These 18 Smell-Proof Backpacks Are The Best Back-To-School Decision You've Made

They’re honestly like miracle workers.

If you’ve ever dropped a tween off for basketball then offered to carry their backpack post-game to the car, you know eau de puberty is more powerful than the bonds of most canvas and industrial zipper technology. Sneakers, soggy sandwiches, day old science projects... all of the above can make your child’s backpack a petri dish of freaky fragrances.

Fortunately, smart engineers and designers have heard parents cry for better backpack sniff protection and developed smell-proof backpacks. Yes, these products promise to diminish the aromas that might emit from the folds of your kid’s satchel. Available in a host of shapes and sizes, even the most critical eye can find a smell-proof bag they’ll love. And parents will love them even more for containing whatever that appalling odor is that suddenly invades the house each time your child returns home from school. Dear god, what is that?!

Yes, you might have to pay a little more for the privilege of breathing fresh non-contaminated air, but it’s worth it, right? While you work on teaching your child better hygiene, you can spare them side-eyes and pinched noses from other classmates and teachers and help them clean up their act, so to speak.

Smell Proof Backpacks

For a traditionally sized smell proof backpacks, there are many options. Depending on the design you’re looking for, you can find one here.

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Sling Smell Proof Backpacks

If your kid likes a one strap situation, good news, there are smell-proof bags for that too.

Mini Smell Proof Backpacks

Have a little one who needs a smell-proof backpack? The good news is, they come in mini!

With one of these backpacks on, your child can head on to the bus feeling confident their tuna sandwich won’t distract from their studies.