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These Mesh Postpartum Underwear Options Are Comfy AND Reusable

The opposite of shapewear.

Future moms, psst. Lean in close, I have something to tell you. Are you writing this down? Ok. Here goes: Mesh panties are your friend. I know the words mesh and panties might seem like a horrific marriage from the likes of Nike and Victoria Secret, but we’re not talking about a basketball jersey fabric situation here. What mesh panties are is a soft place to land after the trauma of childbirth. Enormously stretchy, but with a gentle grip, they’re just what your body needs and second to stealing as many as you can from the hospital, you’re going to want to stock up on washable postpartum mesh underwear options for when you get home.

Are these indescribably unattractive panties really necessary? Friend, yes. Whether you deliver vaginally or by C-Section, your bod is about to undergo a serious ordeal and you’re going to hurt afterward. Now imagine taking your bruised body and squeezing it into your regular underwear? Hard no. Instead, be gentle with yourself and ease back into life wearing mesh undies that are more forgiving than most saints. When your incisions hurt and your stitches are tender, these are the special underwear you’re going to reach for and you’ll want a bunch because, real talk, you’re going to need to wash them a lot.

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Nearly identical to the briefs you'll be given at the hospital, these undies from Amazon have the same give and structure, which means optimum comfort.


The New Little Black Dress

Not feeling the white medical look of most mesh underwear? Opt for these black ones. You can chuck them after each use or throw them in the wash and reuse them.


Stretch It Out

This picture alone is reason enough to buy these Frida Mom undies. And while they are disposable, you can wash these micro fiber cotton underwear and wear them again as you prefer.


Postpartum Boy Shorts

A step up from the maternity ward brand, these Bodily Mesh Undies are one-size-fits all, and come in a boy short cut. Plus, they can easily fit a large maxi pad which, I hate to break it to you, you'll likely need.


Loose Fit

Not interested in having the feel of fabric clinging to your legs? Then try these Cardinal Wings Knit Pants. More like a feather-light gym short, they won't cling.


C-Section Approved

For mamas who are recovering from stomach incisions, the idea of a waistband hitting their belly can be shiver-inducing. Spare yourself the agony with mesh underwear designed just for you. While disposable, these can be washed on the delicate cycle.


Breathable Choice

Healing wounds require oxygen, which is why wearing mesh underwear is so important. This brand claims to be especially breathable.


Gentle Touch

When you're still tender post-delivery, any harsh fabric can feel like nails on your body. That's why this Mother Mother 5-pack is so appealing. They're made of super soft weave so you know you'll be extra comfortable.


Light Mesh, Please

If you want your mesh to mimic a basketball hoop, here's your dream come true. This super loose weave offers all the breeze you need.

Ready to shimmy into a pair? You will be. Trust me, your body will thank you.