Postpartum Anxiety

A mother sits in bed and wipes her baby's mouth with a muslin.
Moms Are People Too

New Survey Confirms That Postpartum Moms Are Seriously Lacking Support

by Katie McPherson

From their doctors, their employers, and their government.

Mental Health

You’re Not A Bad Mom If You Have Intrusive Thoughts

by Miranda Rake

Intrusive thoughts are an extremely common postpartum experience. Let’s talk about them.


There’s A Reason Your Postpartum Anxiety Went Undiagnosed

by Miranda Rake

It’s very hard to ask for help when you don’t know what to call the thing you need help with.


I Thought Constant Anxiety Was The Price You Pay For Being A Mom

by Ingrid Chen McCarthy

I kicked myself for not starting meds sooner, but even decades of therapy couldn’t fully undo the stigma I grew up with.


I Tried To Tell My Doctor About My Postpartum Anxiety, But I Got Nowhere

by Melissa Petro

Throughout our pregnancies, and after, we see so many doctors. Not one of mine checked in on my emotional well-being.


I’m So Glad I Took Zoloft While Pregnant

by Karie Fugett

Thank God for the tiny voice in my head that convinced me it was OK to take care of myself.


I Finally Got My IVF Baby, So What Right Did I Have To Be Depressed?

by Purnima Mani

There was that stubborn voice in my head that said I had no reason to be unhappy now that I got what I wanted.

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Mental Health

Is Your Postpartum Rage A Sign Of Depression? Experts Break It Down

by Ashley Ziegler

Here’s where the uncontrollable anger comes from.

Postpartum fatigue can strike moms of newborns recovering from giving birth.

Postpartum Fatigue Is So Much More Than Just New Mom Sleepiness

by Ashley Jones

That bone-deep exhaustion you feel is totally real.

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Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

27 Thoughtful Texts To Send Someone Suffering From Postpartum Depression/Anxiety

by Ashley Ziegler

A simple show of support can do wonders for a weary mom’s soul.