Republican Rep. Lauren Boebert Says Kids Are Cheaper Than Birth Control & LOL, No Ma'am

by Jen McGuire

“I said, 'It's cheaper to have a kid,' and I left it there. And now I have my third son.”


Florida School Bans Amanda Gorman's Inaugural Poem After One Parent Complained

by Jamie Kenney

The poet says she is “gutted” after young readers at a Miami-Dade grade school were effectively restricted from accessing her historic work.


Surgeon General Warns Social Media Can Have “Profound Risk Of Harm” To Kids’ Mental Health

by Jen McGuire

“We are in the middle of a national youth mental health crisis, and I am concerned that social media is an important driver of that crisis — one that we must urgently address.”


The Joy Of The First-Ever Trans Prom In Washington, D.C.

by Jamie Kenney

“We love who we are and it’s time for kids to take back that narrative.”


Seriously, What's The Deal With All The Mother's Day Opt-Out Emails?

by Jamie Kenney

Brands have been offering consumers the ability to opt-out of Mother’s Day promotions for a few years... but some say the nice gesture is getting out of hand.


The American Moms Abroad Who Are Milking It For TikTok

by Courtney Tenz

Ex-pat American moms love sharing aspirational content about their new European lives — but what gets left out?

Secret Service... In Training?

A Mysterious Toddler Easily Slipped Through The White House Fence

by Jen McGuire

What did he want? He’s not talking.


Family Demands Answers After Black Teen Was Shot Twice For Ringing Wrong Doorbell

by Jen McGuire

A GoFundMe organized by Ralph Yarl’s aunt has raised over $1 million.


Teens Chant “Kids Are Still In Body Bags” At Protest For Gun Safety In Viral Video

by Miranda Rake

In the wake of the Covenant School shooting, students, parents, and teachers marched to the Tennessee State Capitol to demand stricter gun laws.


Idaho Has Made It A Felony To Help A Minor Travel Out Of State For An Abortion

by Jen McGuire

“They’re using an incredibly serious term like trafficking to talk about young people traveling with trusted adults to access a legal procedure in another state.”

Make It Stop

Addressing Gun Violence In America Feels Hopeless, But Progress Is Actually Being Made

by Katie McPherson

It might seem like nothing will change, but momentum is building.


Florida Elementary School May Ban Ruby Bridges Movie Due To (One) Parent's Complaint

by Jamie Kenney

The move comes after a complaint from one parent, whose children opted out of the film.


Shawn Johnson Says Nashville School Shooting “Changed” Her In Emotional Post

by Jen McGuire

“I woke up scared to take our babies back to school or anywhere for that matter. I woke up sad for everyone, for our country, our world.”


9 Ways To Support Common Sense Gun Control Right Now

by Jen McGuire and Jamie Kenney

Firearms are now the leading cause of death for children in the United States.


Mom Who Survived Mass Shooting 8 Months Ago Asks “How Are Our Children Still Dying?

by Jen McGuire

Ashbey Beasley was on a family vacation in Nashville when a lone shooter killed six people, including three children, at an elementary school. She and her son survived a different mass shooting in Illinois last July.

Que Cosa...?

Florida Parents Complained Michelangelo's David Is Pornographic & Now Italy Is Involved

by Jamie Kenney

Italian officials have invited families and staff to visit the statue of David by Michelangelo after a school principal was pressured to resign over the image.