This Motorized Pool Float Means You'll Never Have To Paddle Again

All winter long, I yearn for those dog days of summer where I can relax on a pool float, a cool drink in my hand, without a care in the world. Even here in Texas, I'm a few months away from this endeavor, but a motorized pool float might be just what I need to enhance my pool-going experience this summer. Thanks to pool float company PoolCandy and their Tube Runner motorized pool tube, I just might get my wish.

"Why would a pool float need a motor?" you might wonder. The top reason in my mind would be to prevent me from having to put my book down and get my hands wet to paddle my float to the edge of the pool when I need to get out and grab a refill of my beverage. Aside from assisting me with this obviously important task, I can also see families using these motorized tubes for epic bumper boat style battles and races back and forth across the pool.

Tube Runner's three-blade propeller works to drive the tube across the water, which could come in handy on your next lake trip. If your kids are making too many waves or splashing you relentlessly while you try to lounge, you can use your Tube Runner to travel out into a lake away from the commotion with ease. No more tired arms from paddling and paddling just to yield even more unwanted splashes.

Each Tube Runner retails for $160 on the PoolCandy wesbite, making it considerably more expensive than a motor-less inner tube. But this is clearly an investment in your family's summer fun that will serve you well if you enjoy the benefits of not having to wear your arms out from paddling your tube.

A joystick controller at the front of the Tube Runner controls the propeller (encased in a protective grill for safety) and 66-watt motor. The controller's 360-degree movement allows you to spin the float and move in any direction. This sounds like an invitation for your kids to hop on and spin in circles as fast as they can — but it also sounds like an absolute blast. Who doesn't want to spin around and around on top of the water as fast as the Tube Runner's motor will take you?

Each Tube Runner can hold up to 250 pounds. The float measures 48 inches in diameter, so although they might be extra appealing to kids who want to play bumper boats, adults can comfortably join in on the fun and race in them as well. Their large size also makes them an excellent choice for parents who just want to lounge — and the built-in drink holder fully supports this usage.

If you prefer a motorized pool float that offers a little more space to stretch out on, PoolCandy also offers the Splash Runner 2.0 Motorized Pool Lounger. Retailing for $230, this pool float is designed to offer pool-goers a comfortable place to lounge with arm rests, back and leg support, cup holders, and a battery-powered motor to get you from place to place when you want to relocate.

Whether you want a motorized float so that your family can enjoy epic water wars or you just want to up your relaxation game, PoolCandy's motorized floats can help your family achieve maximum levels of pool fun this summer.