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Here Are 12 Ways To Clear Your Baby's Stuffy Nose, According To Experts

When they can't breathe, you can't sleep.

Parenting comes with its fair share of helpless moments, but I’ve never felt as wholly unprepared to be a mom as when my son got his first stuffy nose. Those tiny little nostrils were all clogged up and there was little I could do about it but fuss at him with Kleenex and hope he’d sneeze it out eventually... until I realized there are about a dozen different remedies I could and would eventually use on the regular. These12 products and strategies to help clear baby's stuffy nose (that I wish I’d known about 5 years ago) will save parents (and babies) many a sleepless night.

"Babies frequently have a stuffy or congested nose, and this can be concerning to a parent" Dr. Dane Snyder, a primary care physician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, tells Romper. "But, having a stuffy nose is extremely common and usually isn’t a sign of anything dangerous. Using saline drops in the nose (one side at a time) and then a device such as a bulb syringe can help." This can be especially beneficial, Dr. Snyder says, if done prior to feeding. "The baby may have an easier time eating and breathing through the nose. If your baby is having other symptoms, such as a fever, you should contact your child’s primary care provider. For urgent symptoms such difficulty or rapid breathing, or not feeding, you should seek medical care immediately."

If it's not an emergency, keep in mind, we’re dealing with mucus here. Your poor helpless babe has nary the motor nor language skills to handle this legit sticky situation. Which means it's all up to you. Up to you to run to CVS or place a swift order online for the following products that I recommend, which is why I say go ahead and do that now. Get them all out of the way before a nasty cold has you panicking that your child will suffer from snot-induced asphyxiation. Is that even a real thing? Sources say no. Was I totally convinced this was inevitable? Yes, dear reader, I was. Don’t be me.


Drop It Like It's Snot

These Little Remedies Saline Spray Drops became a part of my snot arsenal very soon after I had my son and here’s why. They’re designed for tiny noses and have pediatrician approval. They’re also fairly easy to use. You simply drop them into your babe’s nose to flush the gunk away. Will there be tears? Probably. But what’s new?


Suck It Up, Mama

Here at Romper, we’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: The Nose Frida is a must have item for all parents. Basically it gives you a tool other than your finger to get junk out of your child’s nose and it’s so easy to use you’ll wonder why you didn’t think of it.


Get Humid

Dry air can make kids get stuffed up. By adding moisture to the air, it can help decrease congestion. So investing in a humidifier is an easy solution. Do keep in mind that cool mist is recommended for baby rooms to avoid any hot parts that could injure a child.


Head into the Shower

Juan Bautista Ruiz Páramo / EyeEm/EyeEm/Getty Images

I’m a big proponent of taking baby into the shower with you. So long as the water isn’t too hot, a nice steamy shower with your babe in your arms can help open up their nasal passages and let some of that nasty mucus out.


Breast milk to the nose

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According to naturopathic pediatricians, putting some breast milk in a baby’s nose can work the same as saline. They claim its antiviral components can also combat viruses directly. Worth a shot.


Clean Your House

A good vacuum can work wonders in eliminating congestion, especially if you live with pets. Removing dander, dirt, and changing air filters should be one of the first steps to prevent stuffy noses.


Deploy the Essential Booger Picker Tool

Another genius invention from Frida Baby, this little pocket knife for boogers has three tools to help you gently and safely remove tough mucus. Even better? It doubles as a gunk getter for nails and ears as well.


Enter the Mist

Not down with saline drops? Try a mist. The aptly titled Boogie Mist blows saline vapor into a child’s nose to help moisturize and relieve irritation.


Yank It Out

Like Frida’s three-in-one tool, this oogiebear option provides similar strategies for relieving baby sinus pain. Plus it comes with two cute little bear heads on either end to distract your stuffed-up kiddo.


C+ Spray

Another mister, Zarbee's Naturals Soothing Saline Nasal Mist is loaded with Vitamin C to, with any luck, fend off future bugs.


It's Electric!

An electric suction, this aspirator takes the hard work out of your hands to alleviate sinus pressure quickly in babies. Sure, you could use your own lung power with Frida Baby, but if you're suffering from a cold yourself, this tool might be just the trick you need.


Skin Soother

Nothing is worse than the side effects of constantly trying to eliminate a baby’s stuffing nose; namely, red irritated skin. Oogiebear Nosebalm provides moisture to heal skin fast.

Listen, stuffed up noses are inevitable whether you're three months or 33-year-old. So take a deep breath, pull out some of these tricks and tools, and your baby will be sniffing and laughing clearly again in no time.


Dr. Dane Snyder, primary care physician at Nationwide Children’s Hospital,