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The Whole Family Will Love Lounging On These Pool Floats

Keep calm and float on.

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One of the best things about having a pool (besides automatically having a cool backyard) is being able to lounge on a pool float whenever you want to. There are tons of fun accessories you can buy for your pool, whether you have an above-ground or in-ground, but pool floats have to be one of the most fun. They’re incredibly simple to use (just blow them up or deflate them whenever necessary), they’re easy to store when not in use, and they’re so versatile. The best pool floats can be the perfect hangout spot when you just want to relax and enjoy some sun, but they can also make a really fun toy for kids (and, let’s face it, adults as well).

The other fun thing about the best pool floats is all of the options available out there. You can go for something simple and classic, like your basic O-shaped float that would work for everyone, or you can buy something more elaborate and exciting, like a float shaped like a Cozy Coupe or a mini yacht (yes, they exist, and yes, they are just as cool as they sound). You can even get a large float for your entire family, which is especially great to take out on a lake. Floats are a great option for babies who haven’t quite learned how to swim yet, and they can also be fun for kids to play with and hang out on (just always be sure you’re supervising babies and kids around pool floats when swimming — little ones can get trapped underneath them and they can turn into a drowning hazard. Floats are not a life-saving device).

Below is a collection of the best pool floats out there for every age group. Happy summer!

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Best Pool Floats For Babies

Floats can be a great way to keep baby safe and comfortable in a pool when they haven’t yet learned how to swim on their own. For young babies under a year old, opt for something super supportive with straps that keep them in one place — a float with a sun shade is ideal to keep their sensitive skin out of the hot sun.

Pool Floats For Kids

Pool floats are a great way to keep kids occupied in the pool. There are so many fun options, too, like floats that come with accessories like water guns built right in. The giant animal-shaped floats, like a duck or unicorn, are always a hit. There are even floats that can be used as sprinklers when not in the pool. Whatever you choose, your kids are guaranteed to love them.

Best Relaxing Pool Floats For Adults

A pool float actually makes the perfect floating bed whenever you have some time to yourself. Just slather on the sunscreen, put on some music, and lie back and close your eyes for the ultimate relaxation time. You can get a fancy pool float that comes with an attached caddy to hold your drink, or you can keep it simple with a bed or even just a ring float. There’s really no going wrong here.

Best Silly Pool Floats For Adults

Planning to use your pool float as the perfect backdrop for an Instagram photo (don’t worry, I don’t judge)? You’ll want something silly, fun, luxurious, and completely photogenic. Luckily, there’s a big market for these, so you’ll find them everywhere, and you can choose between basically anything: think giant fake wine bottles, huge unicorns, and clear red lips that look like a retro couch.

Best Pool Floats For Groups

A large pool or a day spent at the lake or on the bay (please be careful!) is basically calling for a huge pool float big enough to fit two, three, or even six people. You can get your whole family on there, or you can get some friends together and just live it up. Options include two-person floats shaped like cat-eye sunglasses or a heart, or eight-person floats that feel like an inflatable boat.

Whether you go the simple and classic route or the fun and outrageous route, you really can’t go wrong with a pool float. And remember: these are so great to take on a beach vacation as well. As long as you take the proper care of them, they’ll last for years!

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