needs a little relief, just dab a bit of this on and let it live in the diaper bag forever so you never have to be without it.

A Nice Water Bottle

I know, it feels like the absolute height of consumerism to be like, “You need this special water bottle,” but take it from me — it’s necessary. When you’re gearing up to spend the day out with baby, whether it’s for a 30-minute walk or an all-day excursion, hydration is key, especially when you’re still dealing with major postpartum changes. (And Lord, the hormonal hot flashes.) So invest in the Hydro Flask All Around Travel Tumbler with Flex Straw. This baby holds a ton of water, is cute, fits into every stroller cup holder I’ve ever tried (and I’ve tried a lot), and the best part — it doesn’t spill. So whether you need to shove it into your diaper bag or wedge it into the basket of the stroller, it’s going to stay full and everything else will stay dry. The straw is also bendy at the top so you don’t have to do that giraffe neck thing to get a sip of water. Look at you with your water bottle, going outside with your new baby! You’re doing it!

A Perfect, Leak-Proof Coffee Thermos

I would testify in court that this is the absolute best travel coffee mug in the entire world. The Contigo Byron Vacuum-Insulated travel mugs have been in my cabinet for four years now and they are perfection. They keep your coffee piping hot for hours (literally), I’ve dropped them in the middle of soccer fields without a single spill, and the design is pleasingly simple — it’s just a screw-on lid with minimal nooks and crannies for gunk to grow. When you take your baby out for that first walk or to head into town to your first mom group, go ahead and fill this bad boy up with your coffee of choice and you’ll be able to sip on it freely without worrying about it spilling over your baby, going cold, or being a nuisance to carry around.

A Nursing Bra That Won’t Make You Feel Frumpy

Look, there are nursing bras and then there is the Kindred Bravely Simply Sublime Nursing Bra. This nursing bra doesn’t give you that dreaded mono-boob or leave you fussing with ill fitting straps; it’s easy to open up to nurse your baby, but actually holds your breasts like a real bra does and gives you the shape you want and the comfort you really want. It’s wire-free, but comes in tons of inclusive sizes so you don’t have to worry that it isn’t going to hold up your boobs. And yes, it has the hook and eye closure — no getting stuck with your arm pinned to your head and your engorged boobs leaking all over the place here. It’s perfection.

A Comfy, Won’t-Ride-Up, Fits-Your-Body-Well Pair Of Undies

I’ve bought maternity undies, I’ve bought postpartum undies, I’ve bought thongs, I’ve bought shapewear — but the Bodily All-In Panty is hands down my favorite underwear. The high-waisted, soft, and stretchy undies are meant to fit you through pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond, but these aren’t the kind of undergarments you feel silly wearing when your kid’s reaching toddlerhood. They’re that good, and they are perfect for holding those ice packs and pads if you’re still feeling tender or worried about bleeding through your undies on your first outing with baby. They’re also super cozy for sleeping and just lounging around the house, so get yourself the five-pack so you’re never without a pair. (Maybe even two of those packs so you can ignore the laundry a little longer.)

A Pack Of Postpartum Pads That Will Actually Keep You Mess-Free

Going out after baby means feeling fully prepared to handle the continuous bleeding and shedding as you push a stroller through Starbucks. Enter the Frida Mom Postpartum Catch-All Pads. These things are nice and big, but don’t feel like a diaper in your pants, and they literally catch it all. I’ve had plenty of leaks and “accidents” with other pads while on my period or postpartum, but never with these catch-all pads. They’re also great for urine leaks and sweat because let me tell you, nobody prepares you for the postpartum sweat either. Keep a stack of these at home and throw a few in your diaper bag so you can feel fresh and clean while you enjoy your big day out.

A Nipple Cream For Any Aches & Pains

People love to tell you breastfeeding doesn’t hurt — and once you really get the hang of it, that’s mostly true — but the beginning can be rough. There are scratchy little newborn nails at your breast and scabbing on your nipples as baby learns how to suckle. The Lansinoh Lanolin Nipple Cream is the gold standard for soothing those injuries and speeding up healing, plus it’s safe for baby’s mouth. A tube of this in your diaper bag will be your friend when you’re out and about.

A Cuty & Comfy Postpartum Dress

One thing that was a shock for me after having babies was how much my body was not ready for anything restrictive. Finding things I felt good in that were also easy to wear, could handle the many postpartum challenges like extra sweating, and were also good for breastfeeding was a major priority to me with my third baby, and I swear by this fit and flare cami midi dress from Old Navy. In comes in several colors and is a dream to wear. You can dress it up or down; you can wear it with heels or sneakers; you can breastfeed in it; you can wear a baby carrier over it (it won’t bunch of pull in weird ways); and it’s just perfect for those postpartum days when don’t want to sacrifice comfort for vanity. This style will make you feel put together, even if you just throw your hair in a bun and run out the door.

A Perfect Pair Of Shoes For You

You really don’t think about “easy” shoes until you have kids and then suddenly, you need shoes that will do a bunch of things. They need to be easy to put on, they need to handle all kinds of terrain and weather, they need to be comfy enough to stand in while rocking babies, and they need to be cute. Nobody wants to swap out shoes for different outfits while you’re tending to a newborn, and that’s why you need the Starling flats from Birdies. Wearing leggings? These will work. Want that cute Old Navy dress? Throw these on. Need something that can handle pacing the sidewalks with a coffee in hand? Birdies are the way to go. These shoes are so comfortable and cute, but can also be popped on while you’re cradling your baby and a diaper bag. Also, postpartum sweat is a real thing, but never once have my Birdies had a smell to them, despite wearing them without socks. You’re welcome.

A Portable Hand Sanitizer For Every Spot

Germs are terrifying when you’re a new mom — and they’re everywhere. But one way to keep yourself from losing your mind every time you leave the house is to stash these mini PocketBac hand sanitizers from Bath & Body Works everywhere. These come in a pack of five and you can drop one in a diaper bag, leave one in the car, tuck one into the stroller or baby carrier — wherever you want. Then you know you always have one handy, and you can even pick your favorite scents from Bath & Body Works so that something as clinical and boring as hand sanitizer is actually a fun little treat.

A Reliable Portable Charger

You can remember every piece of gear for your baby, but nothing will ruin an outing faster than realizing your battery is at 3%. Popping the Anker Portable Charger Power Bank into your diaper bag or stroller can make you feel a little less anxious about getting stranded somewhere without a phone. I mean, how else are you going to document every single moment about this big milestone? This charger is slim and durable, and it holds 2.25 full charges for your phone. Just make sure whichever power bank you choose from Anker is compatible with your phone.

A Perfect Pair Of Earbuds

If you’re taking baby on a legit walk or just a little breeze up and down the street, you should throw the Google Pixel Buds A-Series in your bag. These bad boys last forever on a charge, and you can charge the case itself while you’re using them. They also have a tap-to-control feature if you need to pause your music or answer a call, and they work with Google to give you answers right in your ear if you’re suddenly wondering how long babies should sleep in their strollers. It’s also just nice to have them nearby so that you can be hands-free as you push your baby’s stroller and chat with your mom about all the new things you’ve already discovered about motherhood.

An Entertainment Companion For You

You know, screentime for you is a thing, too. And while it’s easy to lose yourself in Instagram Reels for the entirety of a nap, you might not feel so great at the end of that hour of scrolling. So grab yourself a Kindle and throw it in the bag on your way out to enjoy the sunshine with your baby. It’s so much easier than carrying around a big heavy book, and nobody will know what smut you’re reading at the dentist or sitting outside of Starbucks. A Kindle is also a must in the diaper bag if you realize your baby has fallen asleep in the car seat and you’re too terrified to attempt a crib or bassinet transfer. (Been there.) And you know what else? You can totally hold a Kindle in one hand while breastfeeding or rocking your babe. Trust.

A Dry Shampoo To Help You Feel Put Together

Dry shampoo might be my favorite beauty invention of all time, especially the KITSCH Volumizing Rice Protein Dry Shampoo. When this thing says “volumizing,” it 1000% means volumizing. My hair is diabolical with this stuff — she literally grows her own brain and everything — and it’s just so, so good. It makes me feel like I got a blow-out, and if I use some dry shampoo and then give it a blast with my blow dryer brush? Well, then nobody can tell me nothin’ after that. This is a great option for postpartum hair, too, and all those little flyaways and to help volumize the bits you have left.

An All-In-One Hair Dyer For Busy Mornings

I truly hate the idea that once you have kids you have zero time to do the hair and skin and makeup routine you actually want to do, but like... sometimes you do have to cut corners to get out of the door. The Hairitage Up in the Air Volumizing Brush + Hair Dryer is such an incredible hair tool, and when I tell you it gives me tons of volume (even on those pesky, wispy postpartum hairs), I mean it. I have super thick hair, so the idea of washing it, blow drying it, styling it, and then leaving the house? It’s just not happening. But here’s my hack for this tool: fill your pre-washed hair with dry shampoo and then run this bad boy through it. You’ll still get that blow-out feel, but you won’t be trying to do it while jiggling a baby bouncer with your foot.

An Adorable Hair Claw

Look, postpartum hair is a whole thing. You might have tiny little wispy parts by your temples and you might lose a lot of it in chunks. Maybe you’ll find that the postpartum night sweats have made it greasy, or that it suddenly has some weird wave to it that wasn’t there pre-pregnancy. It’s a whole thing, and that’s why you need some adorable hair accessories. I’m particularly obsessed with the Jenny Lemons Deli Sandwich Hair Claw because of how desperate I was for cold cuts and a non-toasted ultimate sub during my pregnancies. Pay a little homage to the subs you can eat freely now that you’ve had your baby, and also keep your hair out of your face and feeling cute.

A Confident-Boosting Lipstick For You

Yes, lipstick is a postpartum necessity. The REVLON Super Lustrous Lipstick is my daily go-to — I use the Candied Rose color — and I never leave home without it. It’s the perfect shade — not too bright or red, almost a natural pinky color that just gives you a little somethin’ somethin’ — and it’s a creamy lipstick that lasts literally all day long. Swipe it on as you head out because you deserve to feel like the main character, always. A dot on your cheeks also works as a cream blush in a pinch.

A Bottle Of Fast-To-Dry Nail Polish

Nothing makes me feel more pulled together than having my nails painted. I can’t handle sitting in a manicurist chair (or paying for it, to be honest), but I have several bottles of Sally Hansen Insta-Dri Nail Polish stashed all over our house for a super easy way to make myself feel like I have my life together. Whether you were a nail polish girly before kids or not, this is an easy way to feel good and like your old self again when you head out the door. The Sally Hansen nail polish here is super fast-drying, and you can literally swipe it on just before you leave the house to pull a look together or to just give yourself some pretty nails and toes on your first big adventure out with baby.

Remember — every item on this list is not a necessity. But hopefully you’ve found enough confidence through these items to handle any and all of the things you’re worried about when you take baby out for the day.