Consider Punkin As A Baby Name

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23 Fall Baby Names For Your Little Pumpkin

Swirling leaves and gourds and perfect babies named Otto and Lucy, yes please.

Is there anything better than a baby in fall? I’ve had babies in three seasons, and fall might have been my favorite for the sheer perfection of a newborn wearing a pumpkin hat. Whether your baby is born in the months of autumn or you just love fall, having a list of fall baby names is a must for your own little one.

Fall just brings so much with it. The promise of hunkering down and slowing down, holidays, gathering with friends and family, Pumpkin Spice Lattes — there’s just a lot to appreciate about the season. And those vibes can be brought to life with your own little fall baby name for your sweet guy or girl. Your baby doesn’t have to be born in September, October, or November to appreciate these names, but if you do have a fall baby, consider this your official name list.

We’ve got names inspired by the colors of fall, by poets who wrote about fall, even names inspired by everyone’s favorite fall holiday — Oktoberfest. (Harry Burns also appears, just saying.) There’s a little bit of everything, and no matter what you love best about fall, these fall baby names are sure to bring it to life.



No one exudes more fall girl-ness than Anne Shirley of Anne with Green Gables. “I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers,” she said. Does it get any more fall-esque than that? Anne is a classic, super traditional and lovely name, and it means “grace” which feels nice for a season all about settling down.



And another sweet ode to that Anne of Green Gables October quote? You can choose the name Lucy as an homage to Lucy Maud Montgomery, theauthor of the series. The name Lucy (short for Lucille, or have it stand alone) also means “light,” which is perfect for fall.



I mean, pretty self explanatory, I know, but Autumn is a gorgeous name that deserves some major love. It’s a great choice for your fall-born babe, and it gives off a bit of a hippie, nature-loving vibe, too.



Fall is one of the best seasons because of Oktoberfest — a celebration with roots in Germany. Give a sweet nod to that German joy with the name Otto for your little fall boy. Otto means “wealth,” and it has a unique, spunky feel to it.



Another great German baby name? Friedrich. I love it so much, and it actually means “peaceful ruler” which is a great choice for your little boy.



Fall is all about that glow, and the baby name Aurelie pays sweet tribute to it. Aurelie means “golden” and it’s a really gorgeous French name that’s just unique enough.



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For another name that makes you think of those golden leaves and deep fall foliage, try Goldie. Goldie’s gained a bit of popularity again thanks to a resurgence of ‘70s baby names, but I love it for your little fall babe, too.



OK, so maybe this one feels a little spooky thanks to Winifred Sanderson of Hocus Pocus, but I think that movie is a pure fall vibe, and Winifred makes for a gorgeous baby girl name. Winifred actually means “holy” or “joy and peace,” which takes away some of those dark witchy vibes. Plus how sweet is Winnie for a fall baby name?



Marnie Piper found out she was a witch in Halloweentwon in the ‘90s, and fall was never the same again. Try Marnie as a fall baby name as a sweet nod to the teenage witch, but the name itself also means “sparkling” which is just right for the season.



Gwyneth Paltrow made Apple a baby name we actually loved, and it for sure has fall vibes. It’s earthy, it’s adorable, and it makes you want to bake a pie.



Scarlett is a fairly popular name, but its connection to red and brightness makes it perfect for fall.



“Thou comest, Autumn, heralded by the rain,” wrote Henry Wadsworth Longfellow. It’s a famous poem by the wordsmith, and the name Henry always makes me think of it. Henry also means “house ruler,” which tracks thanks to the many kings once named Henry.



You can pay homage to another fall-loving poet like Henry David Thoreau. Thoreau is definitely a unique choice for your fall baby, but it gives great literary vibes and is such a sweet tribute.



Need another poet that liked to write about nature and fall? Try on Walt for Walt Whitman. The name Walt means “commander of the army” as well if you like a strong, solid vibe.



Emily Dickinson was known for details, and in her poem “Autumn,” she really explores all the sensory nods of the season. Pay homage to that sweetness with the name Emily for your little fall baby. The name also means “laborious or eaer.”



Ilse is such a lovely German name, and it’s a great moniker for a fall babe. It means “oath of God” and is so sweet and unique.



Marigolds are a flower often found in the summer, but they hang on deeply into fall. That kind of staying power is something to strive for, so consider the name Marigold for your fall little one.



Come on, you knew Rudy had to be on the list. The name of the Notre Dame football player who becomes a legend in the movie Rudy, this is perfect for your little boy of fall. (Or girl!) It means “famous wolf” as it’s traditionally short for Rudolph, but no matter what, Rudy is just great for fall.



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Harry is the ultimate fall romcom love interest in When Harry Met Sally, so why not give the name to your fall baby? The name Harry also means “home ruler” which feels sweet and strong. Be sure to get him a great sweater a la Harry Burns.



Jasper is so very good. It’s British, it’s got old-school vibes, and it translates to “bearer of treasure.” That’s definitely what fall feels like, but if you want an even more specific fall meaning, Jasper gemstones are often red, but can also be found in gold, yellow, and green — just like fall leaves.



Radcliffe is a very British name, and it literally translates to “red cliff” which feels appropriate for fall and for your adventurous little boy.



Another nod to the color red, the baby name Ruby is just right for fall. It’s very classic, but it also has a major fun feel to it that just makes you think of a little girl who’s going to change the world. (Or, at the very least, a season.)



In November, poppies become a symbol of memory and resilience with Armistice Day, so take that fall energy into your baby name choices. Poppy is so adorable and lovely, and the nickname Pop or Pops is too cute to pass up.

There is something special about an autumn baby, and these fall baby names prove it. Gather up all the red and gold leaves you can and celebrate choosing your favorite one.