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26 Baby Names Like Louis For Parents Who Love A Royal Title

These names are fit for a little prince.

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Do you have a baby boy on the way, and also happen to love the royal family? Maybe you’re obsessed with their fashion, like keeping up with the latest family happenings, or you just enjoy the pomp and circumstance of it all. In any case, if you’re hoping to follow in the footsteps of monarchs and choose a royal baby name, there’s no shortage of regal options to choose from.

Royal babies in recent years are the perfect inspo for your baby’s name, and if Prince Louis is your favorite, you’re not alone. It turns out his parents are very into the name, too: not only is it their third child’s name (Louis Arthur Charles), but it’s part of their oldest son’s too (George’s full name is actually George Alexander Louis). Prince Louis’ name is pronounced with a silent ‘s’, in honor of Prince William’s great-granduncle, Louis Mountbatten, making it even cuter somehow.

So, if you’re in the market for baby names like Louis or something with a royal ring to it, look no further. You can have the first initial ‘L,’ a similar sound, or the kingly vibe with any of these names, too, and there may be one you love even more than Louis.



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If you love Prince Louis but need an alternate name, you could always choose Arthur, his middle name. Then, of course, there’s the famous King Arthur from 6th century England, who really kickstarted its popularity all those years ago. Arthur means “strong man,” so this is a great name for parents who want to raise a valiant little kid.



The name Oscar means “champion warrior” or “God spear,” so it’s definitely on brand for a future leader. The name also happens to have some royalty in its ranks, including little Prince Oscar of Sweden (and lots of Swedish kings before him).



Fans of the royal family will link this name with Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, husband of Queen Elizabeth II and grandfather to Harry and William. Philip, which can also be spelled Phillip, means “lover of horses” in Greek. So, if you think your little tike could lead a cavalry, Philip is fitting.



Charles, Prince of Wales, is Harry and William’s father, and the namesake behind Prince Louis’ full name. Charles is a more subtle name with royal ties, and has the added bonus of Charlie as a charismatic sounding nickname.



On the other hand, Leopold sounds like a name pulled straight from a fairy tale prince. It’s a German name meaning “brave people.” There have been a few royals in Belgian history by the name Leopold, but your little aristocrat could shorten it to Leo for a modern option.



Prince George was the first of a new generation of wee aristocrats on the scene, and he kickstarted the resurgence of royal baby names for millennial parents everywhere. That said, it means “farmer” or “earthworker,” so it’s more grounded in nature than other princely names.



This name is made up of two German words that translate to “elf” and “counsel.” It also belonged to Alfred Ernest Albert, the fourth child of Queen Victoria and Prince Albert who was born in Windsor Castle and later held the title of sovereign Duke.



Henry has German roots and means “estate ruler,” so it’s an appropriate moniker for the new ruler of your household. The most notable royal Henry has to be Henry VIII of England, who admittedly doesn’t have the best reputation (to put it lightly). That said, it has been popular in the royal family for generations, and is Prince Harry’s real first name.



Prior to 2021, August may not have made the list of royal baby names worth considering. But Princess Eugenie’s son now bears the name, which she explained in an Instagram story is a tribute to other Augusts many generations past. It also just so happens to mean “great.”



Prince Edward, Earl of Wessex, is the youngest child of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh. He’s the most recent monarch to bear the name, so why not let your little prince carry it on? It was the 217th most popular name in the United States last year, so while familiar, it’s becoming more uncommon.



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Humphrey means “peaceful warrior,” perfect for parents who want their child to be kind but tough. Humphrey of Lancaster, Duke of Gloucester in the 1400s, is the most prominent royal by the name. He was a notable prince, solider, and lover of literature.



In case you missed it, Prince William is currently the duke of Cambridge and second in line to inherit the throne. His full name includes Louis, so you could find a connection there, or you may fall in love with its poetic meaning: “resolute protection.”



James Alexander Philip Theo is the son of the earl and countess of Wessex. Theo was the countess’ grandfather’s name, and now it will forever be on the roster of royal baby names. It’s a standalone name and a shortened version of Theodore, which mean’s “God’s gift.”



Speaking of Alexander, it has never been used by a king in the British monarchy, but Alexandra can be found in the family tree. That makes Alexander sort of a feminist pick among all the possible royal baby names. That said, it’s most notably associated with Alexander the Great, one of the world’s greatest military leaders.



You can find a Prince Albert on the royal family tree as well around the early 1900s. Albert means “noble” and “bright.” Shorten it to Albie for an Archie-adjacent name that isn’t exactly the same.



Everyone knows Archie as the sort of cheeky sounding name chosen by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle for their son. It could work on its own, or you could opt for the regal Archibald for your little boy. It means “truly brave,” something every parent hopes their child will grow up to be.



Harrison is part of Archie’s full name (which is Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, to be precise). Elle reports that it was in the running to be his first name, which Meghan Markle revealed at a reading circle at the Invictus Games. It means “son of Harry,” but is fashionable on any baby, no matter their dad’s name.



There have been a few King Richards over the centuries, but today, only Prince Edward, Prince Richard, and his son Alexander Windsor carry it on. It means “powerful” and “hardy,” so if you think your little one is destined to be the rough-and-tumble type, Richard seems appropriate.



There are very few royals named Max in history, but they’re out there. Whether you choose the name to stand alone or as a shortened version of Maxwell or Maximillian, it’s a nice nod to aristocracy that still feels current.



This name pulls from a royal family outside the Windsors — Serbian royal Prince Stefan, born in 2018 to Prince Philip and Princess Danica. Stefan is the German variant of Stephen, which means “crown,” and that alone makes it the perfect royal baby name.



There have been countless kings and princes named Robert in various countries throughout history. Today, it falls outside the Top 100 most popular names in the United States, but its meaning — “bright fame” — makes it worthy of a comeback.



When Prince William and Kate Middleton were considering names for their first baby, rumor has it James was on the table. It belonged to a son of Mary Queen of Scots, but as The Guardian reported, it may have been an awkward choice considering palace history. Good news: you can choose James for your new prince without worrying about past political upheavals.



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Rupert Grint, who played Ron Weasley in the Harry Potter movies, may come to mind when you hear this name, but there are royal Ruperts throughout Roman and German history too. It translates to “famous” or “bright,” perfect for the new star of your family.



Lucas means “bringer of light” in Latin, which any new baby is bound to do. It’s one of the most popular baby names in the United States right now, ranking #8 every year since 2018. The name was recently bestowed on Lucas Philip Tindall, son of Zara and Mike Tindall.



Thomas is a classic baby name traditionally used only for priests. It has been in the top 100 baby names in the U.K. and the United States for, like, ever, and means “twin.” All that to say, it has upper echelon history and a timeless feel.



A King Edmund ruled in Scotland way back in the day from 939 to 946, and the name hasn’t gone much further. But its derived from words that mean “prosperity” and “protector,” so why not bestow the name Edmund on your own baby boy?

Did you find your future prince’s perfect name? Whether you stick with Louis or opt for something new, your baby is sure to wear the name proudly.