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Baby shower Instagram captions are perfect for celebrating.
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The Best Baby Shower Instagram Captions To Hold Those Memories

It’s all in the details!

Capturing all your baby’s precious moments starts way before they arrive, and one big event that will go down in the memory books is the baby shower. Whether you know the gender or not, you can still set a theme that gives you plenty of content for your baby shower Instagram captions. It’s all in the details.

Just look around and find a way to tell a story about everything from the fun, games, outfits, champagne (that everyone but you gets to sip on), gifts, and even the food. The best baby shower Instagram captions come from going with it and enjoying the day. Don’t miss a thing.

If you’re stumped, then we’ve pulled some of the perfect ways to express all that this event embodies. You just have to provide the pictures, then you’re good to go!

Baby Shower Captions For The Gift Section

Hopefully you’ll get all you need to be prepared for all the newness that is about to enter your life. Here are some captions while you snap your angles of the area full of gifts from the people who love you!

  • Gifts for my greatest gift.
  • Look at how much they love you already!
  • They are already spoiling my baby rotten.
  • My village has filled our baby’s closets.
  • Diapers for days. I like it like that!

Baby Shower Captions Celebrating Your Baby

This is the reason you’re here. To show up, love on mommy-to-be, and show support for the incoming bundle. It’s kinda like a birthday party before the birthday, right? And these are some of the best ways to caption these moments.

  • Another one joins the bunch.
  • New addition loading...
  • Your blessing is on the way.
  • Time to celebrate the bump!
  • Baby alert: she’s coming soon!
  • Pinked out for baby girl.
  • Life’s about to get real sweet.
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Baby Shower Captions From Your Friend Group

This is for the besties, the ride-or-dies, the day ones.

  • No champagne for mommy, but we’ll drink for you.
  • Your last hoorah before a person comes out of your hoo-hah.
  • After the party’s over, we’ll still show up when you need relief.
  • Du, Du, Du, Another one joins the bunch! (To the tune of “Another One Bites the Dust.” You get it.)
  • Getting in our laughs before the crying begins.
  • Our friend group is growing!
  • Can’t wait to meet my new best friend.
  • My godchild has my bestie glowing!

When you’re captioning these baby shower moments for Instagram, be intentional and make it last. That’s what makes a good baby shower caption.