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27 Supportive Texts To Send A Friend Who Is Weaning

The decision to stop breastfeeding isn’t always an easy one, but these texts will make a weaning mom feel like she made the right choice.

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It’s one thing to make the decision to breastfeed your baby, but making the same choice to stop nursing is an entirely different animal. Because even if things are, well, flowing, there comes a time when feeding your child from your breasts must come to an end. So if someone close to you has decided it’s time to take a permanent break from breastfeeding, these are things to text a friend who is weaning.

Making the choice to stop nursing can be for any number of reasons. It might be because pumping can be painful, a work (or life) schedule makes nursing a challenge, or you just want your body back — all of which are legit reasons to quit. Still, the choice to stop nursing can be equally as emotional as it is a relief in some instances. And even if it might not seem like something you’d have to specifically send a text for, chances are, if your friend has decided to wean, there’s probably a good reason why, and it might take some time to come to terms with it.

That’s when you have to show some support for your friend with a quick text. If you’re struggling with what to say, here are some supportive (ha) texts that will help weaning less wistful… and help her focus on the future, and new bonding moments with her babe. And these quick texts will show her you’re thinking about her, her child — and her boobs.

Supportive Weaning Texts

Yay, now we can go new bra shopping!

Even if you feel sad about stopping, I’m sure you’ll find new and fun ways to bond with your baby that don’t involve your boobs.

How are you (and your boobs) feeling today?

I’m here if you want to talk about it.

You and your boobs need a break. Congrats for all that you’ve done for your baby.

Funny Weaning Texts

Woot, mommy milkers no more!

Need me to help you burn your nursing bras?

You’ll finally get to wear bras that don’t drop down — at least, not for nursing.

At least you won’t be spraying during sex anymore, from the waist up, I mean.

No more pumping and dumping for you!

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“Been There, Done That” Weaning Texts

You’re going to love not being leaky anymore.

You might miss breastfeeding… just the way that you missed your period while you were pregnant. (Not.)

No more leaky nights.

It’s going to feel good to get your boobs back. Trust me.

Weaning is a lot more emotional than people might think. Let me know if you want to talk.

It’s definitely hard to make the decision to stop nursing, but you’re doing the right thing.

Sympathetic Weaning Texts

I’m sure you feel torn. I had mixed feelings when I stopped nursing, too.

You’ve done such a good job nursing up until now.

You’ve given your baby the best start possible.

I saw some tips on how to wean. I can send them along if/when you want them.

I know it can be emotional to stop breastfeeding. I’m here for you.

Just think of it this way; you’ll be able to drink again.

Bravo to your dedication to breastfeeding your baby.

You should be proud of how far you’ve come in your breastfeeding journey.

Kudos for knowing when it’s time to wean.

Your baby will do great with formula/baby food/cow’s milk.

Breastfeeding isn’t easy. Good for you for getting this far.

There are so many parenting milestones, and weaning your baby is one of them. It’s a bittersweet one for sure, so take some time to text your friend to let her know that you support her decision. That way, she won’t focus on what she’s giving up, but what she and her baby will gain from weaning, which is a little more freedom, independence, and (ironically enough) increased bonding, too.

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