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30 Best Gemini Names For Babies Born In May & June

These are perfect for your little air sign.

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There are all kinds of places you can find baby name inspiration, like your ancestry, a favorite character, or simply all of nature outside your window. For little ones born in May and June, there are some fantastic Gemini-inspired baby names for parents to consider. Even if you aren’t a big fan of astrology, if you’re at a loss for names then you can’t help but appreciate the little extra inspo, no matter where it came from.

Babies born between May 21 and June 20 fall under the Gemini, or twin sign, which should make any parent happy because Geminis have some amazing traits. First, they’re described as gentle and affectionate by Astrology-Zodiac Signs, and are said to be open-minded, expressive, and curious. These traits drive them to seek out adventure, see the world, and never settle for the boring and mundane. As reported, Geminis are also quick-witted, dynamic, and are excellent communicators, which means their life will be full of meaningful relationships.

Parents of Geminis quite frankly hit the jackpot, because who wouldn’t want these cool traits in their kid? That’s why you should celebrate their sign and let it inspire their name. Here are some great options to choose from.


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Goldie, which means “made of gold,” is not only a cute name in general, it’s also a nod to yellow, Gemini’s spirit color.


One of Gemini’s lucky gems is the Tiger’s Eye, which is an awesome inspiration for parents who want to give their baby a name that is equal parts unique and ferocious. As for its meaning, Tiger can be either literal or mean “powerful.”


Gemini is one of three air signs, which is why the name Sky is so perfect. It can be taken literally, as in the sky above you, or its actual meaning, “cloud,” works just as well.


Every astrology sign has a lucky day of the week, and Gemini’s is Wednesday. It actually means “wooden’s day” and happens to be the name of one very spooky girl, Wednesday Addams.


Neil works for Gemini in two ways: It means “cloud” and “passionate,” so it represents your baby’s air sign and one of their wonderful personality traits.

Dylan (Or Cole)

Since Gemini is the twin sign, take some inspiration from famous twin brothers Dylan and Cole Sprouse. Dylan means “son of the sea” and Cole means “charcoal.” Take your pick.


Hugo is a name that means “intellect,” which is perfect for Geminis because their intelligence is one of their standout traits.


Breeze is both unique and totally air-sign appropriate. It has a literal meaning, “a gentle light wind,” and will look fantastic on your baby’s birth certificate.


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Another nod to your Gemini’s intelligence, Cato means “all-knowing.”


While the marigold isn’t one of Gemini’s flowers, it does call back to their spirit color, yellow. Marigold is a literal name, so it’s a very subtle nod to your kiddo’s sign that few will pick up on.


If you’re having a boy, consider naming him Aither. It means “spirit of the air,” which is a very appropriate name for an air sign.


Emerald works with Gemini babies in two ways. First, it’s one of the sign’s two lucky gems, and second, it means “green” (in addition to yellow, light green is also considered one of Gemini’s spirit colors).


Play up your little one’s affectionate side by naming them Liev, which means “heart.”


For a very cool Gemini girl name, consider Fei. It means “to dance in the air,” and that’s very appropriate for an air sign.


Since Geminis are so loving and gentle, the name Winnie makes sense with its meaning of “gentle friend.”


Aurelia, which means “golden,” is a name that is absolutely beautiful and is increasing in popularity. Give it to your little girl for something trendy and as a nod to her spirit color.


Meaning “beloved,” Davis is a fantastic name for a Gemini, given their loving nature.

Mary-Kate (Or Ashley)

Get some inspiration from another set of famous twins, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen. Mary means “love,” Kate means “pure,” and Ashley means “ash tree.”


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You can follow in Chrissy Teigen and John Legend’s footsteps while also honoring your little one’s astrological sign by naming them Luna. It means “moon” and subtly acknowledges your baby’s air sign.


Meaning “loyal,” Dylan is another appropriate name for Geminis, known for their loyalty.


Guthrie is a name that means “windy place,” another name that’s perfect for air signs.


By naming your kiddo Sunny, which means “sunshine,” you’re acknowledging their Gemini sign in two ways: with nods to both their spirit color and air sign.


Geminis are bright and intelligent, so naming your little one Minerva is ideal because it means “of the mind” and “intellect.”


Yes, it’s a little bit of an old-school name, but Mabel means “lovable,” and that basically describes Gemini’s personality.


The name Lily has a literal meaning, “flower,” which is pretty in and of itself, but it’s also representative of the Gemini sign since one of its flowers is the lily of the valley.


One of Gemini’s most notable traits is gentleness, and the meaning of Gareth is “gentle,” making it an obvious choice.


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Another way to acknowledge your Gemini’s intelligence is by naming them Wilbur, because it means “brilliant.”


Latifah means “kind and gentle,” which is basically the underlying theme of every Gemini trait.


Warren is a really great name for a kid in general because it’s just downright cool, but it’s especially perfect for a Gemini because it means “loyal.”


If you really want to lean into their astrological sign, just go big by actually naming them Gemini. The name means “twin,” but it’s still appropriate for babies born between May 21 and June 20 without twins.

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