How To Throw A Puppy-Themed Birthday Party

Props if you get actual puppies to come.

How To Throw An Epic Kids Birthday Party
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If your child loves dogs, has a closet full of stuffed canines, and has read every picture book starring a puppy (there are so many), this is the option for you. Search Pinterest and you’ll find a million and one ideas for a puppy birthday party — it’s gotten supremely popular in recent years. You’ll have plenty of options for adorable fun (like serving food in dog bowls, making cookies in the shape of dog bones, and puppy face-painting), but everyone’s favorite part is the “adopt a puppy” activity. (More on that, below!)

Andi Teggart, DIY blogger of Lucky Andi, tells Romper that this was one of her favorite parties to throw for her daughters. “For our joint Puppy Party, kids got to make dog collars using pipe cleaner and beads, plus decorate their puppy adoption certificates with markers and stickers,” she shares. Teggart also suggested to guests that instead of bringing a gift, they could make a donation to a local animal shelter. How sweet is that?

And it goes without saying, but I’ll say it anyway: puppy parties with actual puppies? Totally a thing. Research in your area to see if any rescue groups will bring puppies to your child’s birthday party so that everyone can snuggle some sweet pup fur and get all the puppy-breath kisses. From sweet invitations to perfect puppy party decor, everything you need to throw a puppy birthday party is here.

Puppy Birthday Party Invitations

I mean, everything is cuter with a bunch of puppies included, right? You can go super elaborate and have invitations made with the actual likeness of your own puppies, or you can go with simple fill-in-the-blank options that your child can even complete themselves.

Puppy Birthday Party Decorations

There is no shortage of absolutely adorable puppy party decor. You can find tons of printables, but these ready-made cake toppers and garlands are just so cute. And the dog house-shaped plates? Perfection.

Puppy Birthday Party Favors & Activities

As mentioned above, the “adopt a puppy” part of a puppy birthday party is everyone’s favorite part. A typical group activity for a birthday party is to have different stuffed puppies available for kids to choose their favorite, and then throw in a craft. (Check your local thrift stores for inexpensive dog and puppy stuffies, or you could even have guests bring their favorite puppy toy as a “guest” for the craft.)

Like Teggart’s puppy party, you can offer a craft like making collars out of pipe cleaners and art supplies, or you can have them fill out birth certificates and do a “formal” adoption of a stuffed puppy. There are also plenty of fun stickers, bubbles, and other puppy-themed party favors every kid would be delighted to get. (And parents won’t mind too much.)

Puppy Birthday Party Cake & Treats

Most bakeries are prepared to create a birthday cake shaped like a puppy, but you could also try making your own puppy birthday cake with some fun tutorials like this adorable Goldendoodle Cake from Betty Crocker or this super easy Puppy Dog Cake Recipe from Taste of Home. But if you really want to make a dessert table that’s worthy of an Instagram grid post, these cake pops, cookies, and “pup” cakes are a great place to start.

Puppy Birthday Party Outfits & Shirts

I mean, the really great thing about getting a shirt covered in puppies is that your kids can wear it over and over (and probably will). A cute dress or a personalized tee, it doesn’t matter — your kid’s going to be on-theme and looking totally adorable for their puppy birthday party.

No matter how hard or simple you go, a puppy birthday party is pretty hard to beat. There are so many fun pieces to put together so your kids can live out their dreams of all puppies, all the time.