These Brands Making Period Underwear For Teens Are Serious Game Changers

So many styles, colors, and options.

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Tampons and pads are not cheap, and when you have a teenager who is expensive on their own, dropping a lot of money every month on period protection isn’t ideal. While there’s no getting around the fact that protection is needed, you can save money by investing in a few pairs of reusable period underwear for teens. There are quite a few styles out there, and some of them are actually pretty cute.

The FSA Store says, on average, a person goes through around 240 tampons in a year, which adds up to around $50 annually. This is a lot of money to spend, per teen, on a product that just gets thrown away. Speaking of discarding these products, according to an article in Stanford University’s magazine, every year around 12 billion pads and 7 billion tampons are put in the trash which contributes to the number of plastics in the ocean. Not only that, but the fossil fuel emissions from the production of the plastics in these products are also harmful to the environment. Suffice to say, there are a lot of reasons it’s worth investing in period underwear for teens.

While this product is really catching on for adults, there aren't as many brands that sell period underwear for teens specifically, so they can be tough to find. If you’re on the hunt for some, though, here are a few to check out.

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With a company name like Period., you can assume they know what they’re doing. While the vast majority of options from this brand (which was founded by celebrity stylist Karla Welch and creative director Sasha Markov) are for adults, they do offer a Junior line that includes a bikini style and a boyshort style period panties. Both styles can absorb the equivalent of nine tampons or five pads and can be tossed into the washing machine and tumble dried after each wear. What’s really great about these styles is that they are thin enough to feel like regular underwear but are packed with enough absorbency layers for a heavy flow which means they’re just as comfortable on heavy days as they are on light days.


Thinx (BTWN)

Thinx has been around for a while, but for a long time, the focus was only on women’s period underwear. The brand has expanded, though, and they now offer period underwear for teens under Thinx (BTWN). There are four style options that can be purchased individually or in packs, are available in different patterns, and have the same absorption power as five tampons. All of the styles are made from organic cotton, are tagless, and can be cleaned in the washing machine (but they need to be hang dried). These period panties/shorts are available in youth sizes and are designed for teens 13 years old and up.


PINK By Victoria’s Secret

By now, you’re probably well aware of the PINK brand from Victoria’s Secret, but did you know that they have a whole line of period panties? There are three different styles with different absorbency. The hipster is equivalent to 2 tampons, the thong absorbs as much as 1/2 a regular tampon, and the shortie has the same absorbency as three tampons. All of the styles are breathable, moisture-wicking, and are safe to put into the washer and dryer. It’s worth noting that these are better for older teens because they come in adult sizing (they start at XXS or women’s size 00).


Kt By Knix

Knix is another brand of period underwear that has been around for a while, and their teen brand is called Kt. They offer a variety of styles including boxer briefs, sleepover shorts, boyshorts, and bikini. The best style choice for your teen depends a lot on their period because some styles are designed for super heavy days and others have medium absorbency for lighter days. You can purchase these panties individually or opt for a kit that includes four pairs of underwear, a pair of sleepover shorts, and a reusable pouch for storage. All of the styles are safe for cleaning in the washing machine and should be hang dried.


Ruby Love

Ruby offers two styles of period underwear for teens, hipster and bliss seamless, both of which are available in a variety of fun colors. Both styles are designed to be worn alone on light days or with a pad on heavy days. They all have a pocket for a pad to be slipped in on heavy-flow days, once it’s in there, the pad can’t be seen by anyone (like in the gym locker room) and it will stay in place no matter how much your teen is running around. These panties can be purchased individually or in combo packs including a “first period kit” to give to your teen as a gift.



Teens can choose between hipster or boyshort period underwear styles and from a wide variety of fun patterns and colors at Modibodi. Each style has its own absorbency level, ranging from moderate to super heavy (including 24-hour protection), but no matter their level they are all designed to provide enough protection to be worn alone, not with a pad or tampon. The underwear is made from super breathable cotton that can be washed in the washing machine over and over again. Modibodi gives the option to purchase the panties individually or in bundles with mixed styles and a reusable wet bag.



Joyja offers four different styles of period underwear for teens that are designed to be safely worn on light, moderate, or heavy flow days. Regardless of the style, each panty is made with four layers of protection to not only absorb leakage but to also wick away moisture and minimize odors. After each wear, this underwear can be washed in the washing machine and hung to dry. These period panties are available in a variety of fun patterns (like this one) and can be purchased individually or in discounted bundles. One note: this underwear can run small, so if your teen is between sizes opt for the larger one.

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