Baby Shower

colorful baby onesies and socks hanging from a clotheslines
Todd Fong Photography, Getty images
These 12 Baby Shower Zoom Backgrounds Are Fun & Festive

These images will make your shower picture perfect.

You’ve spent almost all of your pregnancy in quarantine, and damn it, you’re ready to celebrate with some cake and loved ones cooing at your belly. But if your in-person guest list is just you, your partner, and your bump, you can still find ways to make it festive. And these baby shower Zoom backgrounds are way more darling than any diaper cake.

A lot of moms look forward to their baby shower, whether it’s to commemorate a first baby’s arrival — or the fifth. A new life is something to surely celebrate, and like most holidays that the pandemic has managed to eff up, it’s taken baby showers off the fun list, too. So even if you’re planning to socially distance and stay in your homes, you should still make the occasion momentous with some decor that will put everyone in high spirits (and yes, guests should be encouraged to drink their way through your party, too). Because everyone is going to need some cocktails when they have to ooh and aah over the umpteenth onesie, even if it is in that delicious 0-3 month size.

But before you start sending out the virtual invites, you’ll need to know what Zoom’s requirements are for uploading images as a virtual background. As far as changing the Zoom background, it’s super easy: just click on Settings and then Virtual Background, and select your image. Just make sure that the image is at least 1920px x 1080px — or else you might see black bars on the sides of your screen.

So before you get glammed up and put on your favorite maternity frock, check out these baby shower Zoom backgrounds that are sweet, sophisticated, silly... and maybe even slightly sexy.


A Customizable Zoom Background

If you’re feeling floral, you might like this Zoom background from Etsy seller MintyPaperieShop. You can edit the PDF (which downloads instantly) via Templett. You won’t have to download any additional software, and you can have a completely customized background in mere minutes.


An Animal Themed Zoom Background

When those 3:00 a.m. kicks feel like you have a party animal in your belly, a safari-themed Zoom background is in order. This one from seller Stellina Dreams is a digital download that can then be customized in Corjil. It has a sweet lion, giraffe, and elephant — oh my!


Baby’s Breath Zoom Background

Your baby already takes your breath away — especially when they give you a knee right to the ribcage. But still, you can celebrate the sweetness of your little one’s arrival with this pretty image of baby’s breath, the dainty flower that is synonymous with babies and birth.


Teddy Bear Zoom Background

Teddy bears are one of the most popular baby shower themes, and this cute little one will welcome all your guests with a wave of his paw. It’s from the party site, The Bash, which offers other virtual backdrops for your soiree.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star Zoom Background

Let’s say that your baby shower is an adults-only affair. So let the stars shine with this beautiful starry night Zoom background. Featuring the words, “Twinkle twinkle little star, do you know how loved you are?” it’ll illicit oohs and aahs from all your guests. Ask those attending to wear their glammiest get-ups in honor of the occasion.


Geometric Zoom Background

Sure, you’re having a baby shower, but not one of “those,” with games like guessing what’s in Baby’s diaper. If you’re looking for something simple yet sophisticated, the geometric pattern of this baby shower Zoom background is understated, yet lovely.


Baby Balloon-Themed Zoom Background

Balloons you don’t have to blow up on your own? Yes, please. This baby shower Zoom background from Monica and Andy features tons of balloons with grey elephants all over them. It’s sure to put everyone in a festive mood (and woot, it’s free).


Pretty Flowers Zoom Background

If you’re a fiend for all things floral, you might pick this Pressed Blossoms virtual background for your shower. It can go with almost any baby shower motif, and with its bright and colorful design, it’ll just make you and your belly feel pretty. The image downloads instantly, too.


An Artsy Floral Background

Who says that every baby shower background has to look like, well, a baby shower background? This sophisticated design from Anthropologie is clean, pretty, and can be used beyond your baby shower. For fun, you might have your guests pick their favorite floral design as their own backdrop, too.


A Totally Touristy Zoom Background

Thanks to Zoom, you might have guests logging into your baby shower from all over the world. So why not make it an international affair? Set your background for your favorite place (or, you know, where you’d like to go once it’s safe to travel again). You can pick locations from Unsplash for free, (just sign up for an account) and ask all of your guests to select their favorite spots, too.


A Golden Girls Zoom Background

You’ve been grateful for your gal pals during these past few months — and nonstop reruns of The Golden Girls. Show everyone where the magic happened (wink wink) by setting your Zoom background to Blanche’s boudoir from the hit show. Make sure everyone has a big slice of cheesecake to eat as you gab, and most importantly, thank them for being your friends.


Toy Story Zoom Background

If you adore everything Disney, you’re going to love their free downloadable Zoom backgrounds. You can choose from the cloud wallpaper in Toy Story, to the ocean in Finding Nemo. Most importantly, you’ll be honoring what Disney does best: celebrating love and friendship, which is what your baby shower is really all about.

You’d probably love to be celebrating your baby shower in person with your family and friends. But to ensure the safety of both you and your unborn baby (and your guests, too), it’s best to stay socially distanced and at home. But putting a pretty and fun baby shower background can help make your party more pleasant — and you won’t even have to worry about cleaning up afterwards.