The Best Humidifiers For Babies That You Can Get At Walmart

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by Rebecca Hastings

Keeping your little one sleeping comfortably through the night is every parent's dream come true, and equipping your nursery with one of the best humidifiers for babies is a key to making this dream a reality. Why's that? The trusty devices add moisture to the air, which contributes to a more humid, comfortable sleeping environment by creating ideal breathing conditions, soothing colds, and aiding dry skin — especially in more frigid climates.

“Cool steam humidifiers are good for infants and young children, especially during the winter months when the air is dry,” says Dr. Marietta Vazquez, a pediatrician in New Haven, Conn. Vazquez also notes that while humidified air is beneficial for all babies, it can be especially helpful when babies have the sniffles.

“When babies have the common cold, it may help alleviate congestion," she says. As for finding the best humidifier for your baby's space, Vazquez tells parents to avoid warm-steam models, as they are more prone to contamination by mold and fungi.

To keep your baby breathing easy, here are nine great cool-steam humidifiers that are available on Keep scrolling to discover a range of options that offer all sorts of helpful features, including built-in diffusers, night-light functions, and auto shut-off functions.


Best For Most Rooms

A household name in health aids, this humidifier from Vicks is the perfect choice for medium-size rooms. The cool mist, variable control, and 1.2 gallon tank from the brand often recommended by pediatricians is one of the best overall humidifiers you can find for your baby.


The Smartly Designed 3-In-1 Model

This Fridababy humidifier offers great features in one simple-to-use package. With 12 hours of run time, auto shut-off, the ability to add essential oils, and a night-light with a variety of color options, this humidifier has parent's most frequently requested features wrapped up in one sleek package.


The Humidifier & Purifier Combo

If you’re worried about more than just moisture, this model from Dyson will keep the air in your baby's room humid and super-clean. The humidifying fan helps purify the air and cool the room while adding moisture; plus, it removes 99.97% of allergens and pollutants so your baby (and you) can breathe easy.


A Great Option For Medium-To-Large Rooms

Honeywell makes one of the best humidifiers for baby rooms that are on the larger side. With a removable tank and 36-hour run time, this humidifier is a great way to add moisture to larger spaces without a large price tag.


A Quiet Humidifier At A Great Price

Dealing with a light sleeper? If so, this quiet humidifier could be your go-to. The ultrasonic design helps maintain a quiet environment while still adding the perfect amount of moisture to the air. One of the few humidifiers we found with two 360-degree swivel nozzles that can be adjusted independently, this humidifier offers great customization to humidify the whole room or target certain areas — an ideal feature when your baby has a cold.


A Minimalist Humidifier & Diffuser Combo

This 3-in-1 machine is as functional as it is beautiful. The simple, minimalist design helps this humidifier do its job while contributing a modern minimalist aesthetic to your home. It's also essential-oil compatible, and the color-changing mood light adds a soft glow that's perfect for little ones.


A Solid Humidifier At A Reasonable Price

If you’re looking for simple and economical, this Safety 1st humidifier is a great choice for your baby. With a tank that lasts up to 36 hours, your little one will be breathing through the night and nap time alike. The variable output offers a great way to customize the air in your room, plus it’s easy to clean and easy to carry. All that’s left to decide is whether you want it in blue or pink!


An Easy-To-Program Option

For those looking for a device with all the bells and whistles, this Babymoov humidifier is just what you need. With a backlit digital display and programmable humidity control, you have so many options to keep your baby’s room comfortable. Plus, it has a modern design, timer, night-light, and diffuser. With so many options, you’ll find the perfect setting for your space.


An Affordable Humidifier With A Nursery-Friendly Design

Why not turn shopping for a nursery essential into an opportunity to add some fun and whimsy to your baby’s room? Featuring a night-light, continuous or intermittent spray options, and an adorable design, this unique cat and fish model will up the cuteness factor of any nursery setup.

No matter which humidifier you choose, you are well on your way to better sleep, softer skin, and bright-eyed baby smiles.