These 14 Photos Of Moms Breastfeeding Multiples Will Make Your Heart Double In Size

Fact: Moms are superheroes.

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Giving birth to multiples means you need more of everything. More clothes, more baby furniture, more hands, and more milk to keep them growing. But these photos of moms tandem breastfeeding multiple children show that needing more can be one of the most beautiful things to ever happen to you, even if it does bring some challenges.

Figuring out how to breastfeed is difficult even with one baby, so it's a whole different ball game if you have two or more little ones at once. You have to figure out which positions will allow you to feed two kids with ease. Supply might be a concern. And it behooves you to get your babies on the same feeding schedule, which can be particularly hard if you don't feed them at the same time from the start.

But those obstacles don't make the experience any less rewarding. In fact, overcoming the logistics (which can be complicated) of nursing multiple children can make the experience even more worthwhile. And your babies benefit, too, because your milk revs up its superpowers when it senses someone is sick. "If Mom or baby is sick, Mom’s body is going to respond and make new antibodies based on whatever illness they might be dealing with,” Sarah Bordewyk, RN, IBCLC, lactation consultant with Park Nicollet Methodist Hospital in St. Louis Park, Minnesota, told Romper in a previous article.

Breastfeeding is powerful, and these photos simply highlight the beauty multiples bring to it.

1. Snuggle Sesh

Mom is on double duty here, tandem breastfeeding her twins and giving them a good snuggle at the same time. The camera captures the family from above. Mom lies on a bed, with her children resting on top of her and her arms wrapped around them. Both twins nurse, holding their hands on mom's chest. Photo courtesy of Jennifer Mancuso.

2. Happy Heart

This momma looks thrilled to feed her twins, laughing as they nurse. Taken by Belle Verdiglione, mom sits near a lake, and her twins sit in her lap in matching dresses and hair bows. Mom looks off camera as she giggles, and the twins press close to her.

3. Their Close Up

Twins take front and center in this photo by Quinn Moss. Their mom cradles them while they nurse. One has their eyes closed, while the other looks up. Mom looks down at them, her mouth in a slight smile. They are defined by their togetherness.

4. Just A Peek

Mom keeps her babies close to her in this photo captured by Red Poppy Photography. The photographer stands over them, showing the twins from above. Both babies nurse, but they're pressed close to one another, with one twin resting on the other. The little one on mom's right looks up at the camera, seeming to look right at the viewer.

5. First Time

Kayla Grey of Austin Birth Photos snapped this shot of a set of twins tandem breastfeeding soon after birth. They're still in the hospital, with the babies wrapped in blankets and wearing matching hats. Mom has her hospital blanket pulled down below her breasts, allowing the children to nurse. Their little eyes are closed, and it's a new experience for Mama and her babies.

6. Yes, Yes

This mom of multiples throws her head back in joy as she nurses her newborns. Captured by Michelle McKay, you see mom in profile, sitting on a couch with her twins on a nursing pillow. She holds the twins' heads to support them.

7. I Spy

There are three babies in this photo, though you might not see the third at first glance. This mom of triplets holds two of her tiny infants to her chest as they nurse. Their sibling lies in her lap, waiting their turn. Mom looks directly at the camera, almost glowing with love for her three. Taken by Jade Beall Photography.

8. Ocean Side

Mom looks regal as she nurses her twins in this shot by Ileana Sarai. Sitting on a waterfront in a white dress, mom holds her twins to her chest with her dress unbuttoned. The twins latch, and mom's hair blows back in the wind as she looks towards the view.

9. We Did It

Elis Freitas caught the first time this mom nursed her twins, just after their c-section birth. Mom lies on the operating table, and you can still see the procedure drape covering her. Members of the birthing team press the twins to Mom's chest, helping them to nurse. Mom smiles with her eyes closed, enjoying her first skin to skin contact with her children.

10. Quality Time

Mom appears totally serene as she nurses her 1-year-old twins in this photo taken by Rachel Renee Photographie Co. She sits on a couch, and they lean towards her chest, looking adorable in matching hairbands. Mom has her eyes turned towards the babies, and her arms hold the them steady.

11. Bath Time

This mom makes tandem nursing seem like a breeze, wearing a relaxed face with her twins on her chest. Mom holds the twins to her, keeping them steady with back support. They're latched onto her, and one baby looks up at the camera. Mom has her head leaned back on the rim of the tub, and she closes her eyes. They look completely at ease. Photo by Blackcherry Photography.

12. Cuddle O'Clock

One of three triplets waits patiently while theirs siblings nurse in this photo by Baby Monster Photography. Mom holds two of her children to her chest as they nurse, and one of them gently places a hand on her. The third baby is wedged between her siblings, smiling outwards towards the camera. The little one's sweet face highlights the happiness they all share.

13. Easy Morning

Mom and her twins enjoy a slow morning together in this photo, courtesy of Jennifer Mancuso. She looks totally chill, sitting in a porch chair, resting her babies on her lap. The little ones latch onto her and rest their hands in identical positions on her chest, right arms raised. Mom sips from a mug and looks off camera.

14. Kiss Kiss

Jill Keech's photo of a mom tandem feeding her children bursts with joy and love. Mom sits nude and crosslegged on a bed, holding her naked babies in her lap. The child in the right of the frame nurses, while her other little one looks towards the camera. Mom presses a kiss to their head, closing her eyes in happiness.

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