The Little Tikes Cozy Coupe Pool Float Is Pure Nostalgia

Watch your kiddo zip and zoom across the pool in this iconic float.

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The classic bright red and yellow Little Tikes Cozy Coupe that your toddler loves to race around the driveway can now be their new favorite pool toy.

The makers of the original Cozy Coupe toy car you know and love, Little Tikes, have joined forces with the Miami-based inflatable pool float company PoolCandy to release the first-ever inflatable version of this family-favorite toy. The float retails for about $25 online and in stores at Leslie’s Pool Supply, so you can grab one for your tot the next time you need to stock up on filters and cleaning supplies for your pool.

Just like the original Cozy Coupe car, this float has the same friendly face on the front with googly eyes and a smiling grin grill. The steering wheel actually moves and beeps, so your little one will feel just like they’re cruising around in their foot-propelled cozy couple, but instead they’re floating effortlessly around the pool. (Or, kicking their legs wildly like little boat propellers.)

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Since there’s really no need for actual tires in the pool, you’ll find four faux wheels printed on the sides of the Cozy Coupe float. As a bonus, the stubbed-toes that stubborn shoe-refusing toddlers tend to get in the original coupe will be much less of an issue in the water. (Unless you’re in the shallow end, of course.)

This adorable float is best suited for kids ages 1 to 3. Although it isn’t intended to be used without adult supervision, it has two leg holes to help keep kiddos upright instead of toppling over on a flat surface like some other floats on the market.

The yellow canopy top provides plenty of shade to keep your child covered and comfortable on hot summer days. Of course, you’ll still want to keep the sunscreen handy, but having a bit of extra shade for a little kid during those long pool days won’t hurt.

Personally, I need an adult version of this iconic float so that I can feel like a little kid again — only instead of racing around my grandma’s cul-de-sac, I’m racing my husband around our backyard pool. Perhaps after we get the kid’s covered with fun floats, PoolCandy’s motorized pool floats could be our next summer buy. You know, so that we don’t feel left out while our kids tool around in their Cozy Coupes.

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