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These Baby Girl Names Have Total Summer Vibes

Perfect for your beach babe to-be.

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If your little one is due during the months of June, July, or August (or even May or September), then you might want to give them a name inspired by the season of their birthday. These summer baby girl names feel and sound just as sunny, bright, and happy as the month they were born in does. Summer is all about days spent at the beach or pool, beautiful sunsets, warm temperatures, colorful hues everywhere, and lots of fresh flowers and nature-centric activities. Why wouldn’t you want to name your child after something as hopeful and energetic as summer?

Of course, you don’t have to have a summer baby in order to give them a summer baby girl name. Even little ones born in the fall or winter would be a great fit for these names. They all either just sound like the season, or their meanings align with something summery. Some of the below names mean things like “ocean” or “sun,” and others feel inspired by nature and flowers. They’re all sweet and happy, so you really can’t go wrong with any one of them. These summer baby girl names that might became your new favorites too.



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If you’re familiar with poppy flowers, then you know that this name automatically gives off the vibe of bright and playful. Red poppy flowers are so colorful and they tend to bloom in the spring and summer, so this name really fits. The name is also both spunky and adorable.



Another fun floral name is Daisy. This feminine name is not only the name of a beautiful flower, but it also comes from an Old English word meaning “day’s eye.” Daisy flowers, known for being colorful, bloom in the late spring, making this an even better option.



This unique name is the feminine version of the name Aelius, and the Latin origin means “sun.” Think of this as kind of a contemporary version of Ella. It’s different and sounds beautiful, and the meaning just makes it perfect for a summer baby.



The name June obviously comes from the summer month (the first summer month!), but it also has a Latin origin that means “young.” June has a little bit of an old-fashioned feel to it, but it’s still so cute and really fits the vibe here.




Lavender is one of those super feminine names that just feels delicate and sweet. It comes from the purple flower of the same name, which also tends to bloom in the summer (or sometimes the spring). Also, if this name makes you think of Harry Potter (Lavender Brown, anyone?), then that’s just a plus.



Another unique option is Leonora. The name has Greek origins and means “light” and “compassion,” which feels right for the summer, when there’s so much light everywhere. It also has the cutest nickname option — you can call her Nora for short.



How does the name Pearl have a connection to summer? Pearls are found oysters, which are found in the ocean. That’s not too much of a stretch! Pearl means a precious gemstone, and isn’t that exactly what your baby girl is?



You can always go really literal with the theme and choose the name Summer. This one really doesn’t require much of an explanation. The name is cute, fun, and unique, and kind of reminds us of a Barbie doll, but in a good way. And, of course, it honors the season she was born in.



If you want to go the unique route, opt for Mirri. It sounds so adorable and quirky, and it means “the sun,” which is perfect for a summertime baby. This is one you probably won’t have to worry about any other kids having.



Think of the smell of jasmine in bloom — it’s close to perfection. Jasmine blooms in the summer and is just one of those flowers that looks and smells gorgeous, so of course, it makes a lovely name. And aside from the floral stuff, this name is of Persian origin, and means “gift from God.” It doesn’t get much sweeter than that.




Think of the pure blue skies that seem to happen all the time during the summer — doesn’t the name Skye remind you of those? This gender-neutral name has a breezy feel to it and has Scottish origins. It means “island of clouds,” which just sounds so peaceful.



Alina can have a few meanings that align well with summer. The name means “light,” but it can also mean “bright” and “beautiful.” Since the summer season is all about brightness and light, this name feels like a great fit. And Alina is a beautiful name that feels modern and unique.



Coral might be a form of sea life found in an ocean reef, but it also makes for a great name for a girl, especially one born to parents who love the ocean. Coral is fun and playful, but also feminine and different, and it brings to mind a day at the beach.



Isla has two origins: it’s derived from the Scottish word that means “island” and it’s also the Spanish word for “island.” Isla is a gorgeous name that feels very feminine, light, and pretty, and the fact that it means island just gives off some summery, tropical vibes.



Out of all of the flower-inspired names out there, Marigold is definitely one of the more unique options. It brings to mind the bright golden flower of the same name and feels just as sunny as that flower is. It sounds so pretty, and it also has so many fun nickname options.



If you like the idea of naming your little one after a summer month, but you don’t really want to go that route, then opt for Mae. Another way of spelling “May,” this is a great pick: May might be spring, but it basically delivers some of the first days of summer weather, so it still kind of counts. Mae has an old-fashioned ring to it, in a good way, and it’s so simple and lovely.



The name Iris comes directly from the Greek word for rainbow. According to Greek mythology, Iris was the name of the goddess of the rainbow. The bright hues of rainbows feel summery and fun and playful, making this a perfect baby name. Iris is also the name of a flower that blooms in the spring and summer, so this one is a good fit on every level.



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The name Violet comes from an English name with Latin origins that means purple, and of course, it’s also the name of a flower (although it’s worth noting this one doesn’t bloom in the summer). Violet is a really sweet option that has a little personality on its own.



If you’re a ‘90s baby, then you might remember Blossom the TV show—remember those floral hats?! This name definitely evokes that time period, but it’s just a cute name for a girl. Blossom has British origins and means flower-like, making it a lovely name for a season that is full of fresh flowers.



Rosemary is such a beautiful and underrated name. While the delicious smelling (and tasting) herb might be the first thing to come to mind, Rosemary actually has Latin origins and means “dew of the sea.” It’s just right for a summer baby and is so delicate and sweet. It also has cute nicknames: Rose and Rosie to name the most popular.



If you’ve ever been to the south of Italy in the summer, then you know it’s stunning enough to name all of your children after it. The island of Capri is particularly beautiful and also happens to make a spunky and cute name. While Capri is actually pronounced “kuh-pree,” you can pronounce the name as “CAH-pree” if you want.



Okay, yes, the name Meadow might make you think of The Sopranos, but isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Meadow is such a sweet name and it’s not that commonly heard. It has American origins and means “grass,” which feels right for the summertime.



The name Basil is definitely different, but there’s something so fun and unique about it. Of course, it will probably make you think of the herb that grows the most in the summer, with its delicious smell and even better flavor. Basil is one of those names a celebrity might pick for their kids, but it’s so adorable that there’s really nothing bad to say about it.

These summery names are perfect for the baby who is born during the summer, but honestly, they work for any baby born at any time of the year. Sweet, fun, and playful, these bring to mind the best parts of the season, and are perfect for your little one.

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