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100 Best Gemini Names For Babies Born In May & June

These are perfect for your little air sign.

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There are all kinds of places you can find baby name inspiration, like your ancestry, a favorite character, or simply all of nature outside your window. For little ones born in May and June, there are some fantastic Gemini-inspired baby names for parents to consider. Even if you aren’t a big fan of astrology, these Gemini baby names can offer you lots of inspiration and act as a guide to finding the right name for your little Gemini babe.

Babies born between May 21 and June 20 fall under the Gemini, or twin sign, which should make any parent happy because Geminis have some amazing traits. First, they’re gentle, affectionate, open-minded, expressive, and curious. These traits drive them to seek out adventure, see the world, and never settle for the boring and mundane. Geminis are also quick-witted, dynamic, and are excellent communicators, which means their life will be full of meaningful relationships because they make such amazing friends.

Parents of Gemini babies quite frankly hit the jackpot, because who wouldn’t want these cool traits in their kid? That’s why you should celebrate their sign and let it inspire their name. Here are some great Gemini baby name options to choose from.



Goldie, which means “made of gold,” is not only a cute name in general, it’s also a nod to yellow, Gemini’s spirit color. (The other color associated with this sign is blue and, frankly, “Blue” is another neat name.)


Gemini is one of three air signs, which is why the name Sky is so perfect. It can be taken literally, as in the sky above you, or its actual meaning, “cloud,” works just as well.


Every astrology sign has a lucky day of the week, and Gemini’s is Wednesday. It actually means “wooden’s day” and happens to be the name of one very spooky girl, Wednesday Addams.


Neil works for Gemini in two ways: It means “cloud” and “passionate,” so it represents your baby’s air sign and one of their wonderful personality traits.


Hugo is a name that means “intellect,” which is perfect for Geminis because their intelligence is one of their standout traits.


A phrase one often hears in association with Gemini babies is “social butterfly.” So that makes Vanessa a perfect Gemini girl name because it means “butterfly.”


While the marigold isn’t one of Gemini’s flowers (more on that in a bit), it does call back to their spirit color, yellow. Marigold is a literal name, so it’s a very subtle nod to your kiddo’s sign that few will pick up on.


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Another nod to your Gemini’s intelligence, Cato means “all-knowing.”


If you’re having a boy, consider naming him Aether. It means “brightness” or “bright upper sky,” which is a very appropriate name for an air sign.


Emerald is the birthstone for the month of May, and so it’s perfect for “early Gemini” babies.


Play up your little one’s affectionate side by naming them Liev, which means “heart” in Yiddish.


For a very cool, gender neutral Gemini name, consider Fei. It means “to dance in the air,” and that’s very appropriate for an air sign.


Since Geminis are so loving and gentle, the name Winnie makes sense with its meaning of “gentle friend.”


Aurelia, which means “golden,” is a name that is absolutely beautiful and is increasing in popularity. Give it to your little girl for something trendy and as a nod to her spirit color.


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This Arabic name of Anissa means “pleasant companion” and is a perfect Gemini name for your little one.


Meaning “beloved,” Davis is a fantastic name for a Gemini, given their loving nature.

Castor (or Pollux)

These twins of Greek mythology are who give the Gemini star sign its name. Their mother was Leda, Queen of Sparta. Their paternity depends on tradition. Sometimes both are considered the sons of Tyndareus, Leda’s husband and King of Sparta. In others, their father is Zeus. In more still, Castor is the son of Tyndareus and Pollux is the son of Zeus. They are also the brothers of the famed Helen of Troy.


Meaning “loyal,” Dylan is another appropriate name for Geminis, known for their loyalty.


Guthrie is a name that means “windy place,” another name that’s perfect for air signs.


Geminis are bright and intelligent, so naming your little one Minerva is ideal because it means “of the mind” and “intellect.”


Yes, it’s a little bit of an old-school name, but Mabel means “lovable,” and that basically describes Gemini’s personality.



The Italian name of Gioia, pronounced “joy-uh” (and can alternately be spelled Joya or even Joiya) means “joy” and is a sweet nod to Gemini’s sunny dispositions.


Gemini are known for being among the wittiest and funniest signs in the zodiac, so I think this name, which means “one who laughs” is a perfect Gemini boy name.


Continuing the “Gemini as natural comedians” theme, well, why should the boys have all the fun? In Greek mythology, Thalia is the muse of comedy. The name itself means “flourishing,” which is also pretty perfect for a baby born in the springtime.


One of Gemini’s most notable traits is gentleness, and the meaning of Gareth is “gentle,” making it an obvious choice.


Latifah means “kind and gentle,” which is basically the underlying theme of every Gemini trait.


Warren is a really great name for a kid in general because it’s just downright cool, but it’s especially perfect for a Gemini because it means “loyal.”


Akilah means “intelligent and logical,” which has big Gemini energy.


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The name Thomas comes from Aramaic and means “twin,” making it a classic but perfect Gemini boy name.


This French name of Bellamy, usually used for boys but increasingly common among girls, means “good friend” or “beautiful friend.”

More Gemini Names For Girls

Beatrice (Latin, “she who brings happiness, blessed”)

May (The first of two Gemini birth months)

June (The second of two Gemini birth months)

Pearl (One of June’s birth stones)

Lily (Lily of the Valley is May’s birth flower and a flower associated with Gemini)

Myrtle (A plant associated with Gemini)

Hazel (Hazelnuts are associated with the Gemini star sign... since “Hazelnut” is sort of an odd name, Hazel is a nice subtle nod to Gemini)

Alaia (Basque, “joyful)

Saffron (Arabic, “yellow flower”)

Citrine (a yellow crystal associated with Gemini)

Marilyn (English, “star of the sea”; for Marilyn Monroe, a Gemini born June 1, 1926)

Aoife (Irish, “beautiful, radiant”)

Charlotte (English, “free woman”)

Wendy (English, an invented name from Peter Pan author James Barrie, thought to be a play on the word “friend”)

Sophia (Greek, “wisdom”)

Angel (English from Latin, “messenger”)

Sage (English, “wisdom”)

Ramona (Spanish, “wise protector”)

Veda (Sanskrit, “wisdom”)

Cassidy (Irish, “clever”)

Amy (French, “beloved”)

Gigi (Diminutive form of any number of names, including Georgina, Regina, Giselle, Gia, and many others; a good Gemini name since it is a repetition of the same two letters side by side.)

Cressida (Greek, “golden”)

Hermione (Greek, “messenger”)

Chiku (Swahili, “talkative”)

Aria (Italian, “air”)

Laquasha (American, “talkative”)

Anissa (Arabic, “pleasant companion”)

Amity (Latin, “friendship”)

More Gemini Names For Boys

Wilbur (German, “bright will”)

Mercury (The Roman god who served as messenger of the gods; Mercury is the ruling planet of Gemini)

Bayo (Yoruba, “to find joy”)

Hermes (The Greek name for Mercury, messenger of the gods)

Malachi (Hebrew, “messenger of God”)

Kendrick (Welsh, “bold ruler;” for Kendrick Lamar, a Gemini born June 17, 1987)

Charles (English, “free man”)

Hugh (English from German, “mind, intellect”)

Karl (German, “free man”)

Apollo (the Greek god of, among other things, light)

Odin (Norse, “lord of frenzy,” which speaks to Geminis’ energetic nature)

Alden (Old English, “old friend”)

Keanu (Hawaiian, “cool breeze”)

William (English from German, “strong protector”)

Alfie (Old English, diminutive of Alfred, “elf counsel”)

Sherlock (Old English, “bright hair”)

Conrad (German, “brave counsel”)

Baldwin (German, “bold friend”)

Kahlil (Arabic, “friend”)

Corwin (Irish, “heart’s friend)

Irving (Scottish, “sea friend”)

Buddy (English, “friend”)

Fitz (Scottish, “son of;” though the meaning doesn’t lend itself to Gemini-ness, it has a frenetic, Gemini energy)

Otto (German, “wealth;” like “Gigi” above, this name has twin-like symmetry)

Jed (Hebrew, diminutive of Jedediah, “beloved friend”)

Rafiq (Arabic, “friend”)

Samir (Sanskrit, “air, breeze”; Arabic, “holy, jovial, loyal, and charming” either way, a perfect Gemini boy name)

Winton (Old English, “friend’s settlement”)

Bayu (Indonesian, “wind”)

Amun (Ancient Egyptian, “god of the air”)

More Gender Neutral Gemini Names

Mistral (a cold, strong wind that blows over the Alps)

Dakota (Sioux, “friend, ally”)

Beryl (a gemstone of varying color associated with the Gemini star sign)

Zephyr (Greek, “west wind”)






Or, you can always just cut to the chase and go with...


Enjoy naming your convivial, chatty, happy-go-lucky, occasionally nervous, but always witty Gemini baby.

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